The roofer has been tearing the old roof off and has found that the sheathing is dimensional lumber. Step 5 Place a new plywood board in the same location, ensuring the ends align over roof rafters. The contractor has asked if it is possible to leave the old sheathing in place, and install the new 5/8-inch sheathing over the top of it. How to Install a Roof Over an Existing Roof. While some roofing standards permit installation of wood shingles over solid plywood decking, where we [DJF] have inspected such installations we've seen wood roof shingle failures occurring in less than 10 years. However, if using this method, you’ll need to be sure to work with fasteners that are long enough to reach through the plywood or OSB, while also being careful not to overdrive the fasteners as this can cause a problem with the panels. I recall doing it decades ago but standard practices would be to re sheet the roof. Installing a new roof over an existing one, also called a *layover* or *nailover*, is often possible although not always the best option. New roof sheathing over old? Many an old roof is groaning under the accumulated debris of half-hearted re-roofing jobs. The roof deck turned out to be 3/8" plywood which is starting to break down due to the number of times the roof has been replaced. No this is a recommendation to roof over the gaps but it isn't a fatal flaw. Once the nails detach, grasp the rotted plywood and pull it up from the roof. If you look closely, the finished job won't be quite as neat as it would if the roof were stripped back to the sheathing. I am using a 7/16" OSB Sheathing that I got from Lowe's. Well, here is one way to figure it out. If you live in a cold climate, stripping away the old roof allows the contractor to install ice and water shield, a rubber membrane used to prevent leaks at the eaves in the event of ice buildup. Before you reshingle a roof, read our step-by-step guide for adding new shingles over old ones. When using plywood, nail it directly to the purlins, and screw the metal roofing panels through the plywood into the purlins as instructed by the manufacturer. Whenever your roof was first installed, the nails were put into the solid wood. My neighbor had an additional 3/8" layer of plywood added. Most Western Washington residential homes during this time were built with shiplap roof decks rather than plywood. Many code jurisdictions allow for re-roofing over as many as two existing roof layers. A Hard Line on Roof-Overs Finding hidden problems assumes that the old roof has been torn off to begin with. They note that use of unsuitable materials can compromise stability of the roof covering; old boards can shift, for example, and in turn deform or damage the shingles—which will void the warranty. A second question is whether or not it would be reasonable to roof-over this existing surface. While they don't prohibit installation over board sheathing, asphalt shingle manufacturers do specify that the roof deck underneath must be smooth—and tend to recommend plywood as the best option. JKW05 (Structural) (OP) 20 May 13 09:29. It is now warped and wavy. Most cedar shake roofs were installed over skip-sheathing, a poor substrate for asphalt composition shingles. A layer of plywood also offers an additional layer of soundproofing from rain landing on the roof, though the air pocket between the roof and the interior drywall plays a larger part in keeping noise down. 1) Remove the Shingles before Installing the Metal Roof The first way to install a metal roof over shingles is by completely removing the old shingles before installing the new metal roof. If your roof is in good shape but has some damage to one side from a downed tree or has lost shingles in a wind storm, an overlay is worth considering. If you’re thinking of upgrading to a metal roof over an existing part of your home, it’s important to make sure you have a sturdy substructure to support it. Wrote about it already BSI-041: Rubble Foundations). This is 1970s construction, trusses on 2 foot centers, medium slope, and we plan to use GAF Timberline Ultra shingles (these are heavy) for the new roof. It really depends on how big the gaps are anything over an inch I'd want you to resheet it. This plywood underlayment provides the base platform for the flooring finish material. I haven't had any problems and the house is 40 years old but it bothers me when I walk on the roof and feel the roof sag under my weight. By design, some metal roofs MUST be installed over battens, some MUST NEVER be installed over battens, and some can be installed over battens OR solid decking. So, first and foremost, it’s critical to choose the right product and install it per manufacturer specifications.

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