Note that this is only a guide for GLOBAL One Piece Treasure Cruise; if you are looking for something like this for the Japanese version of the game, then that tells me you most likely do not know how the game works yet (i.e. so I suggest to give up on that until you learn the game on Global and start clearing tougher, non-story mode content, which could take up to a month depending on how much you play (this game is more complicated than it seems, and although this piece of advice is a bit harsh if you really wanted to start a Japanese account, I have seen FAR too many new players start JP, not know what the hell they are doing, and end up giving up because they can’t read what the game says and/or clear anything significant on Extra Island). It will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. The Golden Cavern can give 20,000-70,000 beli a run, depending on if you are doing the 15 or 20 stamina island. Tue: Sea Pony Paradise Completing certain stages in the story islands will net you gems. There are events where the players (as a community) have to complete certain tasks. Question : What is cola and where to farm it? Its not normally worth waisting FP as you get them. This is the recommended option for f2p players that balances the quality of the reroll with time spent rerolling. Eventually you’ll find yourself spending most of your Saturday and Sunday stamina on just the goldern cavern to pay for the week ahead. It is HIGHLY recommended that you have access to a computer if this is the option you choose. If you choose a friend captain you use that characters captain ability If you aren’t their friend you don’t get to have their captain ability. If you find yourself running out of beli you should go to the special isle on Saturday and Sunday for the Golden Cavern island. android You are willing to spend some time (up to a couple of days) rerolling for a great start, but don’t exactly need the perfect start? Sat - Sun: Golden Cave (Beli) Required fields are marked *, Sat - Sun: Golden Cave (Beli) Friend Games I’m Cinderspawn, a very active member of the OPTC subreddit Discord server (I partly manage the #optc-rerolls channel in there) and I made this guide to help new players get started with their accounts. the option that you pick below). This method sacrifices some gems we got in the mail immediately after finishing the tutorial (used to be over 50, now it’s usually less than 20) for a simpler in-game method of rerolling for Straw Hat legends. Q: what is crew cost and how do i get more? Fri: Scissor Cavern (Crabs), Missions The two worked together in order to investigate the mysterious drug administered to the children on Punk Hazard. Just feed them turtles, pigs and general fodder pirates. Note that this is only a guide for GLOBAL One Piece Treasure Cruise; if you are looking for something like this for the Japanese version of the game, then that tells me you most likely do not know how the game works yet (i.e. The best way to farm cola is to spend your stamina on half stamina event on story mode that has a lot of stages, for example : Arlong Park 10, Loguetown 10, Twin Cape 10, Whiskey Peak 10 and Little Garden 10. There will be more units available on future sugofest. Special Attack: Special attacks can make or break a fight against certain bosses. Beginners Guide Are there already a good amount of Rerolling/Getting Started guides for OPTC out there? If the boss is too difficult to defeat normally, you can gem a few times to beat him. If something happens to your account and you don’t have a password its nearly impossible to get that account back. One Piece Treasure Cruise beginners guide. Is it possible for the specials to level up after a character’s base level has been maxed out? Of course, whether you actually want to do this or not, depends on your individual situation (i.e., You get a free gem everyday from some event or the other. When starting off you want to check your main characters captain abilities and have a team based around that captain ability.

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