U.S. manufacturers have largely phased out certain types of PFAS, according to the EPA, but such chemicals are still used internationally to make products that may be imported. Your connection to news, music, conversation. While more research is needed on the health risks of PFAS exposure, the MDEQ says studies have shown the chemicals may increase cholesterol levels and raise the risk of certain cancers and thyroid disease. Fish advisories issues for Michigan lakes, river impacted by PFAS contamination. URL: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Click here to view the PFAS Contamination Site Tracker **As of August 2020, we've made some small changes to the format and direction of the PFAS Contamination Site Tracker. If you are reading this in your Facebook app, copy this link and paste it into your mobile device’s browser to view the interactive map. Here’s a look at 14 communities where Michigan environmental regulators have found contaminations of PFAS, a once commonly used industrial chemical. Subscribe to the Bridge Michigan RSS feed, Michigan will fund cleanups at thousands of polluted sites, Michigan maker of Hush Puppies called on its toxic past, Environmental Science and Technology Letters, The U.S. Department of Defense has found PFAS. Please contact Merit Laboratories for assistance on your PFAS testing needs. Merit is certified for the analysis of PFAS by ISO/IEC 17025. Lee Chatfield: Michigan could face ‘constitutional crisis’ over election, Fact Squad | Audit wouldn’t change outcome of Biden win in Michigan. Michigan eyes toughest limits for some PFAS in drinking water. I wish we knew where testing has been done throughout the state, beyond the sites which have been demonstrated to be problematic. It found only two where PFAS exceeded the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s lifetime health advisory of 70 parts per trillion, but 189 sites had some level of PFAS. Map shows every school, daycare and Head Start center on a private well that tested positive for PFAS contamination by the state of Michigan in 2018 and 2019. If you care about Michigan, please support our work. Roughly 3,100 residents of Parchment and parts of Cooper Townships were told last week not to drink their water — adding the Kalamazoo County communities to a growing list of those grappling with PFAS contamination. The new drinking water standards also update Michigan’s existing groundwater clean-up criteria of 70 ppt for PFOS and PFOA. Goal standards would be nation's lowest for PFNA & PFOA, two of many PFAS chemicals found in Michigan water. Joe Biden wins Michigan, its 16 electoral votes, What to expect from Michigan Board of Canvassers; how to watch meeting, Coronavirus Tracker | Daily deaths approach 100 in Michigan; Rite Aid to start charging for tests. EGLE staff also conduct routine monitoring of rivers and lakes, and if a sample exceeds water quality standards, staff work upstream until they find the site contributing to the PFAS. Exposure — whether through eating or drinking contaminated food or water — may be linked to a variety of health problems, This is global. Alpena County is home to two separate sources of contamination: Alpena Hide and Leather, which used PFAS to treat it's leather products, and Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC), which used PFAS-containing firefighting foam. Click on the dots for a brief summary of each site. Some studies of humans have linked the chemicals to low infant birth weights, changes in cholesterol and problems with thyroid hormones and the immune system, but they are not necessarily conclusive. Trust matters. Exposure — whether through eating or drinking contaminated food or water — may be linked to a variety of health problems, according to the EPA. Your support makes a difference. In 2016, a study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters found 66 U.S. public water supplies with at least one sample at or above EPA’s health advisory for PFAS. PFAS are a large group of synthetic industrial chemicals made with a varying number of carbon and fluorine atoms. This map shows where PFAS has been confirmed in Michigan. It's sad that when you entrust people to provide you with clean water, they give you tainted, poisonous water and still they talk about water prices going up. That makes them useful for a many products that are waterproofed, non-stick or stain-resistant. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. I am from Flint, MI, I've lived here for 32 year and the day they switched to using the river water, I could tell the difference. There is more information, however residents have not been told.State of Michigan posted the problem on the Web. She wanted to hold him when he died. In some cases, the chemicals have seeped into drinking water.

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