This run has added so much to the Aquaman mythos, and we're all about getting to celebrate it in style. Star Trek: Voyager – Seven’s Reckoning #1 is released on Wednesday, November 18th. When you put this series and this event together, good things are bound to happen and Hellions #5 provided a thrilling set up for its second entry into this fantasy sword tournament—Mister is Sinister forced to travel alongside his Island of Misfit Toys to engage in skullduggery in the one place where they can all really die. If you’re not currently reading Hellions, now is the perfect moment to dive in and see what all of the buzz is about. Star Trek: Voyager -- Seven's Reckoning seems like the perfect way for any comics reading fan to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary. From writer Dave Baker (Action Hospital, F*ck Off Squad, Star Trek: Waypoint) and artist Angel Hernandez (Star Trek: Picard Countdown, Star Trek/Green Lantern). — Jenna Anderson, Set around a supernatural holiday where the dead return for a day, Dead Day has always been a book that despite being time-limited due to the nature of that central premise, has always taken its time in unfolding its story of secrets, lies, murder, and revenge but now that the party is over, as it were, and the holiday is coming to an end, al of the threads are coming together. The reproduction, modification, distribution, or republication of the content (including RSS feeds) without permission is strictly prohibited. What comics are you most excited about this week? Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about The Beatles. When Voyager stops to assist a damaged ship in the Delta Quadrant, the recovering Borg drone soon finds herself caught in the center of a moral crisis. Seven's Reckoning opens with the Voyager in the midst of their lengthy journey through hostile territory in the Delta Quadrant to eventually make their way back to Starfleet on the other side of the galaxy. -- Nicole Drum, TKO Studios has made a splash in the comics space by releasing a selection of complete miniseries every few months. KEEP READING: Star Trek: Discovery Reveals What Happened to the Mirror Universe. That same creative team has returned with another terrifying tale from the early 20th century in Sea of Sorrows in which a salvage crew seeks sunken treasure from the Great War only to discover monsters both below the waves and onboard their ship. are registered trademarks / copyright their respective rights holders. -- Nicole Drum, Hellions is the standout series from the “Dawn of X” era and X of Swords has been one of the most engaging and simply fun comics crossovers in some time. -- Chase Magnett, Star Trek: Voyager finally returns to comics in the new IDW Publishing miniseries Seven's Reckoning. And while the opening issue of the four-part miniseries is competently delivered, there is the overriding feeling that the story itself is relatively lightweight; an inconsequential chance to revisit the world and characters from the television show at the height of its initial run. The tale of how Voyager eventually made their way back home has already been told, but the crew itself can still lend itself to diverting tales as long as readers don't think too hard about it in the meantime. A one-stop shop for all things video games. It has been nearly 20 years since the final episode of the fan-favorite series Star Trek: Voyager. Even in the second part of a crossover event, Hellions #6 stands out as a must-read comic book. Joining Baker is artist Angel Hernandez and colorist Ronda Pattison, unabashedly recapturing the visual sensibilities and design that feel like they're right from the aesthetic established by the television show all those years ago. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Weekly Pull: Marvel's Voices, Aquaman, Star Trek: Voyager, and More, Dragon Ball: Vegeta Actor Remembers Goku's Late Actor Kirby Morrow in Poignant Post, Twitch Streamer Throws Fit After Bending Expensive Pokemon Card on Stream, My Hero Academia Releases Mysterious Teaser for New Project, Super Mario Bros. 3 Breaks World Record for Most Expensive Game Ever, My Hero Academia Teases a Third Movie with New Posters, This Legend of Korra Cosplay Awes Fans with Its IRL Waterbending, Fortnite Players Discover New Instant-Death Spot. © 2009-2020 Flickering Myth Limited. - November 17, 2020 04:56 pm EST. You can read his work in the pages of Image+, follow him on Twitter @samstoneshow, and listen to his podcast Geek Out Show on iTunes and Google Play. -- Jamie Lovett, I’m all for DC reprinting any of its more obscure events/titles, and Underworld Unleashed is definitely no exception. Really, the issue is just a chance for fans of the show to see all their old favorites again and, on that scale, Baker more than delivers. Seven of Nine unwittingly stumbles into an ancient conflict that draws her and the crew of Voyager in while forcing her to question her commitment to the Prime Directive and her burgeoning humanity as it resurfaces from decades of Borg mental conditioning as the conflict threatens to consume the final frontier. RELATED: Star Trek: Discovery's Easter Egg Pays Tribute to a Late DS9 Star. Check back tomorrow for our weekly reviews and again next week for a new installment of The Weekly Pull. Those releases might be from the big two or a smaller publisher. Not only are the stories an opportunity to explore characters we don't get to see nearly enough from, but the entertainment world on the whole and comics especially need more native voices in writers and artists. High stakes action and absurd humor are wrapped around some of the strangest mutants available in the rare scenario that’s as absurd as they are. RELATED: Star Trek: Discovery’s Burnham and Lower Decks’ Mariner Now Have a Common Role. Those extraordinary years on Voyager, working along side all those talented people, both in front and behind the camera, were special, indeed.

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