In the 1860s, he apparently was at Calle Cuna 19, but at his death he was at No. Francisco Pérez Rosales was born in Carmona, Sevilla in 1713. He was the father of Juan and Rafael Galán Rodriguez, and gave them their training. Arkansas USA – is a city in which very few people know why guitarists have long fingernails on the right hand, neither that the Spanish Guitar is played WITH FINGERNAILS – instead of USING A PICK…?!? Gregorio Leal Alarcón was born in the tiny town of Casasimarro in the province of Cuenca in 1867. 13. He was in the third year of medical school, and engaged to be married, when the family fell on hard times. Mateo Benedid, was born in Cádiz in 1800,  a son of Josef Sebastian Benedid Diaz (1760-1836) and was trained by his father. This company is last mention in the trade guides in 1920, as having also a shop at Calle Salinas 10. Children soon followed: a daughter in 1836; and another in 1839, a third in 1842 who died a few months later. Apprenticing with his father-in-law, by 1843 is appears as a guitar maker working with José Maria Guerra at in workshop on Cuna Vieja 181. Manuel Pérez (Valencia, active  c. 1840s). When Domingo Esteso died in 1937, Faustino and his brothers Mariano and Julio Conde took over their uncle's workshop in Madrid, continuing to work for their uncle's widow until her death in 1960 building under the label Vda Sobrinos de Esteso (Widow and nephews of Domingo Esteso). Like his father he was born in Casasimarro, and was trained as a luthier by his father-- making guitars, bandurrias, contraltos, laúdes, laudónes and other instruments. He stayed in Barcelona for seven years. Don Vícente Carrillo López the son ofD. Sometime between 1771 and 1805 he move from Padua to Valencia. Guitar & Lute Magazine. Saturnino Rojas was a guitar maker in Madrid in the second half of the nineteenth century and early part of the twentieth century. 1776- d. José Pedro Damián Cruz Giménez (Almería, b. Mother-of-pearl is inlayed into ebony of the rosette. Later, he established his own shop on the calle Torrijos, No. Santos was secretive about his arts, and refused to taken on disciples. It turned out so wellthathe was soon flooded with orders, and so began his profession. 1911- 1998). 1881-d. 1962). Victoriano Alarcón Escudero (Casasimarro, b. José Pau (Valencia, active late 19th century). If you bought a product for which you think is “different from presented”, Bulerias & Alegrias Multi-Track Loop Player™, Perfect Pitch Tuner (for logged in users), Guitar Scale Finder (For Logged In Users),ño-El-Sol-Nicolas.mp3, He had two sons who followed him in the profession. In 1897, Manuel moved his shop to the Calle Arlabán, No. His early guitars were heavily influenced by the Mirecourt school in France, and so made no use of fan bracing. He died in 1923. NICOLAS: I think that no words are needed to describe this talented young man. He died in 1998. Manuel Martinez de Milan (b. Canales, 1923-d. Granada 1957). Around 1774, Juan moved his family to   Cádiz and opened a workshop at calle Arco de Garaicoechea, no. (Photograph courtesy of Felix Manzanero). An interesting question is whether Gutierrez may have taught Torres something of the luthier's art. In addition to classical and flamenco guitars, he also built bandurrias. Juan Moreno was born in Madrid in 1792, by the 1820s he had established himself as a guitar maker with a shop on Calle Ancha de Majaderitos, 10. He married the daughter of Manuel Muñoa in 1827. In the 1860s, he seems to have moved to Calle Cuna 30, and was working with his son, Rafael Salazar Grajales until at least 1868. Between 1864-66, he appears to have shared aworkshop wiith his nephew, José, at calle Flamencos 7. During his life he trained Manuel Martinez de Milan, Francisco Guardia, and Pedro Maldonado. In 1833, a dynastic war broke out, and soon after Torres was conscripted into the army. In 1836 he had a workshop at Calle Cerrageria 46. Instead of a sound hole, there are slits that around the edge of the top, between the sets of sides through which the sound emerges. Alfonso Benito was a master builder in the shop of José Ramirez II, and according to José Ramirez III, Alfonso and his father were his principle teachers. 