And when I say up close, we even got to pet one of these beautiful girls! I could not believe that one of these calves was less than a week old! Community Education And they have created a happy home for these beautiful cows. Today, she manages the farm, while Jeremy oversees herd and weekday morning milkings, while holding down a full-time job with a pharmaceutical company. With our online login, you can easily and quickly make changes to your order. Smyth’s Trinity Farm in Enfield is where we get our eggnog. It was apparently lunch time! They grew tobacco, raised poultry and housed 46 milking cows. Sam is also in charge of managing wholesale and home delivery accounts. Smyth's Trinity Farm Smyth's Trinity Farm 4 Oliver Road Enfield, CT 06082 United States. Smyth's Trinity Farm & Milk and More Store is located at: The female calves become part of the Smyth family, and the bulls are auctioned to other farms. Smyth's Trinity Farm & Milk and More Store is located at: 4 Oliver Road Enfield, CT 06082 (860) 745-0751, Store Hours Mon-Fri: 6am - 6pm Saturday: 6am-4pm, Working Days/HoursMon - Fri / 6:00AM - 6:00PMSaturday / 6:00AM - 4:00PM. Both he and Anne rely on a dedicated staff to help in the care and milking of the herd. Anne and Jeremy met while studying animal science at the University of Connecticut, and theirs is a true partnership. We offer Home Delivery in Enfield, Ellington, Somers, Suffield, Windsor Locks, and Longmeadow Mass. There’s something not at Smyth’s Trinity Farm in Enfield, CT that you would see at many dairy farms around New England. DON’T FORGET YOUR BOTTLES! In between is the usual farm work, tending the herd of 38 milking cows (as well as calves and heifers) and managing the store and processing plant. We also met the newest additions to Smyth’s Trinity Farm! 4 Oliver Rd. Home delivery service is offered to Enfield, Somers, Suffield, Windsor Locks, Ellington and Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Their two children are also involved with dairy: daughter Miriam, is a member of the local chapter of Future Farmers of America and in 4-H, while son Beau helps with chores. The milk is sold by the gallon and the quart. Smyth’s Trinity Farm is a family operated dairy farm producing premium dairy products. Yes, I included eggnog. Donate. A few cows were in the barn though; and I learned that these girls were pregnant (and close to having their calves)! From Route 5, you’ll see a sign directing you to the farm. We did not visit on a milk processing day; but we were there for a yogurt making day. Post a Review Email this. Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm 4 Oliver Rd. Enfield, CT (860) 745-0751 Mon - Sat, 6am to 6pm ; Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm in Enfield, CT. These large vehicles make daily runs, transporting milk from the farm to the processor, and their shiny stainless steel tanks are a familiar sight on local highways. Tue: 6:00 am-6:00 pm. smyth's trinity dairy farm enfield • smyth's trinity dairy farm enfield photos • smyth's trinity dairy farm enfield location • Enfield, CT map | farms nearby. ... To get listed or update your Farmers Market or Farm Store information, please contact the Department of Agriculture. Grass, roots, the dirt underneath it. The Smyth family are a great bunch of people. The cows are born here. They really do kindly beg of you to return the bottles, because they need them! Once a week, the Smyths meet to discuss daily goals and review the coming week’s schedule. Tis’ The Season! Recent updates to Trinity Farm include a pack barn that accommodates the herd between time in pasture and milking in the older barn. Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm in Enfield, CT. Local Food Guide regularly updates the Local Food Guide. “We’re fortunate that we bottle and sell off the farm,” says Anne. Saturday: 6 a.m. -4 p. m. “Every farm is different, and has their own way of doing business, their own unique way of doing things. Everything happens on this farm. Mike and his wife, Dale, are still active in its operation, but day-to-day management now falls to son Sam, and daughter Anne and her husband, Jeremy. The Smyth Family has produced milk and dairy products since great-grandfather Richard Smith began farming in 1912. Individual cow comfort and a grass based diet is the core of our product line. This includes cleaning and sterilizing the bottles, separating the milk and cream, pasteurizing and homogenizing the milk, bottling, labeling, and finally packing it into crates. Seasonally they have eggnog. You’ll find the bottle deposit area inside and outside the store. Forgot Password? Smyth’s Trinity Farm is a small family owned and operated dairy farm here in Enfield, Connecticut. But when the ground is cold and dead, they’d end up destroying the pasture. Smyth’s Trinity Farm is a small family owned and operated dairy farm here in Enfield, Connecticut. It’s time for Twinkling Lights, Decking the Halls, Family and Eggnog. At this operation, fluid milk, butter, yogurt, kefir, and cheese are processed at the plant built by Mike and Dale Smyth, who took over the family farm that was established during the Depression by his grandfather and run by his father until the 60s. Founded in 1912, Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm is For more information on home delivery, click here. That is not eggnog. Smyth’s Trinity Farm History. No, do not say that H word. Where do they go when they are not being milked? I even made a few friends. The store accepts cash and credit card. One visit to Smyth’s, and you’ll quickly understand why this is one of our family favorites. The pack barn was built with assistance by a USDA contract to keep the exercise area covered as a win-win for the environment and the animals. What’s important is the camaraderie we all have.” There’s something not at Smyth’s Trinity Farm in Enfield, CT that you would see at many dairy farms around New England. You can also see the farm from the road. The Smyths take major pride in this farm and they love the cows, so they are always happy to show things off and talk to their customers. In 2016, the farm was named Connecticut’s Dairy Farm of the Year and received a Green Pastures Award. Once they have a completed product, it is brought over to the small store right on site. This is a dairy farm after all, no place for a bull. And there are plenty of chores: morning milking starts at 4:30 am and the afternoon milking begins at 4 pm. “I have three brothers, and I wasn’t treated any differently in terms of my dad’s encouragement.”. I came up with some pretty far-fetched questions, and they could answer everything! This award given every year to one outstanding dairy farm in each of the New England states, with winners evaluated on production records; herd, pasture, and crop management; environmental practices; contributions to agriculture and the local community; and overall excellence in dairying. We use only our milk and all of our products are packaged on location in our plant. Depending on what they have recently produced (and what hasn’t sold out), you can usually find milk (whole, skim, 1%), chocolate milk, yogurt (many flavors), cheese, butter (unsalted and salted), kefir and cream (heavy and half & half). Cows are pregnant for 9 months, like us. 10 Sims Ave, unit 103 But one of the things I learned, cows eat everything. If you are local, you can also have their milk delivered to your home. Can you imagine having a child this big!! Come see us! During the colder nights and days, you’ll find the cows inside this barn where they can feed and stay warm. Smyth's Trinity Farm Smyth's Trinity Farm 4 Oliver Road Enfield, CT 06082 United States. They also sell meats from local farms, as well as eggs and honey. Harvest Kitchen While farm operations are running every day, the store is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m.  to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Most of the cows were in the milking barn. The milking barn during the morning looks totally different when it’s empty! “Every farm is different, and has their own way of doing business, their own unique way of doing things. They are closed on Sunday. They are milked here. It’s going to become a permanent fixture on your table every year! That something is a milk tanker truck—a common sight at dairy operations across the region.

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