Argan Oil Alternatives – Your Ultimate Guide, Argan Oil Skin Care – The Benefits & Top Brands, Why You Should Start Using Argan Oil for All Your Face Problems, Using Argan Oil for Acne Problems: The Best All-in-One Solution, Argan Oil: 17 Ways to Tell If You Have the Real Deal, How to Remove Argan Oil from Clothes: Quick and Easy Tips. PLEASE SHARE: One of the healthiest oils around is argan oil. Argan oil or ‘Liquid gold’ is made from the seeds of the ‘Argania Spinosa’ tree. It has different uses in cooking, hair care, and cosmetic products because of its numerous health benefits. The unprocessed oil also has cosmetic uses. With this in mind, let’s examine some of the most popular alternatives. All Rights Reserved. People use castor oil from ancient times as the main ingredient in various home remedies for several health issues. This one is very similar to argan oil, although it tends to be a little more affordable. With high doses of vitamin E, C, and A, you can be sure that it’ll serve as an excellent skin moisturizer, as well as provide anti-inflammatory benefits – and even enhance collagen production within your skin cells. There are a few brands available on Argan Oil. But if you’re a pregnant woman, or have any allergies, then it’s best to use the substitutes mentioned above for it. Furthermore, jojoba oil is beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive ones. MoroccanOil's Oil Treatment was the first product of it's kind. In ancient Egypt, it’s used to stimulate the labor process. One of the best things about this option is how affordable it is. In this guide, you’re about to discover a variety of argan oil alternatives, so you’ll be able to experience all of the benefits without the negative effects.® All rights reserved, Gram Conversions - Ingredients By Category. It features a similar type of chemical composition, chock full of useful vitamins and healthy fatty acids which are highly effective for hydrating your skin, regardless of where it’s applied upon your body. Mix of olive and avocado is good for giving a smooth sheen and glow. Thanks for visiting our site. You can get the most out of its essential nutrients by applying it topically or consume orally. It has a similar molecular structure, and features similar ingredients as other natural oils – but most importantly, it contains certain antiseptic properties which make it particularly fantastic for people with any troublesome skin issues. Copyright ©. If you have any dry skin patches, then this cheap oil can work wonders.However, the bottles are often very small when you purchase rose hip oil, so it’s well worth mixing it with other oils to make it last a little longer. There’s no denying that you can’t achieve many of the common benefits it provides by using one of the alternatives listed in this guide. Interestingly, this oil is primarily derived from the ‘sea buckthorn’ herb. Contains Essential Nutrients. The downside is that it tends to be a little greasier than argan oil, but the advantage is that it’s considerably cheaper. Not only is it widely available in most health food stores. Beauty is Skin Deep: Can People Be Allergic to Argan Oil? It’s an excellent castor oil substitute because of its multitude of nourishing properties. I think the brand is Mogdor or something like that. While it isn’t always easy to find, you can usually pick it up for around $15 from most health retailers online. It introduced Argan Oil to the world as a leading hair conditioning product. PLEASE SHARE: A protein called keratin makes up your nails, hair and skin. Apart from coconut oil topical applications, it has culinary uses as well because of the high smoking point and longer shelf life. It has numerous uses as food add-ons, drugs, mechanical lubricants, skincare, and hair care products.

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