If it’s a small amount of sand, it may be attributed to overfilling your filter. Robotic Pool Cleaners are one of the most popular items we sell here at PoolSupplyWorld. If your multiport valve is recirculating water and reducing backwash flow, this could also be a source of pressure problems. Thank's I was looking at the schematics of the sand filter on line and it looks like there is a washer under the handle, and there is a o ring as well could it be any of those causing it to leak? Before adding any filter media, ensure the laterals (spokes) are screwed firmly into the hub and that the hub is centered in the tank with the laterals (spokes) horizontal. Sand is to be #20 Silica Sand (.016"-.021"). This will allow water to drain from the valve. Sand should be changed every 2 weeks; Sand Filter Pumps can be run for up to 10 hours per day; Sand Filter Pumps should not be on when the pool is in use; Sand Filter Pumps should be plugged directly into the mains socket and not an extension lead. What have I done wrong or what is likely to have gone wrong? Follow these steps and essential rules to winterize your sand filter system. As a sand filter collects more particles it becomes less efficient, collecting more and more dirt in the sand. The o ring that came with me filter was definitely flawed, even with doing all that, bought a new one, applied lube and was all good after that. Sand filters can pass some small debris back into the pool, and it can be considered... 3. Post by rld7 » Wed 15 May, 2013 20:52 . In most cases, this is due to the O-ring inside the filter pump being jammed in place too tightly. The valves are either top … DIRT COMING BACK INTO THE POOL. With high pressure, backwash the filter first to see if this solves the problem. Step 7 thought this might be where it's leaking from. Copyright © 2019 The Pool Factory, Inc. All rights reserved. Sand pool filters will have what is known as a “ Multiport Valve ” or MPV. Lastly, get a 10 lb bag of D.E. The first place on the filter to look for is the o-ring that seals the top half of the filter to the bottom portion. Sand in Pool If you notice sand in your pool water and you know it wasn’t brought in on the feet of recent swimmers, there’s a high chance that you have a broken lateral or standpipe. The second way you could remove the sand from the pool filter is to lay the sand filter on its side and dump the sand out. Small amounts of sand in the pool could also be caused by a faulty backwash valve, which will need replaced, or by having too much sand in the tank, which can be removed. There are only a handful of reasons DE is leaking into the pool. It fits underneath the Multiport valve. A swimming pool filter is one of the most crucial elements of a healthy pool. Any sand labeled as "pool sand" or "filter sand" will work since all sand-filter sand is sized the same – number 20 silica sand with 45 to 55 mm grains. The o ring that came with me filter was definitely flawed, even with doing all that, bought a new one, applied lube and was all good after that. After a backwash and rinse, place the valve to the “winterize” setting on the top mount valve. Your pool … Proper maintenance of your pool’s equipment is essential to keep it running correctly. I was doing some maintenance in the pool house over the weekend and noticed my Hayward S270T 27 inch sand filter was leaking out of the seam in the plastic body. 2. Filter sand is loaded into the filter tank and functions as the permanent dirt removing media. To winterize your sand filter, remove the drain cap at the bottom of the filter tank to let the entire filter drain and leave the drain cap off until Spring. Now plug in the power cord and switch on the filter. This isn’t uncommon for either scenario. Get some silicon lube (any pool store has it) and apply around the o ring. Using a filter cleaner or replacing the sand can help, in addition to using a Clarifier. It's this that causes alot of problems for pool owners that have sand filters. Check the o ring to see it looks without blemishes or anything and fits well. Spread urethane epoxy resin over the crack on the sand filter using a plastic putty knife. The … It will condition the pool water and prevent algae growth throughout freezing winter months to ensure a sparkling clean pool. After a pool man changed out the sand in the filter and replaced a gasket right under the control deal on top of the filter, the water was pouring … read more Welcome to the New and Improved PoolSupplyWorld.com. If you recently replaced the sand in your pool filter, or if you have just run a backwash cycle and notice grains of sand at the bottom of your pool, don’t be alarmed. inground pool. As you have plugged all cracks or opening the discharging bubbles indicate that the air is removed from the filter into the pool. maybe there's sand in the joint (never turn the valve while the pump is running or the system is under pressure) and that's affecting the seal – simply getting the sand out and refitting it might fix it. If there’s a lot of sand in the pool, it’s likely that you have a broken lateral or standpipe. The sand filter tank is round or egg shaped. (Some top-mounted valve sand filters have a removable "cap" instead.) 20 silica sand, .45 to .55 mm size, is required in a Hayward filter. All rights reserved. Leak between top of sand filter & multi-port valve (Hayward) Post by jer989 » Sun 27 May, 2012 23:51 . Naturally, when they break, sand tends to leak through them- and slowly pile up under the pool’s returns. But what are some of the most common sand filter problems, and how can you solve them? In most cases, the problem usually stems from a faulty gasket or o-ring, loose nuts or bolts, bad connections or cracks in the equipment. We actually had enough enzymes remaining to do a full purge of the 150,000 gallon pool. Plastic Pool Sand Filter Repair Step 1 You do not need to remove any sand from the filter. In the case of a cracked tank, the most expensive part to replace, you might opt to purchase a new sand filter instead. If your losing water a worn gasket in the valve may be the source of the leak, check your backwash line for leaks. Carefully inspect the area for cracks in the tank or individual pieces, and replace as needed. Another possibility is that your pressure gauge is stuck and needs replaced; it should read “0” when the pump shuts off if functioning properly. Of all the components to an above-ground pool's mechanics, the one that anyone can build is a filter. Sand filter leaks. Sparkling pool! Pea Gravel, if used, is to be 1/8" to 1/4" diameter range. Being a pool owner, there is nothing that can be more horrifying than getting ready to dive into the pool and realizing that something is wrong with the pool water. Pea Gravel, if used, is to be 1/8" to 1/4" diameter range. In my case the old filter … They’re in every sand filter, and the purpose of them is literally to solve the issue at hand- they allow filtered water back into the pool, but prevent the sand. These filters are made of plastic or fiberglass and can become cracked. The filter must weigh close to 200 pounds without water, but with wet sand. Broken laterals are the main cause of sand going back into the pool during the filter process. My sta rite crystal flo sand filter is leaking from the top. Spider G asket Replacement for Sand Filter Multiport Valves (MPV) It is important that your valve on top of your Sand Filter operates easily and properly, every 5-10 years, the spider gasket will need to be replaced. Although most of these problems are simple to fix on your own, some manufacturers will void the warranty if repairs are made by anyone but a professional. This is where the little laterals come in. If a minor adjustment to the handle doesn’t fix the leak, replace the gasket and/or o-ring. Sand filter on Recirculate My Hayward sand filter is crack, and leaking water. In most cases, the problem usually stems from a faulty gasket or o-ring, loose nuts or bolts, bad connections or cracks in the equipment. You have done everything to remove air from the sand filter. Move the valve handle at the top of the filter to the “Winter” position. After the water is running clear from the nozzle, turn off the power. The Pool Pump Basket Does Not Fill with Water. Check your sand filter's operation weekly. The filter acts as kidney, removing all sorts of dirt and debris from the water as it passes through. It felt like beach sand. best is to open up the sand filter carefully - don't loose the SS screws. This Winter Closing Kit contains everything you need to close your pool this fall. If you've got an idea for an article, feel free to send an email to.

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