But as a writer, I cannot ignore bad writing. It was very strong through the first 9 episodes and after that it started to slip but was still okay, but I could tell by the end of the season the writers had stretched their idea bit too thin. The show will be over after season 7. It was truly shocking when Cinderella - one of the most popular Disney princesses - was only given four episodes in the history of the show, not counting the “soft reboot” of season 7. Tldr: I think OUAT went down in quality because it deviated from its original plot expansion and turned into Disney fan fiction. Don’t get me wrong, I loved having a darker disney origin feel to the characters, but the problem is the show started making the episodes all about real disney characters and not fairytales with a bit of that Walt Disney World magic touched into them. Obviously, the aftermath of the curse and being stranded in the Enchanted Forest couldn’t be a long lasting plot point. For the first half of Season 1, I was unsure if Regina actually remembered she was the Evil Queen or if the price of the curse was that she also forgot who she was. Let’s get down to business. Regina lays low for a bit but still makes it known that she's in control. The inciting incident - Henry shows up at Emma’s door begging for her help, Crossing the Threshold - Emma comes to Storybrooke, Sub Plot set up - Mary Margret and David meet after he awakens and she saves him. It was a lot to keep up with that it just broke my interest in it. The actor’s portrayal, though effective at times, didn’t match the tone the show had established for the story. And yeah really how many crazy relatives does Rumple have?? We get to see Emma figure out how to survive in the Fairytale World and reclaim some of her lost identity as a princess. Not to mention that his death was confirmed to be so that Captain Swan could happen. Better with Neal. Instead we got a bunch of BS and focus on a highly toxic relationship with little redemption factor. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Sebastian Stan’s short turn at the end of the first season was a memorable one. Neal was so important to the show and then they killed him off. Aurora and Mulan! Before he stole women's in Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan's heart was stolen - literally - when he played the Huntsman, aka Sheriff Graham Humbert, in season one and two of Once Upon of a Time. At this point all of Emma’s growth has been reversed. The season finale was a bit disappointing and underwhelming. But it's been a cash cow, so it will go on until it dies of blah. With a career full of guest star appearances in TV and small supporting roles in movies, OUAT finally gave Mader the break she deserved. There was no point anymore. And with the show just being renewed for a 7th season, and the majority of the main cast declining to reprise their roles, it leaves only Regina and Rumple to carry the plot. How many more bizarre and twisted relatives is Rumple going to have? Act 2 part 1 - Fun and Games (Episodes 8-12): Emma becomes sheriff and each episodes deals with another character in need of her help with Henry tagging along. To call Hook a fan favorite would be a sinful understatement. I am not hating on this show, I am trying to give some criticism of it from a creator’s perspective as someone who has written several scripts of my own. However, I think its for the best. Season 1 - The reason why we loved Once Upon A Time originally was because it started as one simple idea: What if all the beloved fairytale characters of old, their stories read to us by our parents before bed, their love played out on screen in Walt Disney’s animations, were cursed by the Evil Queen from the story of Snow White and sent to our world with no memory of their past life? You had the main plot with Emma and the Charmings in Neverland. His romance with Regina is awful in my opinion. Later when she talks to Mr. Gold about it, he reminds her that everything she has done was of her own will, he only cleared a path for her to follow. Starting OUAT immediately following her five season stint on HBO’s Big Love, Ginnifer Goodwin plays Mary Margaret Blanchard in Storybrooke as well as fan favorite Snow White in the Enchanted Forest. I agree. Mary escapes, Jefferson tries to convince Emma that the curse exists. This reveal would have been absolutely riveting had the show’s casting director found a suitable actor to play the mythological being. The native Romanian brought a fresh spirit to the show. And how would the Evil Queen try to stop her? I am glad it makes you happy. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around how they could have accomplished that in a convincing manner for the show's duration. Esposito rose to fame on the small screen for his role as Gus in the AMC hit Breaking Bad, even earning an Emmy nomination for the part. 20 Hurt: Dania Ramirez – Cinderella 2.0/Jacinda Vidrio After many employees of Once Upon a Time , in front of and behind the camera, decided they wouldn’t be coming back for a seventh season after six with the show, many were surprised when the network did a sort of “soft reboot.” It is sad but I think it needs to stop too. The battle between good and evil. Suddenly it all became real for both of them emotionally. The show has fallen into its own cliche and now the ideas aren't original now. I think you did a good job of going in-depth with the issues! Not to mention less cluttered. Season 1 ended with the fate of Storybrooke hanging in the balance, Emma slaying a dragon, using true loves kiss to save her son, breaking the curse and humiliating Regina. And we were watching it unfold with Snow White’s daughter. The exact opposite. Has it gone down in quality and story telling? After that, no. With films such as Trainspotting, 28 Weeks Later, and The World is Not Enough, the veteran Scotsman was loved by all from his very first scene to his very last seven years later. She was destined for something else. And the driver is none other than….. a stranger? The trio of Disney antagonists was a clever idea, save for the underwhelming result of Merrin Dungey’s Ursula. After narrowly thwarting Regina’s fate for Mary, Emma threatens to take Henry away from Regina. This season started off strong and I loved it. Things begin to get more complicated and the tensions get higher when Regina forbids Emma from seeing Henry and uses Sydney Glass to spy on her. One of the most out of left field interpretations OUAT has taken liberty with, was the tax-commanding rendition of Bo Peep. The deepest and juiciest role was given to the actor that the creators knew could handle the task faultlessly. Every episode I hoped she would catch on but she continued to harden her heart and only cared about making sure Henry was safe. Frozen is one of the biggest animated films in recent memory and bringing the most popular character from it to the ABC drama was a brilliant capitalization. I know already some or perhaps many people might disagree with me. Lost alumni Elizabeth Mitchell stuck with the familiar ABC network to  play The Snow Queen in the fourth season of OUAT. It has one of the best directors, and cast ever, so us sheep that expect greatness HAVE to see it, and HAVE to love it, because it was made in Hollywood. There they meet two of my favorite disney characters! Plot point 2 - Mr. Gold reveals he remembers his life as Rumplestiltskin and that he has his own agenda to inflict upon Regina and the rest of Storybrooke.

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