Each hospital requires a doctor to apply for credentials; in a large city, your doctor may be credentialed at only two of ten hospitals and some doctors have only medical office practices and have not applied for credentials at any hospital. You also should be aware of any of the following issues. You may be contacted by telephone prior to your day of admission by our Pre-admission Nurse. On July 1, 2020, the following HR policies were harmonized across the Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS). For further information, refer to the following sections: If you are coming into hospital for surgery, we will contact you one business day prior to your scheduled admission, between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. <> These manuals are available to staff only—JHED ID login is required. [/PDF] Throughout your stay the team involved in your care will keep you informed of your treatment and progress. Generally, it is in your best interest to ask the emergency department doctor to contact your primary care physician, even if he or she does not admit patients to the hospital where were taken. The decision to admit you to a hospital likely will be made by one of the following medical staff: Doctor-patient relationship: You should play an active role in your own health care, be involved in decisions about, and agree with all aspects of your medical care. The basic DNR deals with the following: Many hospitals give a copy of advance directives to you when you are admitted, along with a copy of the patient bill of rights. You should be aware of three types of directives that may help you and your family in this situation if you plan ahead. Being placed on a ventilator can and should be separated from the rest of the DNR order in appropriate cases. This request does not mean you will be admitted. Make sure the person understands your wishes when you give them this power. If there are discrepancies in your bill and the care you receive, bring it to the attention of both the hospital and your insurance company. Pre-admission is an important part of your hospital care. @=�� C =)#)==================================================�� R �" �� When the doctor will see you once you are admitted is determined by his or her schedule. Your doctor should provide a note for your employer regarding any restrictions. Your rights as a patron of a hospital include: Do not resuscitate (DNR) and health care proxy (medical power of attorney): At some time, you or a loved one may become severely ill, with little or no chance of recovery, or your quality of life will be severely affected if you do survive. The most important factor is your current medical condition. Pediatric patients will be referred to Children’s Hospital, Seattle; Swedish Hospital, Issaquah or Evergreen Hospital, Redmond. Emergency admission: This occurs through the emergency department. Please understand that the EMS personnel may or may not override the diversion request. When the electromagnet turns off, the hydrogen atoms revert to their original status and give off a unique signal, depending on what other atoms they are next to. Policy Updates. 1. The nursing staff or other doctors cannot make them arrive at your bedside at any specific time. How long your treatment will need to be extended once discharged, and how that will be accomplished. We believe that excellent care is more than just good medicine and we wish your stay with us to be as safe, pleasant and as comfortable as possible. tea and toast), Wear jewellery. This new centre will facilitate pre-procedure COVID testing. Please discuss this with the hospital staff and your Doctor prior to discharge. You may take yourself there (in most emergencies, someone else should take the person to avoid additional problems or injury). It has complex meaning and can be tailored to the needs of either you or your loved ones. View all Hopkins policies. Or you may be admitted to a holding unit for up to 48 hours to ensure you didn't have a. If you are having a major surgical procedure you may be asked to attend a preadmission clinic at the hospital so the nurse specialist can speak with you about your hospital stay, your operation, previous surgical and medical history, what to bring to hospital, as well as allay any concerns you may have. For itemized bills, make sure no mistakes were made. endobj They have neurosurgeons and neurologists available at all times to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of strokes. If your ID bracelet comes off, please inform your nurse who will issue you with a new one. 7 0 obj 15 0 obj %PDF-1.7 %������� 1 0 obj If you wish to board with a child or adult family member, check with the hospital to see if it is allowed. In general, there are two major types of hospital admissions, emergent and elective. For longer stay patients, family and friends are often anxious to keep up to date with your progress, particularly if they cannot get to in to see you. With elective admission, you require hospital care but may choose to wait for a more convenient time (for example, you may choose a date for elective knee surgery). The case manager becomes involved early in your admission process and helps track your workup and treatment. However, it is designed to give you some working knowledge of hospitals and may serve as a guide to lead people to the various sources in a hospital that may be able to answer more specific questions.

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