Having one swollen tonsil is one of the strangest feelings, party on one side and the other suffers in agony. Current time: 11/25/2020 02:58:04 am (America/New_York) Therefore, we need to devise a treatment plan according to the progress of the condition. They all target the mouth and throat region after the infection spreads. A very painful procedure, involving antibiotics and large needles to drain the pus ball. Keep yourself hydrated. These include: Peritonsillar abscess, commonly known as quinsy, is an uncommon, but possibly serious consequence of tonsillitis, which could be the cause for swollen tonsil on one side. The tonsils appear red, and may have yellow or white spots. Always found in the body, as a pair of 3. You can also take the following steps to relieve symptoms: In recurring tonsillitis, or if the enlarged tonsils are causing great difficulty swallowing or breathing, your doctor may recommend complete removal of the tonsils. Tonsillitis can be contagious if it’s due to bacterial infection. It also helps reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. Possible Causes of Swollen Tonsil on One Side. In the beginning, it is just a sore throat, but within a period without other symptoms an abscess forms. It is caused by many different viruses, like influenza virus, herpes simplex virus, Epstein-Barr virus, parainfluenza virus, enterovirus, and adenovirus. Strep throat can also be a cause of having only one swollen tonsil. This is where pus collects between the throat wall and tonsil, forming an abscess. It is also known as quinsy. Be on the look for symptoms of any of these causes. This process involves a scalpel which makes a small cut, from where the pus is drained. This condition, termed tonsillitis, is most commonly seen in children, and can recur frequently. They might be indicating something wrong with them. If it is due to a viral infection, it can be contagious for up to seven to ten days. Sometimes swelling in the tonsils can occur, on one side or both. That said, it brings about quite a few more symptoms than the other conditions. A fever around 101 F lasts for two straight days and dark colored urine, are signs to visit the doctor. To seek medical assistance note the soreness, tender glands and swollenness persisting for over 48 hours. Benefits Of Drinking Water Straight After Waking Up In The …, Missed Period And Negative Pregnancy Test: Causes, 19 Natural Remedies To Stop Bleeding That You Can Easily …, 5 Home Remedies To Reduce Tummy After Cesarean Delivery, Exercise During 9th Month Of Pregnancy For Normal Delivery, Top 6 Best Boots for Broken Toe – Our Picks …, Which is the Best Knee Brace for Pain? You have options to choose your treatment from, such as: All these three tonsil issues have a lot of symptoms in common and require medical assistance. A sore throat with swelling is your tonsils talking. Children have a chance of getting it more than once. To help you swallow and reduce breathing problems the procedure is the best option. Bacterial tonsillitis usually resolves with antibiotic treatment. Furthermore, no need to panic doctors recommend complete removal of tonsils, if they have enlarged to a questionable size. (Though, can also present with throat pain, ear pain, bleeding, and a … But all these require intensive care. Dealing with any pain is difficult. Painful or swollen joints, breathlessness, fever, or rash. You can use painkillers, like aspirin and ibuprofen to help with the soreness and pain. In this article, we will outline three of the most common causes, and indicate some of the other symptoms you should look out for. There are also many home remedies you can use for strep throat to ease your symptoms. A condition is prevalent among children aged five to fifteen. Also Read: Lump in the Throat (Globus Sensation). Tonsillitis is inflammation and swelling of your tonsils. There is not a list of reasons for one swollen tonsil. The three main causes of this issue will be discussed in-depth in the article. The number of symptoms varies greatly on the type and progress of Strep throat, in an individual. There are many possible reasons for this condition. Infections can make both the tonsils swell. All Rights Reserved. Sometimes your tonsils can get inflamed on only one side or both sides. The procedures are done under sedation and pain medication IVs insertion in the arm. The symptoms associated with it can help you to recognize which condition you may be suffering from. This is due to the many underlying health problems, because of which only one swollen tonsil has occurred. There are numerous reasons why you may be having one swollen tonsil. It can happen even three weeks after strep, and it may be rheumatic fever. The old home remedies are always there to help relieve the pain! It can help you heal and soothe the inflamed tissues if taken internally. It can affect any age bracket, so don’t be entirely careless, because of it highly contagious. You can perform some home remedies like cold-mist humidifier or vaporizer, gargling with salt water and maintain a moist throat with cool fluids. A swollen tonsil on one side is most frequent in children aged 2-15. They are: 1.

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