I want to understand if just changing the temperature can have an effect on how water will behave. Precision Instrument & Equipment Repairer, http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/phy00/phy00455.htm, http://web.mit.edu/nnf/education/wettability/index1.html, http://www.physics4kids.com/files/motion_gravity.html, http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/phy00/phy00656.htm, Build a Motorboat Powered by Surface Tension, Measuring Surface Tension of Water with a Penny, Basic physics: understanding of the concept of a force. The bonds, which are formed when hydrogen atoms in one water molecule are attracted to oxygen atoms in another water molecule, create a strong and flexible film on the water’s surface. It's the reason that water collects in drops. Add a drop of liquid dish detergent to the water in your dish, mix it by stirring gently (you don't want a lot of bubbles), and measure the surface tension again. This simple experiment for kids really intrigued my 5 year old and inspired her to come up with all kinds of ideas!. Soap decreases the water’s surface tension causing it to spread out. So much in life centers on surface tension that we probably are not even aware of and this is a great start for young learners. This science fair project idea compares biodiversity between drops of water. The surface tension of the water is providing the resistance. You may not take images or content from this site without written permission. Use the eye dropper to place a few drops of water on some wax paper. 3. Considering what you have learned about hydrogen bonding in your background research: This is an archive of a physics discussion board with information on measuring surface tension: This is an archive of a physics discussion board with information on surface tension units: A great book with lots of project ideas on the properties of matter: a beam (e.g., drinking straw, piece of stiff cardboard, wooden or plastic ruler). Science Experiments for Kids: Exploring Surface Tension, « Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Santa Star, 7 Science Experiments for Kids That Will Amaze Your Child ». 4. Our latest science experiment is all about exploring the surface tension of water and other liquids. Use the thermometer to record the temperature of the saltwater mixture. Surface tension is a phenomenon in which the surface of a liquid, where the liquid is in contact with a gas, acts as a thin elastic sheet. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Compare the cooking oil to the water. First make a prediction: how many drops of water do you think you can fit on the top surface of the penny? amzn_assoc_asins = "B008PEKYA4,B00AA7BA3Y,B0006Z8YB6,B009SP9XNI,B000NOU54O,1943147000,157912366X,B007CJJVH0,B0196JHYJ0"; Filed Under: Elementary, Kindergarten, Quick & Easy, Science Tagged With: science experiments, surface tension, water. For another method of investigating surface tension, see: For a project on the chemistry of surface tension, see. pan for weights (you can make this from foil). You just need something stiff enough to support a few grams at each end. We’re using food coloring with this experiment so kids can see how the molecules in the water move when the surface tension is disrupted. Chlorine and chloramine are added to our tap water to kill harmful microorganisms. Fun, easy science to enjoy at […], […] Exploring surface tension (not just for kids *grin*): https://buggyandbuddy.com/science-experiments-kids-exploring-surface-tension/ […], […] Surface Tension of Water and liquids varies, explore the properties of these liquids in this […]. It's also why water can travel up a plant stem, or get to your cells through the smallest blood vessels. Compare your original prediction with the number of pennies you were able to add. Gather the materials and find a good place to work. Fill the gallon freezer bag half full with crushed ice. Adjust the thread so that the needle or wire hangs horizontally. You'll get better results. Here are two different methods you could try. It is the reason that water collects in drops, but it’s also why plant stems can “drink water,” and cells can receive water through the smallest blood vessels. small bit of modeling clay to counterbalance the empty pan. … When the molecules possess weak positive interactions, as is the case with rubbing alcohol, surface tension will be small compared to other liquids. Do you think it will be higher or lower than for plain tap water? Page 1 of 13 KWAME NKRUMAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY YEAR TWO (CHEM 270) PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY IV P.2.2.1 REPORT TITLE: SURFACE TENSION NAME: OPOKU ERNEST EXPERIMENT: P.2.2.1 DATE: 14TH MARCH, 2014 2. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Help your child understand surface tension by showing them how they can create a "skin" on the surface of water with this interesting surface tension experiment. Surface tension is defined as the amount of energy required to increase the surface area of a liquid by a unit amount. If the surface is between two liquids (such as water and oil), it is called "interface tension." SCIENCE AT HOME: Get the science resources, tools, tips & lessons you need during quarantine! The surface tension of water is 72.8 millinewtons per meter and the surface tension of rubbing alcohol is 23.0 millinewtons per meter. Even though the ice has melted, the temperature should be less than 32°F (0°C). (This is tricky — it may help to place a piece of paper towel slightly bigger than the paperclip in the water.

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