We respect your privacy and will never spam you. I started with three racks of ribs and my modest gas grill was not large enough to hold 3 full racks of ribs. You can totally use this recipe for spare ribs. I have a group of about 12 and just discovered my condo only has a gas grill.. Let’s Grill! For example, if you have a good 2 burner gas grill then you can set one burner live and place your meat above the other burner on your grates. Here's how to do it... Just about everybody has a Weber kettle charcoal grill in their back yard. Do this every 30 minutes. I have used this recipe at least a dozen times now (I first discovered it last summer)….it’s become a favorite of mine and a go to for when we have company…it has now become one of my two “signature” dishes – the other is blackened salmon…prior to reading your recipe, I had never even attempted ribs on the grill…love the recipe & method, thanks for sharing!! Hi,just wondering what you use to soak the chips in? I’ve seen plenty of examples of ribs coming out dry, bland and tough. Feel free to used soaked hickory, pecan, oak, apple, or any other "flavor" of wood chips that suits your taste buds. The final hour then allows it to form a bark, rounding it off beautifully. skirt meat off. When the temperature gets too low, just open the lid and toss in a few new briquettes and/or soaked wood chips. The heat will then create ambient temperature in the grill, cooking the food like an oven without exposing it to direct fire heat. To start off we need to wash and cut the meat to get it ready for smoking. Keep them seperate. Footnote: after 50 minutes, still no smoke from the chips packet. Should I be concerned. If you have a lot of chicken and sausage to cook you can cook in waves. I know I shouldn't have cut them, but I needed three racks and I didn't want them to burn. More info needed! If so, it is working. The meat tends to be too thin, and where it is thick enough to allow you to take a reading, it’s not a fair reflection of the state of the meat elsewhere across the ribs. Then using a knife cut 10-15 holes in the foil. Cooking them over indirect heat is the key. Apply rub liberally to meat. That way if I have any left over, I can store it in the same container. After I get the rub mixed together, I place some in a pizza shaker and use that to apply the rub to the ribs. But here is a summary. Just place some soaked chips in a aluminum foil pouch with a dozen holes poked in it. What you might not know though is that you can easily adapt your gas grill to be a more than capable tool for barbecue smoking. Once they are rinsed remove the silver skin from the ribs and rinse again. So with the help of Weber, I am going to tackle ribs on a gas grill. The easiest way to remove the silver skin is to start from the center and using your finger or a butter knife, gently lift the silver skin from the ribs. Serve and enjoy. So, if I am cooking, lets say a 5 pound rack this will take me 2 hours? Now, cover the pan with aluminum foil. Great tips on which burner to use. I use one of those confection/deep fry style thermometers with the clip and long stem on it. Melissa and Ryan it was my pleasure. Thanks. We usually do our ribs on the Weber Kettle, after a good starting cook in the oven. I then squirt my lighter fluid on the briquettes and light them (note https://t.co/d60G1jjObe (7517695), New post: Pandemic Punch https://t.co/luAJUqyHmx, Turkey Tuesday Roundup 2012 - https://t.co/S1GR2sblRH #recipes #rexbbq #bbq, Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs - https://t.co/QysrwWRnZ7 #recipes #rexbbq #bbq. A new roommate named Kate? I usually go for baby backs but today i happen to have spare ribs. Here’s how to do it.

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