Each week, I’ll be taking a listen to the newest kpop releases and giving my thoughts. There’s a lot to unpack. It’s a very simple onomatopoeia hook, which at some point was getting a little overdone, but it works well here. Fortunately, Wing is mostly a lot of fun and may even grow more addictive as we enter the summer season. Light on, fly over the universe.I got your back yeahBlue I’ll get itPerfect chemistry with youthe feeling of walking in the skyKeep your eyes together we’re movingI’ll leave you to it.Floating high, go onon and on, Fly close to the sunI fly away with youIf I was aloneYou might have been scared.Wings that gave meI’ll draw your dream now.Open your eyes again, Your eyes facing each otherI’m thrilled. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Your eyes while we’re facing each other I’m thrilled, slowly Over this long road Don’t hesitate let’s fly away Your happiness is not far away. However, most of the track moves at such a brisk pace that it’s hard not to get swept up in its charms. He is a former member of the project group Wanna One. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. DOOM DOO DOO DOOMDOOM DOO DOO DOOMDOOM DOO DOO DOOMDOOM DOO DOO DOOM, onmome sparkdeoneun mot chamahaneul wien festivalI wanna be with youareumdaun goseulneoege boyeojulgeYou might be right therei neukkimingeol, taeyange gakkainaraga neowa gatihonjaramyeon hoksi geopnassgessjimannaege nalgae jun neoui kkum ije naega geuryeojulgeOpen your eyet again, son ppeodeumyeon haneul baram bureowabetween my fingersunmyeong gateun sungan kkwak jabaI feel like my heart will burstcheonguk gateun neukkim, OH MY WINGFree in the skyneol gidarineun bulbiccgeugoseul hyanghae trophy, OH MY WINGdalkomhan chum chwogaseumi teojidoroknopi ttwieoYa ije naragamyeon dwae, Light on uju wireul nalgegeokjeongeun ma I got your back yeahparanbit I’ll get itwanbyeokhan neowaui kemihaneul wireul geotneun neukkimnuneul kkok majchwo we’re movingneol matgimyeon dwaenopi tteo go onon and on, taeyange gakkainaraga neowa gatihonjaramyeonhoksi geopnassgessjimannaege nalgae junneoui kkum ije naega geuryeojulgeOpen your eyes again, maju boneun neoui nunbiccjeonyuri dwae cheoncheonhijjuk ppeodeun i gireul neomeomeomusdaeji ma let’t fly awayYour happinet it not far away, DOOM DOO DOO DOOMDOOM DOO DOO DOOMDOOM DOO DOO DOOMDOOM DOO DOO DOOMDOOM DOO DOO DOOMDOOM DOO DOO DOOM, 온몸에 spark더는 못 참아하늘 위엔 festivalI wanna be with you아름다운 곳을너에게 보여줄게You might be right there이 느낌인걸, 태양에 가까이날아가 너와 같이혼자라면 혹시 겁났겠지만내게 날개 준 너의 꿈 이제 내가 그려줄게Open your eyes again, 손 뻗으면 하늘 바람 불어와Between my fingers운명 같은 순간 꽉 잡아I feel like my heart will burst천국 같은 느낌, OH MY WINGFree in the sky널 기다리는 불빛그곳을 향해 trophy, OH MY WING달콤한 춤 춰가슴이 터지도록높이 뛰어Ya 이제 날아가면 돼, Light on 우주 위를 날게걱정은 마 I got your back yeah파란빛 I’ll get it완벽한 너와의 케미하늘 위를 걷는 느낌눈을 꼭 맞춰 we’re moving널 맡기면 돼높이 떠 go onon and on, 태양에 가까이날아가 너와 같이혼자라면혹시 겁났겠지만내게 날개 준너의 꿈 이제 내가 그려줄게Open your eyes again, 마주 보는 너의 눈빛전율이 돼 천천히쭉 뻗은 이 길을 넘어머뭇대지 마 let’s fly awayYour happiness is not far away. A musical continuity is maintained as the synths pull in-out of the song’s structure. I’m not sure I would’ve expected this. 0:01-0:15: Right away we’re given the “dumdumdurum” part, easily the most earworm part of the song. Park Jihoon Profile and Facts; Jihoon Ideal Type Park Jihoon (박지훈) is a soloist under Maroo Entertainment. And true to form, Wing lurches into an energy-killing trap breakdown. 0:16-0:47: I find the the first verse of Wing particularly interesting. But he surprised me with this comeback, he blew me off. Mostly, the song has a decidedly retro feel. Had no feelings towards Baekhyun’s Release. But this, this is great, and really provided an energy everyone needed. 