The regular sandwich style cups are narrower which kind of gives you an extra inch or so to maneuver the bar around Rogue’s 49″ rack width. I thought this item would be bulky in my gym to find it’s quite airy looking. They have different hole patterns, utilize different hardware and accessories, have a different footprint and a different inside depth, and they definitely have different starting prices. Unit does not need to be bolted to the floor. The 2″ cups are just a fancier assembly; more plastic, hidden bolts, etc. That said, the reason I addressed this at all is because I had heard two different complaints about specialty bars not fitting so well. Apart from the effects COVID-19 has had on the shipping, I am very pleased. Rogue's heavy-duty racks are available in freestanding and wall-mounted designs, with new space-efficient plate storage and fold-back upright options. The hardware is also recessed, preventing the bar or a user’s hand from scraping against them. Keyholes are special hardware holes that are thus far unique to the Monster racks. Way better fit than the Monster Lite! From pull-up bar style to J-cup type, you can customize your Monster Half Rack by comparing the options below and making your selections from the dropdown order menu. Perfect for any crossfitter. Way too expensive in my opinion. what is the best half rack, Click to sign up to be notified when this color is back in stock, RM-3 Monster Strap Safety System 2.0 (24" depth). Infinity uprights are 2″ wide; giving a total distance of 47″ (43″+2″+2″). but we all know you will, at least to demo and review, then sell on Craigslist haha By the way, thanks for blue Garage Gym owner shirt and transfer sticker! 117" x 53" total footprint. What does change is the width of the uprights. Allows two athletes to train at the same time. Way better fit than the Monster Lite! Of course in the interest of full disclosure, this feature is what originally caught my attention so I suppose it’s not completely pointless. Depth of 2.5". Quality equipment that will last a lifetime. The customizable Rogue HR-2 Half Rack can be installed as a stand-alone unit or by converting an existing Monster Lite Series squat stand I am completely happy and content with my Monster Collegiate Half Rack. The monster is defintely worth the upgrade, better paint, laser cut holes, lined attachments, better designed attachments, and some of the attachments like the rotating chin bar and the utility seat both of which i have are monster only attachments... the weight storage pisn are keyhold design and are far far nicer than the rml ones and give more flexibility as to where you store the weights as there is only one attachment point needed with the keyhold. I like the smaller size of this rack as it fits great in a spare bedroom. These numbers are laser etched into the uprights, they’re great to have, and that’s about all I can say about that. I also liked the fact that it could be anchored (because it would be), and how much easier it is to use the elevated and numbered front feet for band pegs. And it fits perfectly in my garage! My starting configuration included the upgraded stainless steel pull-up bar (not  knurled), a pair of Monster Sandwich J-Cups, and the Safety Spotter Arms. And since 1310 mm is going to be the minimum distance,  it may turn out that you have 3″ or more of extra space (as is the case with my bar in the image below). JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Still, there may be some situations with specialty bars that have a shorter distance between the collars where that particular bar will feel tight, or perhaps not fit at all. They’re both constructed with 11-gauge, 3″x3″ steel uprights, they have the same distance between uprights (43″), and they’re both designed for you to lift in front of (outside of) the rack rather than inside of it. It’s a great looking finish, though it does look much more like paint than a powdercoat, and unlike a matte powdercoat the glossy finish shows fingerprints and smudges and such.

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