Click the app and select “Force Stop” or uninstall it to prevent further issues. Most people set the phone down when they’re done, and the screen stays on wasting battery. Sometimes apps just don’t work right, go rogue after an update, or misbehave. 4.Check if the handset has access to root or not.If yes,Please clear cache, back up all the data and flash back to the official latest OS version. This phone is a worthy replacement for the OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6, or even a great Galaxy S10 alternative. Recently, the top flagship killer OnePlus 7 Pro has been launched at a quite respectable price tag. Once you find power-hungry apps, you can go to Settings … Here’s the good news. If you do this as soon as you get the phone, you won’t miss it. 2.Check whether the device is in remote or weak signal environment. With Android 9 Pie Google introduced a powerful new “Adaptive Battery” system that actually works. This article may contain affiliate links. Here’s some more changes from a few weeks ago. The display is going to be your big power drain, so consider heading into. Before you do anything drastic like turn on OnePlus’ battery saver mode, try some of your other options. It seems to happen when I’m on wifi but shutting off the wifi doesn’t fix it automatically fix it. If you’re having WiFi problems try turning your WiFi off and then back on. 8. Also, keep your screen brightness at manageable levels. Basically, unpair everything and start over. It’s helpful, but it can also go off when it shouldn’t, or inside a pocket. Been in touch with OP and despite rolling back software still doesn’t work. They’ve made small changes with each update, and more in the Android 10 release. Anything in the Advanced features section that you’ll never use, turn it off. So, if you’re having problems, bad battery life or just want your OnePlus 7 Pro to last a little longer, here are some things to change and try. We reported on this OnePlus 7 Pro touchscreen issue, which has prompted several large threads at the OnePlus forum. When you’re paying top dollar for a phone, you’re entitled to expect near-perfect performance, but sadly, that’s a rarity. Make sure that the power source is not weak which one you use to charge your device regularly. For some people, it seems random, while others report that it only fails to work when the phone is unlocked. Everyone is different and uses devices differently. In settings scroll down to Backup & reset and then tap Factory Data Reset. Thanks Kyle… Have you checked lately? Have a OP6T and no end of problems including screen locking when cellular network drops, WiFi randomly cuts out corners not recognised on screen. Additionally, download the app BetteryBatteryStats. Make sure to check for the latest software updates and security patches to be up-to-date every time. Fix OnePlus 8 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved): Well, you can accuse the latest Google Play service of the battery draining problem. Did you know that using a black wallpaper will improve battery life? First, you need to check and reduce the screen brightness of your device. Even with a modern chipset and 12GB of RAM, mishandling a smartphone can lead to lag, or in the worst case, an unresponsive screen. I find myself asking the person to repeat themselves a lot.. all volumes are up.. please help, this is frustrating.. My smartphone confuses me a lot because I can’t touch the left side part of my screen though I didn’t do anything. If you just updated to Android 10 things should be fine, but being brand new software you may deal with problems.

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