Q6) How do I Manage my Client's Expectations? In addition to our core diplomas we also offer a range of additional diplomas and programmes for coaches looking to expand their niche. Coach people through change and modifying unhelpful behaviour. Get your team access to Udemy's top 5,000+ courses. The coaching methodology presented throughout this training is based on 2000+ hours of coaching experience, varied in scope and incorporates new innovative coaching methods. By bringing these transformational psychological principles within reach of anyone wanting to learn them, Kain has changed today's educational landscape and levelled the playing field, enabling individuals and impact-makers access to the working strategies and insights required to enhance their intrinsic value and create a more far-reaching impact in today's modern world. Become a self-employed life coach … Where many life coaching training courses centre only on goal-setting and emotional intelligence, this training program probes more in-depth into the psychology that motivates and influences all human behaviour. Book a call with a member of our experienced admissions team to discuss your options. No programs meet your search criteria. Training Delivery : Online training course. Drawing from real-life experience, Kain's approach to teaching carries a personal philosophy which has inspired over half a million people across the globe to invest in their unlimited opportunity for personal growth and start positively impacting the world around them. Within the Achology framework, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology is the first learning academy of its kind. In this Life Coaching Certification Course course, you'll learn how to: Help people to establish goals that naturally motivate them. The Perception Game: How do you perceive? AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate. Q2) How do I Find my Niche When Starting up Practice? This Life Coach training presents an easy to understand process that focuses on the communication skills, perspectives and methodologies that can be used to help generate transformational results in peoples behaviours, attitudes, careers and even day-to-day relationships. This Academy is backed by some of the most influential figures in the field of applied psychology, including Gerard Egan, Ph.D., author of The Skilled Helper. There is no deadline for finishing the course, and you can fit it around your current responsibilities or at your preferred pace. Students are advised to take notes (for self-reflection purposes only). PLUS: Get access to the exclusive online community support group. Developing Self-Awareness and Emotional IQ, Building Self-Awareness in Oursleves and our Coaching Clients, The 7 Levels of Consciousness & Self-Awareness, Truth Focused Discussions for Raising Self-Awareness, Demonstration: A Personal Breakthrough Session, The Choices of Maturity & Character Part 1, The Choices of Maturity & Character Part 2, Facts vs Faith vs Feelings: A Case Study Exercise, Becoming Acquainted with Yourself: Body, Soul and Spirit, Demonstration: The Five Main Levels of Human Experience, Breaking the Vicious Circle: Identifying Thought Patterns, Join the 'Practice Makes Permanent' Support Group, The Development and Deconstruction of Core Beliefs, Morris Massey's Stages of Belief Development, Albert Ellis' Thirteen Unhelpful Beliefs Part 1, Albert Ellis' Thirteen Unhelpful Beliefs Part 2, Demonstration: Questions to Help Find Limiting Beliefs, Demonstration: The Belief Modification Process, Who Am I: Building Foundations on our Core Identity, Core Values & Understanding Human Behaviour, Holding People Accountable to Their Values, Unpacking the Spiderweb of Core Human Values Part 1, Unpacking the Spiderweb of Core Human Values Part 2, Unpacking the Spiderweb of Core Human Values Part 3, The Core Values Workbook & End of Section Wrap Up, Life Coaching Language and Communication Skills, Introducing the Communication Skills Section, The Core Conditions of Relational Practice, Demonstration: Attending and Immediacy Skills, The Roadblocks to Healthy Communications Part 1, The Roadblocks to Healthy Communications Part 2, The Six Step 'No-Lose' Life Coaching Method, Conversational Patterns: Chunking Up & Chunking Down, Demonstration: Chunking Up & Chunking Down, The Achology Commmunication Skills Workbook, Relationship Principles and Winning With People, Introducing Section Six: Relationship & People Principles, The Seven Pillars of Healthy Relationships, The Eight Levels of Intimacy in Relationships, Demonstration: The Three Perceptual Positions, A Structure for Client Work and Active Goal Setting, Introducing the Client Work & Goal Setting Section, Life Balance: Balancing the 7 Main Life Areas, 50 Questions for Finding Your Client's Passion & Purpose in Life, Demonstration: Gerard Egan's Skilled Helper Model, Top Ten Powerful Creative Problem Solving Questions, Basic Principles for Business Development and Growth, Introducing Business Development and Coaching Principles, Alternative Mindsets Towards Life, Work & Business, The Achology Executive Coaching Framework, The Achology 7-Stage Life Coaching Framework, The Seven Stage Life Coaching Framework Part 1, The Seven Stage Life Coaching Framework Part 2, Q & A's - Student Commonly Asked Questions.

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