The term modernism denotes an explosion of aesthetic innovation in Europe, Britain, Ireland and America from roughly 1880 to 1950. Ortega y Gasset, J. Most historians of literature and the plastic arts – the fields in which the term has most play – date it from the late 1880s to the Second World War. Farlane, J. IU Bloomington, To link to this database use: The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism launched on May 9th 2016 and is the largest and most comprehensive resource available for all those involved in the study of modernism. Honours and Awards. Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism launched in May 2016 as the largest and most comprehensive online resource. With over 2,000 articles written by experts in the field, supported by over 100 images with articles this resource provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary view of Modernism… (1990) The Concept of Modernism, Ithaca, NY and London: Cornell University Press. Get this from a library! Modernism (Literature) -- Encyclopedias -- Databases. You may send this item to up to five recipients. In fact, recognition of the ism in modernism is a key to understanding it – intense self-awareness being an essential characteristic or value, allied to modernism’s complex engagement with avant-garde status. © 2020 Informa UK Limited, an Informa Group Company. Separate up to five addresses with commas (,). (An analytic description of modernism through the identification of values common to physics, painting, and narrative. Please enter the message. With over 2,000 articles from experts in the field, supported by over 130 images, Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism is a vital tool for students and researchers. Brings together interdisciplinary content about the Modernist period. Includes interdisciplinary content about the Modernist period, covering eight subject areas: literature, architecture, visual arts, music, dance, theater, film, and intellectual currents. (A major statement on the subject of modernism that has itself become an important modernist document.). Content is fully cross-referenced and covers key subject areas of Literature, Architecture, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film, and Intellectual Currents. Researchers can browse by subject, movement, or place in order to discover connections between key topics and fields. Please enter the subject. Content is fully cross-referenced and covers key subject areas of Literature, Architecture, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film, and Intellectual Currents. (not yet rated) As a period in cultural history, modernism usually denotes advanced or avant-garde European and American art and thought, though it has also been used to describe more general social conditions and attitudes. Indiana University Bloomington Eysteinsson, A. Major manifestations. Read a welcome note from Dr. Ross here. Modernism essentially turns away from this realist enterprise and towards discussion and analysis of human measurement or observation. Please enter recipient e-mail address(es). (1976) Modernism: 1890–1930, London: Penguin. Modernism is thus distinguished from the ‘modern’ of ‘modern history’ (understood as anything since medieval history), ‘modern life’ (popular contemporary attitudes and difficulties), and other broad uses of the term ‘modern’. You can access the Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism This link opens in a new window by following these steps:. The content is fully cross-referenced, allowing for greater discoverability between fields, and covers eight key subject areas: Literature, Architecture, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film, and Intellectual Currents. The name field is required. | Vargish, T. and Mook, D. (1998, forthcoming) Inside Modernism: Relativity Theory, Cubism, Narrative . Motion pictures -- History -- 20th century -- Encyclopedias -- Databases. 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