Israel Halperin opened his barber shop in 1931 at 386 Rathdowne Street, today the home of Gerald's Bar. By the 1940s, Martin was ready for retirement. 4 Building ownership and occupancy information has been sourced from land title records, Council rate books and Sands and McDougall directories. Houses, 27. The garage building at 520-522 Rathdowne Street was converted for use as a drycleaner, with the addition of a shopfront, in 1940/41 and sold to Pullars Dry Cleaners Pty Ltd in 1951. 536 Rathdowne Street, on the south eastern corner of Richardson Street. Interviewed in 1985 for a special commemorative edition of the City Alternative News, the O'Rourkes related a number of anecdotes from the early days of the business. Barbara J. 5 The Argus, 16 February 1942, p. 2 As in any business partnership, there were sometimes differences of opinion and this came to the fore during planning for the North Carlton line. They have similar growing conditions in northeastern Victoria, where former tobacco growers are replacing their crops with fragrant tea bushes. Mayberry (1895) and C.J. URL: When Martin was a teenager, his parents' martital discord became public when his mother took legal action against his father. The opening of the Carlton Family Medical clinic at no. There were a number of laundries in Rathdowne Street in the early days, most lasting only a year or two, but this and another Chinese-run enterprise at no. 412 was rented out for residential purposes. 12,13, The closure of the North Carlton cable tram line left a open space in the middle of Rathdowne Street and this proved to be the scene of yet another controversy in 1937. Information option, and then clicking on your location. One of those who attended the sherriff s auction was Edward Latham a recent immigrant from Liverpool, England. 8 The Argus, 21 April 1886, p. 2 1 Walking along Rathdowne Street : 100 years of shopping, services and stories in North Carlton. She ran the business until 1913 and then lived next door at no. He was charged with driving on the wrong side of the road in St Kilda and, in his defence, he claimed that he had a soldier in the car. 516, south of Richardson Street, in 1922. Electrification was seen as the new technology and the way of the future, promising a more efficient service and better carrying capacity. The Carlton, North Carlton and Nicholson Street cable tram lines were replaced with motor buses and therefore missed out on the benefits of electric trams. A grocery store in Carlton was the focus of a major advertising campaign for Dr Williams Pink Pills for Pale People in the late 19th century. Notes and References: Shelley operated his business from the premises until 1941, when the building was converted for use as a drycleaner. One reason for this success in an unpromising location may be that from 1932 to 1970 Doctor Moses Sternfeld, remembered in Jewish memoirs for making his house calls on foot, had his consulting rooms directly opposite at no. Our historical statistics are always for precisely defined areas, usually administrative units, not "places". The Council's ambitious scheme to plant a total of 5,000 trees within the municipality, at a cost of £20,000 over several years, met with strong resistance from the ratepayers of Victoria Ward. His creditors forced a sale in 1864. This proposal was successful and, decades later, the median strip of mature trees contributes to Rathdowne Street's unique character and continues to be an asset, rather than a hindrance, to local businesses and residents. Children were, unfortunately, often casualties of tram accidents. By this time, Martin Shelley had an established cycle business and he moved to larger premises he purchased at 430 Rathdowne Street a few years later in 1909. Related items: 536. The tramcar comprised a leading "dummy" car and one or more trailers for carrying passengers. Acres, 1,795. Carlton is a parish containing 1,530 acres, of which 692 acres are arable land, 613¾ acres permanent grass and 23 woods and plantations. His property backed onto the same lane as that of his twin brother, John James Hogan, who lived at 95 Amess Street, a two-second commute if he wanted some company. largely because of planning regulations. 88 Rathdowne Street until 1959, thus ending 69 years of continuous medical service at the site. 422, a single storey shop just north of Fenwick Street, today an optometrist's. 1,2,3, The younger Martin Shelley lived in North Carlton from about 1899 onwards, initially at 485 Nicholson Street and later at several addresses in Rathdowne Street. After Corbet moved north to the corner of Fenwick Street in 1915, no. Constable and motorist - unwilling joy rider 5 Divorce case file 1911/241 op cit 7 The engine house for the Carlton line was near the corner of Johnston and Brunswick Streets, Fitzroy and for the Nicholson Street line on the corner of Nicholson and Gertrude Streets, Fitzroy. 2 The Age, 10 February 1987, p. 32 5, Martin had a run-in with the police in October 1914, soon after the outbreak of World War 1.

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