1828- d. 1885). 62. Ramón Parramón Castany was born in Montesquiu, Barcelona in 1880. Manuel Pérez was a guitar maker active in Valencia circa 1840s. He then moved to Calle Toledo, 40. In 1806, his widow was living on the Calle de San José. In 1924, Modesto married, and opened a workshop on Duque de Fernan Nuñez, No. Andrés Moya was born in Almería in 1861. From all accounts, it was a long and arduous apprenticeship that began with menial tasks, but slowly as these were mastered progressed to more complex ones, until the responsibility for complete instruments was given him. In 1983, Contreras designed a radically different guitar without an upper waist or sound hole for the Uruguayan guitarist, Abel Carlevaro. As a luthier, he not only trained his son, Antonio de Lorca Ramirez, but also trained Juan and Rafael Galán. Vol. He had his workshop on the calle Caspe, no. 1859-d. 1937 active 1880-1935). Juan Valenzano was a luthier active in Barcelona at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Things looked very bleak. In the catelog of 1912, Juan Ponce is listed as being the successor of Parres y Cia. Benito Campo was born in Logroñom La Rioja in 1798. The two men shared this workshop until 1860 when Enrique remarried. S. Malgareyo was a guitar maker active in Granada circa 1915. Unfortunately, Rafael Rodriguez died tragically in 1965. In 1902, he again moved his shop to its ultimate location on the Paseo de San Juan No 110. Francisco Torres was a guitar maker in Valencia who had his shop on the calle Recaredo No. Born in 1914, Alfonso Checa Plaza was a guitar maker from Baza, a town in the province of Granada, who opened his workshop in 1935. Enrique Recio Gibilán (Cádiz, b. Juan Perfumo Masnea was a notable luthier from Cádiz active in the first half of the nineteenth century. He is generally credited with being the only luthier in the 19th century whose instruments rivaled those of Antonio de Torres in the elegance and constructional quality. Joaquín Pagés López (b. Cádiz 1779 - d. He died in 1957. In 1898-01 they were at Calle Ancha 50; they moved to Calle Ancha 30 in 1902, Juan Estruch Sasate (Barcelona b.1895 - d.1970). The is a guitar of his in the Musée de la Musique in Paris which gives his Havana address as calle de la Obropia, no. He trained Pablo Casas Cebrian. The year he died his workshop was at Calle del Solano, no. After a few years, Hernandez and Esteso left to open their own workshops, however, Borreguero continued working for Manuel’s widow until the shop closed around 1923. 8. José Benedid was born in Cádiz in 1828, the son of Don Josef Benedid (1760-1836). At any rate, he was trained by Isidoro. Agustín Altimira-Codina was a luthier in Barcelona born in 1805. Juan Ruíz was a guitar maker in Almería active c. 1815. Manuel Felipe Ramirez Planell (Madrid, 1864-1916). ??). Joaquín Benedid Díaz (Cádiz, b.c. Emilio Pujol relates that around 1878-1879, Arias was commissioned by Francisco Tarrega to make a small guitar for him that he could carry under his cape to use to strengthen his fingers out of sight. 1827- d.1892). Mateo Benedid Díaz (Cádiz, b. Frank Wallace, a concert guitarist who has record with a 1854 Gutiérrez (Gyremusic CD), and has had a chance to compare it with the 1857 Torres (FE 07) in the Yale University Musical Instruments Collection, believes the elderly Gutiérrez must have shared his knowledge with Torres. View our privacy policy. He trained his son, Enrique Llorente, who took over his shop after his death. In 1878, he exhibited a highly decorated guitar at the Paris Exposition, winning a silver medal.

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