Striped dolphins have unique markings with a distinct stripe pattern running along the length of both sides of the body. Considering the cetaceans, the striped dolphin showed the highest percentage of consumption equal to 65%, followed by the common bottlenose dolphin (13%), the Risso’s dolphin (10%), the sperm whale (8%) and the fin whale (4%) (Online Resources 2, Table S4). Article  Biogeosciences 7:3987–3997, CAS  This dolphin inhabits the temperate and tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Black Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. CAS  2016). J Mar Syst 148:183–199, Dimatteo S, Siniscalchi M, Esposito L, Prunella V, Bondanese P, Bearzi G, Quaranta A (2011) Encounters with pelagic and continental slope cetacean species near the northern shore of the Gulf of Taranto. Rev Fish Biol Fisheries 23:459–475, Halpin P, Read A, Fujioka EI, Best B, Donnelly B, Hazen L, Hyrenbach KD (2009) OBIS-SEAMAP: the world data center for marine mammal, sea bird and sea turtle distributions. 2018c, 2020; Maglietta et al. Deep Sea Res 49:2053–2073, Capezzuto F, Sion L, Ancona F et al (2018) Cold-water coral habitats and canyons as Essential Fish Habitats in the southern Adriatic and northern Ionian Sea (central Mediterranean). The problem is that some fishing is illegal and there are not records of all deaths. The Striped Dolphi… Although the Gulf of Taranto is characterized by a marked anthropogenic presence and intense fishing exploitation (Carlucci et al. Part of Springer Nature. Chem Ecol 26:219–240, Matthiopoulos J, Smout S, Winship AJ, Thompson D, Boyd IL, Harwood J (2008) Getting beneath the surface of marine mammal-fisheries competition. Competition for resources between cetaceans and fishing could be lower than that expected, because of the feeding flexibility of cetaceans, their predation on non-target species, or in areas excluded from fishery exploitation (Trites et al. ICCAT, Madrid, Jennings SGD, Stentiford AM, Leocadio KR et al (2016) Aquatic food security: insights into challenges and solutions from an analysis of interactions between fisheries, aquaculture, food safety, human health, fish and human welfare, economy and environment. They feature long strips of dark blue on their lighter colored blue bodies. Striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) is also a member of the Oceanic dolphin family, Delphinidae. They are blue with white stripes that are found on the lateral body areas as well as the dorsal. Striped DolphinFacts In: 31st ECS Conference 30th Apr 2017, Middelfart, Denmark, Agnetta D, Badalamenti F, Colloca F et al (2019) Benthic-pelagic coupling mediates interactions in Mediterranean mixed fisheries: an ecosystem modelling approach. The MP of striped dolphin (20.9%) was higher than that of the other odontocetes. Similarly to cetaceans, the negative and positive impacts of each gear on the FGs were used to estimate impacts by integer TLs expressed as percentage values., Lassalle G, Chouvelon T, Bustamante P, Niquil N (2014) An assessment of the trophic structure of the Bay of Biscay continental shelf food web: comparing estimates derived from an ecosystem model and isotopic data. The diet information for the sperm whale was derived from the Ligurian Sea (Garibaldi and Podestà 2014), integrating food items from the Greek seas (Roberts 2003). The F whale showed the lowest KSi in the food web. They are found throughout offshore temperate and tropical zones of the world’s oceans. This could lead to inaccuracy and overestimations of the interactions between cetaceans and the fishery, making this assessment not useful for the implementation of management actions., Pianka ER (1973) The structure of lizard communities. The OI estimated for the fin whale was equal to 0.19. Roberto, C., Francesca, C., Giulia, C. et al. In: Salem DJ, Rowan AN (eds) The state of animals 3rdedn. 2019). ACCOBAMS-ECS-WK Threats (2017) Inputs to the ACCOBAMS ongoing effort to map human threats on Cetaceans in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The mTLc of the overall fleet was 3.46, with the highest and the lowest values estimated for the LLS (4.00) and the PS (3.40), respectively. The MTI analysis showed the different selective predation on the trophic levels operated by the odontocetes with respect to the fishery. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, EUR 27758 EN, JRC 101548, pp 483, STECF (2013) Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries, 2013. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, EUR 26614 EN, JRC 89860, pp 364, Trites AW, Christensen V, Pauly D (2006) Effects of fisheries on ecosystems: just another top predator? In fact, top predators do not only consume their favourite prey, but also their prey’s consumers (Punt and Butterworth 2001). Ecological indices were used to analyse the ecological role of the cetaceans and impacts of fishing based on trophic flow analysis and indicators based on thermodynamic concepts and network theory (Christensen and Walters 2004). Deep-Sea Res I 58:454–459, Garibaldi F, Podestà M (2014) Stomach contents of a sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) stranded in Italy (Ligurian Sea, north-western Mediterranean). 2009) and values of mean individual weight adopted in other models (see Piroddi et al. The main prey consumed by striped dolphin were Mesopel F (37%), SHB_Squids_BP and SL_Squids_BP (a total of 23%) and SL_BathypelF_pisc (11%). Thus, the following comparative analysis on the cetaceans and fishery impacts and the estimation of the Fishery Overlap index were carried out only considering the odontocetes. Google Scholar, Roberts SM (2003) Examination of the stomach contents from a Mediterranean sperm whale found south of Crete. The common bottlenose dolphin showed a TL very similar to the values observed for the species in the North-eastern Ionian Sea (Piroddi et al. What has been noted is that without conservation tactics then their numbers could be threatened in as little as 5 years. These analyses were based on the mortality rates (year−1), consumption flows (t km−2 year−1) and negative impacts estimated by MTI and all indices are expressed as percentage values.

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