In part because I’m stubborn and I don’t like to quit things until the job is done, but also because I might still be wrong about Evangelion’s end game. Adam Shaftoe: Critic and Author What is Neon Genesis Evangelion and Why you Should (not) Watch it on Revangelion: Part 1 – The Cruel Angel Attack; Adam Shaftoe: Critic and Author » Revangelion: Part 16 – The Cruel Sickness Unto Death, and Then… on Revangelion: Part 11 – In the Cruel Still Darkness Logic Extremists | Azimuth on Logic Extremism in Star Trek Discovery Who is he to presume that his belief that humanity can not be redeemed is any more authoritative than my belief that it can. This theory by Shin-seiki has Shinji's three schoolmates representing the three regions of the Freudian mind. It is a statement on how human beings cannot become intimate with others without sustaining the unavoidable mutual harm that comes with it. This may be related to tanging. It is a state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing. The Sickness Unto Death by Sören Kierkegaard Chapter 1: That Despair is the Sickness Unto Death. Then we'll detonate all the mines simultaneously, which will somehow result in recovering Unit-01! Past-Adam did seem to think that Shinji was choosing Instrumentality for all human kind in the final episode of the series. Finally, in this context, Shinji would represent the Ego, the mediator between the Id and Super-Ego, which process the demands of both and makes informed decisions. 2. The "sickness unto death" is when the person does not realize this until he or she faces death and had lived a life in sin (sin was explained as the spiritual and actual position of a person in comparison to God). This article bears the unpleasant designation of "Stub." ", Ah fuck, is Unit 01 Shinji’s mother? A OST III title that's a reference to the psychological condition where people feel extremely anxious with being away from home or people they're emotionally attached to. I’d like to share something of a revelation I’ve had about my relationship with this series. Intention aside, the episode frames Shinji’s inner thoughts as a debate between being honest with one’s self and building a persona around seeking external validation. It would not usually be expected that the person embodying ambivalence would actually feel both of the two contradictory emotions as such. In The End of Evangelion, while the Destrudo reference is cryptic and unelaborated, it actually goes far to explain the driving force behind the Third Impact, as well as Shinji Ikari's desire for everyone, including himself; to die. Send your pics, recipes, performance ideas for the. Destrudo is also mentioned in the 'End of Evangelion when Shinji is crucified and Giant Naked Rei appears. It's microns thick, shows up as a spot on the ground, and its shadow is a zebra-patterned sphere floating in the air! In short, both. A OST II title. He is violent to Shinji in the beginning of the show and loves to eat large amounts of food at lunch. The Evangelions represent the unconscious, LCL represents the Libido, the soul inside EVA-01 represents part of Shinji's anima, the soul inside EVA-02 represents Asuka's anima, Rei is part of Shinji's anima, Eva-00 has no resident soul and AT Field represents barrier between consciousness and unconscious. The term is loosely taken from Freudian Psychology and is an opposing energy to Libido as seen in the Psychographs of Episode 20. Any MetaFilter member can post a thread about a piece of media for other members to discuss. All of the forms of despair, according to Kierkegaard, involve a failure to be a human being in the fullest possible sense. See this thread for a more complete (though questionably endorsed) analysis of Carl Jung's theories that may have influenced Evangelion. Reframing Gendo as the villain of the story got some good mileage back in episode three and four, but there’s only so much that can be said along the lines of “the main character is not an honest narrator toward his intentions.” There has to be more to carry the series forward. This is a Bad Thing. As such, it is an explanation to why people sometimes avoid contact, even to the point of complete isolation.

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