Obtain centralized and mobile supply chain visibility and reporting. At Orca Solutions, daily schedules or career path are not set in stone. Supply chain visibility and intelligence to keep you lean and profitable. We get to know your business needs, and we customize our tools, services and processes to help you achieve your goals sooner. Although carrier invoices can be riddled with errors, our Freight Audit & Analytics technology identifies those errors and recovers the funds for you. In today’s business environment, companies are facing increasing pressure to better control the ICT running costs, while also improving the level of service. Learn the 10 key benefits of freight invoice consolidation and why it’s critical to shipping cost control, visibility and bottom line savings. We create innovative solutions for you with cutting edge technology, We tackle business problems with intelligence. IT Consultants. Gain deep insight into supply chain performance and save on costs. At Orca Solutions, we are committed to bringing added value to our customers. But we’re much more than that. We want to achieve this through providing expert skills in all areas of the ICT life cycle. We recognize that it is by leveraging the various backgrounds of our people that we can bring the superior team results that our clients expect. We are also committed to bringing added value to our employees, supporting career development opportunities as well as more personal projects. These include strategic visioning, project management, functional and technical analysis, build, testing and support. Heb je ervaring in een open source project? Want to save time, money and optimize your supply chain? Systems Engineering. Today, in the middle of a global pandemic, Orca is the centre of all client solutions. The sight of their majestic dark bodies accented with white gliding through the water creates a air of mystery. Our software ensures that your supply chain analytics are at your fingertips. They adapt organically to better meet the specificities of our clients and employees. We don’t believe in one size fits all solutions and methodologies. The latest resources, updates and expertise on freight auditing and analytics. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of how much. Killer whales, or orcas, have the second-biggest brains among all ocean mammals, weighing as much as 15 pounds. Is Your Stack of Unconsolidated Freight Invoices Leaking Money? Orca delivers cutting-edge integrated supply chain technology that helps create efficiencies to save you money. Overall, I’m enjoying working at Orca because of the great atmosphere made possible by my colleagues. Afwisselende job in een boeiende omgeving, Interessante vergoeding & extralegale voordelen, Grondige kennis van client side technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX), Grondige kennis van object oriented PHP5/PHP7, Ervaring met Scrum/ Agile is een pluspunt. Your legacy freight auditor is likely compromising your profitability. Our clients each have their own needs, and we strive to adapt to them in the most efficient way.This same flexibility can be found in the expectations we place in our employees, and they place in us in return. October 15, 2018 The Refresh. by: Ashleigh Papp. At the same time, most ICT investments are required to show a high Return On Investment (ROI), within a very short elapse time. Grijp dan je kans voor de functie van PHP-Developer.Ideale kandidaten weten zoveel mogelijk over de volgende zaken: Yii PHP, Java/ Mule ESB, Objective-C, DBMS MySQL, Linux / Apache, DVCS, SASS, Javascript frameworks (AngularJS), Cloud/ Amazon, Mobile (iOS, Android). Learn how to audit your auditor using 3 key criteria. No more searching for your shipment data, guessing your freight partners’ performance or blindly serving your clients with sub-par transportation providers. Quickly identify overcharges and get refunds. Om ons te helpen bij onze huidige groei zijn we op zoek naar een ervaren PHP-Developer die zo snel mogelijk kan starten.Heb je een passie voor development? I have been involved in several different small and big projects since my arrival, playing different roles as functional analyst, proposal writer, delivery coordinator, etc… Orca Solutions is not like any other consulting firm. Achtergrond in Development?Orca Solutions gaat uitbreiden, en daar hebben we jou voor nodig!Orca Solutions is gespecialiseerd in ICT & software-ontwikkeling en heeft sinds 2009 een hoofdkantoor in Antwerpen. Orca Intelligence, is a resource conscious company using proactive techniques to solve complex IT and product design problems. Get the best carrier rates and optimize your supply chain. But we’re much more than that. The second project allowed me to work in a big corporate environment which followed established project methodologies. Enterprise Architecture. The diversity of profiles in our office brings us additional strength, which builds up on our individual qualities. Orca Intelligence is a qualified leader in Agile Project Management, Business Systems Analysis, and Human Center Design. It’s time to take control of your transportation spend. Please contact us for exact savings, “The Orca analytics tool has helped parmalat connect the dots within our supply chain. Quality Assurance. At Orca Solutions, individuals are not the center of gravity, teams are. Orca delivers cutting-edge integrated supply chain technology that helps create efficiencies to save you money. Working at Orca Solutions as a junior has been great so far. Geïnteresseerd om ons team te komen versterken? Along with a culture where everyone is expected to challenge each other, we only create teams that are better than the sum of its individuals. Orca Solutions wants to be the partner of choice for organizations in their search for meeting these challenges, by introducing efficient IT technologies and processes. Our. We are able to act quickly, and with confidence that the correct decision was made. These are savings estimates. With complete supply chain visibility, we are able to focus on strategically improving the supply chain on a day to day basis.”, – National Transportation Manager - Parmalat. Give your supply chain team the visibility they need to cut costs, optimize processes and maximize profits. IT Services and Help Desk Support. The killer whale or orca, also known as Orcinus orca, carries a reputation that can send chills down the spine. We get to know your business needs, and we customize our tools, services and processes to help you achieve your goals sooner. Our people are our greatest asset. We want to achieve this through providing expert skills in all areas of the ICT life cycle. Learn how end-to-end freight auditing, payment processing and discrepancy resolution can eliminate overpayments and increase profits. This allowed me to take up a specific role in this project. I am happy that I made the decision to join Orca Solutions 4 Years ago. The Emotional Intelligence of Orcas The Emotional Intelligence of Orcas. I have been given the opportunity to work on two completely different projects. At Orca Solutions, we believe that flexibility is a key enabler for organizations like us to deliver the solutions and services that our clients require. Orca Intelligence was founded in 2014 to serve education, health, wellness, and real estate organizations with: Product Analysis and Design. Get full supply chain visibility to cut costs, optimize processes and maximize profits. DIT WERK IS AUTEURSRECHTELIJK BESCHERMD © 2014 DOOR ORCA SOLUTIONS. Orca Intelligence 4h 5 years ago, it was a dream to be working with the world's largest consumer brands.

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