Hook (Finger Position on the Bowstring) Olympic silver medalist Jake Kaminski demonstrates the proper split-finger hook: one finger above the arrow and two fingers below it, with emphasis on correct finger placement on the string. Three fingers technique... enhance your retention while studying or reading. Three fingers technique... recall on demand a speech, lecture or lesson. Mental Video Technique and 3-Scenes technique: Q: Hi Ed, We have been preparing for our first UltraMind Seminar. Subscribe to my channel and please like this video. You can use this technique for resourceful states of mind. It is a trigger for almost every thing I do . When you use the Silva Method every day , you learn to instantly go to level by using the trigger of three fingers . With Regards, Hi, 0 0. I just learned the Three Fingers Technique and was just curious how you all use it in you daily lives? kris13iam -> see the last sentences of my last post above. An opportunity to experience The Silva Method. After you have practiced the instructions in the guided Long Relax audio a few times, you can get to a deep level of mind by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and while exhaling, mentally visualizing and repeating the number three, three times. well, just scored another one last day with the 3 finger technique! Everything in this kit, including the … When I lose something, I put my fingers together, and instead of searching for hours on end, I find what I’m looking for in a matter of minutes. Then you go to level again and program what you did. Hello all! We love good success stories. Forums Topics Posts Last post; Introduce Yourself Get aquainted! You can use the 3-Fingers Technique any time you need stronger programming. So I need to keep my eyes open throughout the lecture. There are many applications. You can record the information that you need to learn, then go to level and play the recording. You can use other people's experiences as though they were your own. Bob Benjy Attorney Los Angeles, California Dr Q is an excellent listener. That is, it will allow you to enter the alpha level with your eyes open. Then he gives you 2 techniques you can use to study. No Prior Experience Is Necessary Everything is in this kit, including the world famous Centering Exercise, creativity-boosting exercises, and dynamic problem solving techniques. You can recall what you did and what happened. Vlachou A, Stavroussi P. Promoting social inclusion: A structured intervention for enhancing interpersonal problem‐solving skills in children with mild intellectual disabilities . On the other hand imagine yourself holding the object that you lost. Technique. Three fingers technique... makes test taking easier, more accurate and less stressful. Ehrhart, left, in October 1967 near Quang Tri, Vietnam, and today. Usually, I need to focus on the blackboard or a powerpoint presentation when listening to a lecture. You can adapt these techniques for other activities.   Hi Ed, Thanks for talking the time to answer this question. 11. silva method - Three Finger Technique. Then come out of level. One week prior to taking their final exam, a group of 15 college Join Silva Method graduates and Certified Silva Method Instructors from around the world on our official online community! When I am stressed, I put my fingers together and imagine being calm, and I calm down. Thanks, RealDreamer. There are many applications. http://www.silvacourses.com/research/salt.htm Dr Q also asks real high-mileage questions that really get me thinking. I use it to go to level instantly.I use to shield my self my property. If you're doing the Three Finger Technique correctly you should be calm … It is easy to detect information that has been impressed on the professor's brain neurons when you are within range of the physical part of the professor's aura. The book can be used in two ways; the first way is to train your own mind to improve health and second way is to control … You can embed your positive associations into physical reality as well. Trending Questions. Some uses are for retaining information read or heard and in test taking as well as used as trigger to control undesirable traits. On one hand do the Three Finger Technique. “Bill” Ehrhart joined the U.S. Marines when he was 17. Francisco Gustavo Sánchez Gómez (21 December 1947 – 25 February 2014), known as Paco de Lucía (IPA: [ˈpako ðe luˈθi.a]), was a Spanish virtuoso flamenco guitarist, composer, and record producer. Best of all, develop your ESP, practice working health cases, and then whenever you need information - to pass a test or solve a problem - you can use your ESP to get the correct answer even if you have never been exposed to the information. Thanks. Source(s): https://owly.im/bakK4. I have started learning the three finger from the choose success course for this purpose. This is not just a 3 finger technique it is a mudra science. The Three Fingers Technique – Taps into the genius within for instant decision making and problem solving. The 3-fingers technique is absolutely amazing. You can "recall" what what other people did, what their experiences were, and what the outcome was.     First of all, study the formulas and follow them exactly as Mr. Silva wrote them. 284 Topics 1.1K Posts Last post Hello from Washington State! I am an engineer and I need to read a lot of technical information or listen to lectures and remember it. You can use the Silva Method to improve … You can use the 3-Fingers Technique any time you need stronger programming. Three Fingers Technique. Did you go into alpha and program that you would find what you were looking for in the grocery, or did you just say to yourself you would find it and put your three fingers together? You can program yourself to have greater understanding, for example, you need to go into your level before utilizing it for the purpose you want to use it for in order to get the benefits you want. After entering level 1 as suggested in the manual, when do I open my eyes? Triggering the Silva Meditation 3 to 1 Anchors. Ed, Silva Centering exercise (Long Relaxation). One of the best techniques for this is Jose Silva’s Three Finger Technique. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. 13. Silva method is going to give you a boost in your motivation to quit something bad that you want to change. Saved by GK Lim. Mars stands for forcefulness, Jupiter for resplendence and Saturn for its fixation on the essential. Test taking is another technique. Eyesight is the only sense that requires beta. So, who is Jose Silva and what are these methods? You then imprint a positive association by way of visualization while you are in this … The examples he used are for studying. With Mind Control PDF you are going to master the powerful Silva’s mind control techniques.The pdf book consists of more than 101 techniques to control and manipulate other’s subconscious mind. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. He learned in his research that it is best if you impress information 3 times, each time at a different level of mind.   Recently I used it for something to find in the grocery. Support The Silva Method - Official Board by making a donation. So you program what you are going to do. You can detect information that has been impressed on your own brain neurons, and you can also project your mind (once you learn how) to detect information that has been impressed on anybody else's brain neurons.     Let me know how well it works for you. 12. Most of the participants are Silva Graduates who have taken the BLS, so we want to be able to address any questions that come up about the new techniques that we are teaching. We call this memory, of course. Later go to level and listen to it again. Discussion Areas. When you use this technique and go into … The "three finger technique" is a trigger mechanism taught in the Silva Life System so that you can use the benefits of thinking at the alpha level when it's not feasible to go to level using the standard method. Hi Ed, Thanx for all the suggestions. Silva claimed to have developed a program that trained people to enter certain brain states of … The other technique is a 2-step technique, for studying a lesson. The 3-Fingers Technique "causes your mind to adjust to a deeper level, for stronger programming." With this technique you use a meditative practice to first enter into a receptive mental state. Silva Method. The three finger technique is a powerful tool . Here is a research report that was published in an educational journal about students using 3-Fingers Technique: What to do after you dump a Narcissist? The tips are focussed around tuning in with what motivates other people - whether they are your colleagues or customers.

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