For cases in which help is being provided for food or shelter, or not completely for both, the SSI reduction is capped at one-third of the maximum allowable benefit plus $20 (in 2017, a total of about $265 for an individual). Families should also document prevailing rents in the area. ABLE funds used for certain housing expenses may create an IRS penalty, but it is usually very small. © 2020 Gillette Law Group. We would apply the one-third reduction rule and the $783 would be reduced by $261.00, so your SSI benefit would be $522.00. One-third of the SSI Federal Benefit Rate of $783 is $261. Privacy Policy, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Here are the steps we use to figure the SSI benefit amount.    = $222.00 (your SSI benefit amount). Supplemental Security Income For Adult Children With Disabilities. Funds from ABLE accounts may be used to pay for housing, food, transportation, clothing, utilities, cable subscriptions and many other basics without affecting SSI. Because there are 4 people in the household, your share of the expenses is $400 per month. Because SSI is your only income, we apply the $20 general exclusion to the $100 electric bill payment.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- To calculate an adult child’s portion of room and board, all household expenses for food, rent, and utilities should be added together and divided by the number of individuals living in the household. In 2018, the SSI countable income limit for a single person is $750, while the resources limit is $2,000.            -20.00 (general income exclusion) Avoiding SSI Reductions When An Adult With Disabilities Lives With Family, Detailed SSI requirements can be found here, it’s considered in-kind support and maintenance (ISM). In others, ISM has been applied if the individual lacked a separate area for the storage, preparation and consumption of food. A key advantage to an ABLE account is that is it can be funded by family members, and the individual can then use the funds to pay for rent and food without having an SSI ISM reduction as described above.    = $503.00 (sub-total), $503.00 (sub-total) in an institution such as a hospital or a nursing home. Are There Any Benefits For Disabled Adults Still Living With Their Parents? In-kind support and maintenance is food, shelter, or both that somebody else provides for you. We may lower the benefit if you have other income. The rent-free house is counted as in-kind support and maintenance. The benefits in this program are not based on earnings history but on one’s income and assets. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Benefits for Adult Children With Disabilities. The agreement should include the renter’s and landlord’s names, the rental address, and the amount, purpose and frequency of payment. However, if an individual receiving SSI is paying reasonable rent in order to live with relatives in a complete unit considered separate from the others, a separate household has been established and ISM isn’t applicable. The total monthly expenses are $1600. To identify all the programs that may benefit you, your child, and your family – and to maximize the benefits you receive from these – talk to an attorney who is experienced in helping the disabled. We will make arrangements to pay you. In other words, your child may potentially receive only half of what you would be receiving if you were the one with disability. To qualify for SSI, your adult child must meet the SSA’s disability criteria and must be within the program’s income and asset limits. Your son pays your electric bill of $100, your phone bill of $50 per month, and your cable television bill of $75 per month. However, we count payment of the $100 electric bill as in-kind support and maintenance. There are 4 people in the household. For children who live with SSI-ineligible parents, deeming entails calculating parental countable unearned income by subtracting the sum of the parental living allowance (which is equal to the FBR), allocations (as applicable), and the $20 general-income exclusion from total parental unearned income; a negative result is treated as zero. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program provides benefits based on one’s earnings record, much like Social Security retirement. This leaves $80 as countable in-kind support and maintenance. Upon request, the renter should be able to produce rent receipts. Are you caring for your disabled adult child in your home? It can take many months to be approved for SSI, and families sometimes loan the individual funds while waiting for the decision and retroactive benefits. Your brother pays your rent of $800. Interest is not required. Whether you live alone or with someone else, we need to know who pays for your food, shelter, and utilities. Agreement must be in place for the full time to be covered by retroactive SSI payments. For example, if someone helps pay for your rent, mortgage, food, or utilities, we reduce the amount of your SSI benefits. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. With forethought, it’s quite possible for adults with disabilities to collect SSI while living in the family home. A disabled adult child can collect SSDI only if a parent, adoptive parent, or stepparent is receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits (SSDI) – or had earned enough Social Security credits before dying to be entitled to one of these benefits. Are you caring for your disabled adult child in your … 2.         ----------------------------------------------------------------------       -$261 (reduction due to in-kind support and maintenance) Families faced with such determinations should consider appealing the decisions. The SSA will look at whether he or she has worked a sufficient number of years to be able to obtain benefits based on his or her own earnings record. Although the value of the rent-free house is $900 per month, we count $281.00 as in-kind support and maintenance. ISM can reduce the monthly benefit the same as if cash were received. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The mortgage payment is $700. You receive $300 per month in Social Security benefits. In 2018, the FBR is $750. If considered a “gift,” the funds count as income, and the retroactive benefits would be reduced accordingly. Even when living with others, paying a proportionate amount that covers both food and shelter will avoid a reduction in SSI. We use cookies and other tracking methods to alert visitors to information, make sure that our website works correctly and that you have the best experience possible.ACCEPT REJECT. live with other people and pay your share of the food and shelter expenses. EXAMPLE C: If you live in another person’s household and share expenses. Programs That Help Parents Of Disabled Adults. Call us today at (855) 873-2604. We do not count the payment of the phone bill or the cable television bill as in-kind support and maintenance so these payments do not affect your SSI benefits. We do not count in-kind support and maintenance if you: live alone and pay for your own food and shelter; live only with your spouse and minor children and nobody outside the household pays for your food and shelter; or. $261 (1/3 of the Federal Benefit Rate) This is a great responsibility, but there are federal and state programs that help households like yours. We count in-kind support and maintenance as income when we figure the amount of your SSI benefits. An important condition is that the individual pay fair market value for what is received. But doing homework ahead of time and understanding the rules is a must. These are the main eligibility requirements for a disabled adult child to qualify for SSDI: What if the disabled adult was able to earn with a job before?  ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The SSI Federal Benefit Rate is $783.00. EXAMPLE B: If you live alone in a home that you own. Note that some states supplement federal SSI payments and may have different regulations governing living arrangement eligibility. The average monthly bills are $200 for electricity, $100 for water and sewer, and $600 for food. Yes. You pay all the utilities and buy all the food. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Unfortunately, the rules are open to some interpretation and discretion by a local office. Receiving in-kind support and maintenance can reduce your monthly SSI benefits as much as $281, depending on the value of the help you receive. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Suppose you live alone in a home that you own and your only income is SSI. Or the record of the other parent. Deemable parental earned income is then calculated by subtracting … Since SSI’s monthly cash payments are meant to pay for food and shelter, contributions from others for such living expenses may reduce SSI or could disqualify the beneficiary completely. If your adult child is disabled and can't do any significant amount work, he or she may be able to collect Social Security child benefits or SSI disability benefits.

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