Like Saturn, the Ring Nebula is a must-see for beginners and seasoned amateurs alike. The Association is governed by a Steering Committee. Check our calendar for our next public night/meeting. The darkest skies in The Natural State can be found at one of Arkansas’s greatest natural treasures. September 23, 2020. Geminid Meteor Shower; Perseid Meteor Shower; Tips for Photographing Meteors and Meteor Showers; Meteor Radar; Space Calendar; Visible Sun; What’s that Bright Star? Beginning in 2016, park staff and volunteers began inventorying the park’s light fixtures and bulbs. This comes just as the Taurid Meteor Shower peaks. By: Kelly Beatty CAAS membership brings you into a community that uniquely shares your interest in astronomy where you can build your knowledge and skills as an observer at the eyepiece, or in the armchair. Spring skies offer some of the best sights of spiral galaxies. 2 years ago | 144 views. Use the menu below to see upcoming events, recent news, sky conditions, areas for new observers and members. Along its corridor, you’ll find canoe and kayak outfitters, campsites, hiking trails, rock climbing routes, cabin rentals, towering limestone bluffs, quiet pools and whitewater rapids, an elk herd, and historic areas such as the Boxley Valley Historic District, the Parker Hickman Homestead, and the Villines Cabin. Coming up in the next {{countdown}} {{countdownlbl}}. Capella is the sixth-brightest star in the sky — and it's more than one star! The Big Dipper is one of the most familiar sights in the Northern Hemisphere’s night skies. On seven acres under moderately dark skies with an open southern horizon, the observatory has a small classroom facility for meetings, a club-house for conveniences and an observing field with pads for portable scopes. The fellowship of other people who love the night sky. AccuWeather. These events are free and open to the public. You can participate in the CAAS email list, where members can share, help, and learn from one another, as well as participate in member-only activities and get help through a member’s mentoring program. Friends of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society. Globular cluster season is here. The Partial Solar Eclipse image was taken by Jim Dixon. September 3, 2020. Time-lapse footage showed the galactic display as seen from Mount Magazine State Park. By: Daniel Johnson New members enjoy a prorated discount based on the quarter in which they join. By: Alan MacRobert An facility of the Arkansas Sky Observatory (ASO) Cherry Hill Observatory : A private observatory near Cherry Hill Junction. The Buffalo National River is now an International Dark Sky Park, a designation made by the non-profit International Dark-Sky Association. October 21, 2020. Everyone loves this cosmic donut. This comes just as … Cossatot Observatory : A private observatory somewhere around Hartley. The Night Sky. May 1, 2020. With Sky & Telescope’s experts as guides, including veteran observers Gary Seronik and Bob King, you’ll discover a depth to the night sky you never knew before. Point your scope at some of these magnificent cosmic whirlpools. October 13, 2020. The Arkansas Natural Sky Association is an Arkansas Unincorporated Nonprofit Association and the International Dark Sky Association ‘s Arkansas affiliate. The Total Solar Eclipse image was taken by John Reed. Membership also provides an opportunity to share your enthusiasm with the public as a volunteer in the State’s most active outreach program. Mountain biking and hiking are very popular activities. The Buffalo National River preserves many pioneer homesteads ranging from the 1840s to the 1930s. Comet SWAN will grace northern skies in the days to come. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking news? Use it to locate a planet, the Moon, or the Sun and track their movements across the sky. They're an easy—and entertaining—way to observe the night sky. May 14, 2020. Sky & Telescope, Night Sky, and are registered trademarks of AAS Sky Publishing LLC. Tall limestone bluffs in earthy hues of gray, tan and brown are defining features of the Buffalo. About once a month this winter, we can watch the Moon take a four-day journey across a field of stars termed the "Winter Hexagon." Follow this link for more details and join on line. By: Scott Levine The Arkansas Natural Sky Association and the National Park Service have been working towards this distinct honor for over two years.

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