박지훈(park jihoon) 'wing' m/v This is the MV of Park Ji Hoon “Wing” released on May 26th. I’ve never found Jihoon’s voice all that compelling on its own, and I think Wing would have improved by having an entire K-pop group at the helm. https://music.apple.com/ae/album/the-w-ep/1515079320. Slowly.Over this stretch of road,Let’s fly awayYour happiness is not far away, Filed Under: Lyrics, Korean Tagged With: Park Jihoon, Park Jihoon Lyrics, © 2019–2020 kgasa.com | Powered by WordPress and Genesis | Log in, Chanyeol – minimal warm Lyrics (English Translation), Yoo Yeon Jung – Spider Lily Lyrics (More Than Friends OST), Sweet Sorrow – Small Room (Feat. At the very least, its sense of joy is like an oasis in the middle of a barren, angsty boy group desert. Thankfully, it’s not long before the chorus reignites Wing’s intensity, merging a celebratory hook with that catchy riff that opened the track. He keeps up with the awesome instrumental, which is probably harder than it looks. https://www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/Music/2020/05/20/Wanna-One-alu… I can’t really place it, maybe more classic rock delivery? Change ). And of those three, Park Jihoon easily takes the win. Love this! Official Fandom Name: MAY Official Colors: Spring Bouquet, Lemon Tonic, Peach Pink Stage Name: Jihoon (지훈) Birth Name: Park Ji Hoon (박지훈) […] At this point I’m just happy when a song isn’t either generic r&b or dark. Yoo Sung Gyun from Sunny Visuals directed the singer’s newest music video.The agency boasts of team-ups with artists like NCT U, Dreamcatcher, OH MY GIRL, and more.They were also behind Park Jihoon’s “360” music video which was released in December 2019. https://www.vlive.tv/video/193999/박지훈PARK-JIHOON---Wing-Dance-Practice (Any help will be appreciated!). What do you think of Park Jihoon’s other songs from The W album? I don’t think this song will leave me anytime soon. I think it’s his strongest album, and one of the stronger ones of the past couple of weeks — even if nothing about it really blew me away. The performance is OK. )” has a such distinctive character. Spark all over the bodyI can’t take it anymore.On the sky, the festivalI wanna be with youa beautiful placeI’ll show you.You might be right thereThis is how it feels. It’s not quite the relentless dance track I was hoping for, but its upbeat nature is very refreshing. ( Log Out /  This one is not leaving my playlist for awhile.I liked his previous song too.. so I’m looking forward to his journey. We just updated full Wing Lyrics as official release with English Translation, Hangul and Romanization. I’ve enjoyed his two title tracks, while finding their respective albums quite boring. 3:28 CRAVITY - Ohh Ahh (Stage full ver.) ( Log Out /  The chorus is a bit sing-talky for my taste, but that synth riff is killer. Be sure to add your own rating by participating in the poll below! It’s something new in generic kpop music. He debuted solo on March 26th, 2019. Park Jihoon is not only the best post produce male idol, but he also won this soloist battle. IU) Lyrics, 10CM – Where Is Dream Lyrics (START-UP OST). On first listen, the pre-chorus feels jarring (even more so than than trap-breakdown. This’ll be on my summer jams playlist alongside Chanyeol’s Yours (The best EXO solo release) and OnlyOneOf’s Angel. It’s not a total deal-breaker, but it is disappointing. The synth lines complement each other, and don’t just layer noise upon noise. He debuted solo on March 26th, 2019. Published: 15.33, 24/08/2020 0 Penampilan K-Pop Idol Terfavorit (08/26) 3:18 Secret Number - Who Dis? I didn’t expect anything musically great from him tbh. satisfying finale. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. OH MY WING Free in the sky The light waiting for you Trophy to that place. Where to Buy K-Pop Albums Online: The Best Stores Reviewed! Wing - Park Jihoon. ( Log Out /  The song is fun, fresh, enjoyable. Not to detract Jihoon’s performance, he’s fantastic here, lending some great vocal character to the track even if his voice isn’t the most distinctive. Star K 75 Ditonton. It won’t not usurp L.O.V.E as my Jihoon of choice, but there’s a beautiful irony to this being antithetical to the entire post-Produce landscape. Woo Seok’s release was good but not something I would go out of my way to listen to. It’s the first song since Scream and Wannabe to absolutely floor me within the first listen. At this point I’m just happy when a song isn’t either generic r&b or dark. The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion, in the middle of a barren, angsty boy group desert, Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of January 2015, Grading the K-Pop Agencies 2020: SM ENTERTAINMENT, Song Review: Sakurazaka46 – Nobody’s Fault, Grading the K-Pop Agencies 2020: SM ENTERTAINMENT, Song Review: Chungha - Dream Of You (with R3HAB), Song Review: Sakurazaka46 - Nobody's Fault.

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