A tea I could drink all afternoon. I’m not a big drinker of smoked tea but it has to be said that with a blue cheese as strong as this, the combination works very well. I hope you enjoyed our swanky paring adventure, we certainly did! You need to book in advance, you need to speak Japanese, or go with someone who speaks the language, it’s essential, and you need a couple of hours free. Try this sensual, creamy pairing and see what you think. The woody, roasted notes of this well-known Japanese toasted tea beautifully complement the flavours of the soft cheese. Then, let yourself be guided, and Suguru Tokubuchi will introduce you to pairings of food with tea and various alcohols, dishes prepared in front of you in an intimate setting, which makes every sip even more precious, every mouthful chosen to accompany one of the cocktails. If you love cheese it can be good to have a change. They make a fine match. As I craft a lot of cold teas, I’m going to experiment with slivered or ”shaved and shredded” pear. Tea is also served as an accompaniment to food, like here at Yam’Tcha, in Paris, where a pu erh is paired with a chicken dish, poularde de Bresse. So, if you are using fruit that's perhaps a little out of season or not ripe enough, adding a little honey will work wonders. This is a smooth, medium bodied tea without a hint of bitterness. Ceylon tea is an excellent match for fruit cakes, carrot cake, gingerbread, lemon cake, … I will try the persimmon and yancha pairing for sure. For instance, some fruits are extremely high in citric acid and therefore drinking an acidic tea may cause you to have too much acidity in your system. Tea with All Snacks: Oolong Tea It's savory, creamy, and floral. These pairings sound like a nice thing to try when I want to enhance my tea experience next time. I prefer to accompany it with tea rather than wine. Honey turned out to be a unifying factor on the fruit plate. Bellocq furnishes a bevy of locations in New York, from haute bagel shop Black Seed to afternoon tea service at the Waldorf Astoria and Brooklyn’s Michelin-starred Meadowsweet. Green teas with fruity notes, which have a sweeter flavor, work really well when paired with fruit salads or fruit-filled pastries and scones. The Japanese city of Fukuoka may not get many Western tourists, but if you go there and you like new gastronomical experiences, you should go to Yorozu. We tasted steamed bok choy and creamed spinach. I have a bit of DHP left that I'll try with a fruit leather. Today I’m recommending another combination: a Cantal Vieux and a Bourgeon de Pu Er. She wanted to listen to us both as we decided on suitable pairings between Daniel’s creations and my selection of fine teas. This allows you to prepare your tea a few hours before the meal, keeping it in your teapot. And that’s where it gets difficult. Tea and cheese make ideal partners. Any particular fruit leather? Thanks for the awesome post! Green tea has a subtle vegetative flavor, so it goes better with mild flavored foods, like seafood, fish or chicken. To serve, I suggest a small clear carafe and liqueur glasses. Together, we tasted a Butterfly of Taiwan, a Qimen Imperial and a Shiraore Kuki Hojicha at different temperatures. The tea has many layers of flavor. Love it! The Christmas logs designed by our leading pastry chefs are eagerly anticipated. I'm off to read your blog post!! The woody, roasted notes of this well-known Japanese toasted tea beautifully complement the flavours of the soft cheese. Pairings don't need to be limited to flavor profiles (plums with a tea that reminds you of tart plum skin, for example), but consider seasons. Hello Sara -- wrote about your tea pairing event on my blog yesterday: http://virginiaspairteas.blogspot.com/2017/10/oolongs-and-fall-fruits.htmlFound your comments (and those of Jee and Georgia) fascinating, and thought I would present the science behind all your astute observations. Oxidation level is a primary contributor to the breadth within the oolong tea class. I'm Sara, a Brooklyn tea lover always looking for a new tea adventure. Don't forget to check out what, You can read about our last two previous pairings, I love taking photos, so be sure to visit my, Tea with a view of One World Trade Center. Pairing tea and cheese: the example of goat’s cheese Fresh goat’s cheese is one of my favourite cheeses, and I like going to the farm to choose mine. More precisely, a Premium Bao Zhong served at room temperature. Oolong is the third tea type we have explored. Can’t wait to try a Bao Zhong (a current favorite) paired with pear �� (ha! The range varies depending on the source but I have seen 10-70% and 8-85% oxidation. To go with a Brie, whether it’s from Melun, Meaux, Nangis or Montereau, I recommend a Bancha Hojicha. From time to time, this exercise moves beyond the close confines of the teapot, when considering which tea will go best with a particular food. We used 3 grams of tea steeped for 2 minutes each in professional tasting cups. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the richness of this accord, the balance and harmony between the woody, undergrowth and animal notes of the Pu Er and the notes of the Cantal Vieux. On contact with the cheese, it develops woody, burnt aromas as well as notes of cooked fruit. Serve in small clear liqueur glasses. First there was baking with matcha; now tea is making itself more at home in the kitchen as a flavouring for savoury dishes. Teas from India make a great gift or souvenir. I’d like to present the Christmas log by Bryan Esposito, Head Pastry Chef at the Hôtel du Collectionneur in Paris. 33,383 suggested recipes. Shopping with Tea Trunk. Rice tastes better when served with a cup of green tea alongside. Welcome to Tea Happiness! I love taking photos, so be sure to visit my Instagram page for more tea images. We nibbled some fruit then sipped the tea to see how the two worked together. The warmth of the tea quickly melts the cheese in the mouth, and the woody, animal, smoky and milky notes mingle and complement one another. We use only fresh tea and seasonal ingredients to craft our artisanal tea blends. If you prefer a different flavor combination, great! We always look forward to the moment when the log is revealed, and we can admire its form and flavour. I don't think honey should be relied on to make the pairings work, but it is certainly a delicious way to harmonize flavors. Thanks so much Virginia! This exquisite creation has more than a touch of Alice’s Wonderland about it. A Christmas log straight out of Wonderland, Shiraore Kuki Hojicha and Pont-l’Evêque, an amazing pairing, Brie melts in your mouth with Bancha Hojicha, Tea and cheese pairing: Thé du Tigre and Roquefort, A meeting with Daniel Rebert, pastry chef, Tea and food pairing: Cantal Vieux and Bourgeon de Pu Er, Pairing tea and cheese: the example of goat’s cheese. Green tea has a vegetative flavor to it. Sounds like an amazing afternoon. Combinations of cheese and tea arouse curiosity, and this week I’m suggesting a new pairing: Thé du Tigre and Roquefort. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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