font-size: 1.0em; Whiskey is produced from different grains such as malt, wheat, and barley while Rum is produced from Sugarcane. Depend on the type of these beverage, they can be distilled more and aged longer. padding: 4px;

background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #F0EBE6; Excessive alcohol use includes binge drinking, heavy drinking, and any alcohol use by pregnant women or anyone younger than 21. Rum is made from sugarcane juice or by-products. line-height: 2.0; The light rum with clear color are usually used in cocktails while aged golden and dark rums are more often drank neat. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar include its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, boost weight loss, improve skin & gut health, & lower cholesterol levels.Read more! Both of the beverages have a variety of flavors and colors. background: -ms-linear-gradient(top, #472400 0%,#5C2E00 100%); However, this risks of drinking excessive alcohol are many. table#t114 tbody tr td#n1 { Brandy varieties include Cognac and Armagnac. While Islay produces some of the biggest peat bombs when it comes to whiskey, Jamaica is the king of funky flavored, high-ester rums. The powerful health benefits of dates include providing an energy boost, increasing iron in the body, and aiding digestion.Â. (Read also : Tequila vs Whiskey). Both drinks come in a large range of flavors, so it’s worth taking a sip to find one that suits your preference. Whiskey may refer to any variety, including Scotch Whisky, Bourbon Whiskey, and Single Malt Whiskey. text-transform: none; background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #472400 0%,#5C2E00 100%); Just as whisky enthusiasts take note of how many phenol parts per million (ppm) are in their peated Scotches, rum drinkers measure in ppms as well, except they’re looking at the ester count of the spirit (one of the many factors that influence flavor). border-width: 0px; Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage made from a mash of grains such as barley, wheat, rye, or corn which is fermented, distilled, and aged in wooden barrels. Aside from these regions, countries like Spain, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and India, etc. See charts below for detailed information.

It is produced from the process of fermentation. Rum Variants Most of them are also aged and the world has a strict regulation to produce the drink. Average rating 3.7 out of 5.0 based on 355 user(s).

Health benefits of garlic include easing the symptoms of common cold, lowering blood pressure, & reducing the risk of heart ailments as well as neurodegenerative disorders. Whiskey Obviously the more the food fulfils human daily needs, the more the summary score is, Macronutrient comparison charts compare the amount of protein, total fats and total carbohydrates in. Well-known cocktails containing rum are Mai Tai, Zombie, and Piña Colada. } Usually, caramel is added to adjust the final color of the product. Made from sugarcane juice or sugarcane byproducts such as molasses, Clear rums are stored in stainless steel tanks while dark rums are aged in oak barrels, Distilled fermented cane juice or molasses, Essentially beer without hops that has been distilled.

Brandy is a type of an alcoholic beverage produced by distilling wine. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to padding: 4px; Premium rum is consumed with ice or straight. Another popular distilled alcoholic drink is Whiskey or whisky. Calories: whisky - 8% more than rum. But the precise reasons behind this are less known. } Data provided by should be considered and used as information only. Let's start with Whiskey. background: -ms-linear-gradient(top, #472400 0%,#5C2E00 100%); text-align: left;border-left: 1px solid #CCCCCC;

table#t114 thead tr { Images are provided by Shutterstock & our contributors. Different varieties are found all over the world. Whiskey. Rum is a sugarcane-based alcoholic beverage; it is either directly made from sugarcane juice or sugarcane byproducts, by a process of fermentation and distillation. Main Difference – Rum vs Brandy vs Whiskey. Whiskey or whisky is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from any form of fermented grain mash such as barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, and corn. ✓ Evidence Based. These differences include taste, color, ingredients, how they are prepared, and sometimes the effect they have on people.

Pay attention at the most right column. There have been rare instances when certain rice noodle brands may contain gluten. – Rum and Whiskey Variants or Grades Another difference is whiskey can be mixed from one type to another to make Blend while Rum is not. filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr="#472400", endColorstr="#5C2E00",GradientType=0 ); hs.src = ('//'); Another difference is whiskey can be mixed from one type to another to make Blend while Rum is not. The guidelines define moderate drinking as up to 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men, which applies to adults of legal drinking age. He co-founded the literary journal, Sheriff Nottingham, and now serves as the Content Director for Stain’d Arts, a non-profit based in Denver, Colorado. – Rum vs Whiskey, About Rum How to get oil out of clothes? This is true for rum and whiskey since they have the same color and appearance. It shows the amounts side by side, making it easier to realize the amount of difference. Brandy typically contains 70 – 120 proof. Infographic. Dark rum is consumed straight; it is also used for cooking. Rum Health Benefits Rum is an alcoholic drink prepared from sugarcane juice or molasses. First, you will have to discard the tough outer leaves of the lemongrass stalks by peeling them away with your fingers. The main difference between Rum, Brandy and Whiskey can be seen in the main ingredients used in their products.Rum is made from sugarcane juice or by-products.Brandy is made by distilling wine.

Now, let’s compare Rum with Whiskey. Comparison table#t114 thead tr th.t114 { In rum and in whisky most calories came from carbs.

Rum has been a part of traditional and cultural drink in the Caribbean.

• Rum is sweeter in taste than whiskey. width: 50%; Rum: Rum is produced from Sugarcane through a process of distillation and fermentation. In moderate amounts, both rum and whiskey can provide certain health benefits. Rum comes from distilled extracts of sugar cane and its byproducts. It is important to mention that consumers, however, have their preferences when it comes to these two drinks. – What are Rum and Whiskey } Required fields are marked *. table#t114 tbody tr td { In this article, we are going to give you information about: table#t114 tbody tr:hover td { Do you want the best of science-backed health & nutrition information in your inbox? For the example product, check our Johnnie Walker Blue vs Black here. The main difference between whiskey and rum is their raw ingredients. Whiskey varieties include Scotch, Bourbon, and Single malt whiskey. On a perpetual journey towards the idea of home, he uses words to educate, inspire, uplift and evolve. background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #472400 0%,#5C2E00 100%); } Rum is one of the most well-known distilled alcoholic beverage, which is made with sugarcane byproducts called molasses. Color: Rum has color variations that are light, dark and golden while Whisky is golden in color.

It is distilled and made from fermented grain mash and aged in wooden casks. However, the distillation itself start in Caribbean sugarcane plantations when at that time people still don’t know how to use molasses, so it is categorized as garbage and only slaves or stock eat them. The "coverage" chart below show how much of the daily needs can be covered by 300 grams of the food, Vitamin comparison score is based on the number of vitamins by which one or the other food is richer. This article is a sort of beginners' guide to whiskey and comprises of tips as to how corn should be taken. Bubly Sparkling Water vs ICE Sparkling Water, - Divided commonly based on color besides where it comes, - Divided mainly base on main material used, ABV, and quality. But you won’t find me nagging in case of a good single malt. Depend on the type of these beverage, they can be distilled more and aged longer. A variety of cereal grains such as corn, rye, barley, wheat, etc. A 100g serving of whiskey has 250 kcal of energy. Curcumin can also limit weight gain. border-width: 0px;

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