Beach & Boardwalk Info Seaside Heights - 2020 "Extended Season" update from Seaside Heights: Seaside Heights Beach will be open for an extended time every day through Sunday September 13th and, thereafter, on weekends until September 27th. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the summer, the Seaside Heights Boardwalk has something fun for the whole family. Likewise, consuming alcohol on the boardwalk or the beach itself has long been illegal in town, and has been more heavily enforced in recent years as Seaside Heights has begun to shed its image as the hard-partying location of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” in favor of a family-oriented resort. As always, the boardwalk will be packed with trendy boutiques featuring everything from beachwear and sunglasses to jewelry. For $5 you get a whole bucket of wiffle balls (shown below), the objective is to get the ball in one of the holes that has a colored border. Five access points to the boardwalk and beach will be open between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Restaurants in town with liquor licenses signed agreements acknowledging the borough’s ordinances and pledged not to violate them, said Christopher Vaz, the borough administrator. The EV charging stations are managed by. Our favorite spot is right in front of Casino Pier. Whether you are coming for a week or the weekend or even just a day, don’t forget to visit the best boardwalk on the Jersey Shore this summer. The owners of Casino Pier have been hard at work on the upper deck, and we have been receiving variance notices regarding the Funtown Pier request to make their pier longer. SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ – Are the beaches and boardwalk open in Seaside Heights? The Seaside Heights beach and boardwalk, one of the few respites available to Shore residents otherwise holed up indoors due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus, will remain open for the time being. Site #1 is located at the Municipal Parking Lot on Grant Avenue (above photo) and Site #2 is located on Ocean Terrace in the small parking lot adjacent to the new year-round comfort station. These stations have the capacity to charge up to twelve (12) hybrid and all-electric motor vehicles. Both areas will be cleared after 5 p.m. The views are just as beautiful as they have every been, and if you haven’t walked on the new boards, you are in for a treat! For the mayor, the progress over the last several years, during which time several rowdy bars have closed their doors and the town began promoting family-friendly events nightly during the summer, could be squandered by one story about drunken boardwalk antics or a fight on the beach. Seaside Heights officials are taking the issue immensely seriously. Anticipated completion of the building is April 2021. Swimming permitted at designated locations when lifeguards are present. “I’m not the mayor of Atlantic City,” said Vaz. No smoking. No dogs. The views are just as beautiful as they have every been, and if you haven’t walked on the new boards, you are in for a treat! Swimming permitted at designated locations when lifeguards are present. And many other shops will have to rebuild, but they will, and the south end of the Seaside Park Boardwalk will be nicer and better than ever. No smoking. The next phase of construction will be building out the deck, followed by construction of the building that will be the new home of the Dr. Floyd L. Moreland Dentzel/Looff Carousel. During this phase, the beach will again be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; the boardwalk will have expanded hours, and will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 … Ocean beaches open 10am-5pm. Seaside Heights is applying for a federal Transportation Alternative Set-Aside Program grant administered by NJ Department of Transportation. Pictured is: Mayor Anthony Vaz and Borough Council members Mike Carbone, Rich Tompkins, Penny Graichen, Agnes Polhemus, Harry Smith, and Lou DiGuilio (who also serves as a Trustee on the Seaside Heights Historical Society Board of Trustees) joined by Seaside Heights Historical Society Board of Trustees members Christopher Vaz, Peter Smith, Lou DiGuilio, Skip Sommerer and President Joe Verderosa. “[The] police department and code enforcement division will be actively writing tickets under the borough’s open container ordinance,” Christopher Vaz said. No glass.

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