Agree with you on this, works by many western scholars are very much appreciable, especially by Stephen Knap. one convinced against own will is of same opinion still. Indo derives from the” Indus”( river). DONT PUT ANY COMMENT MAN YOU ARE JUST PUTTING NONSENSE COMMENTS WITH IGNORANCE, Rambabu so many words are there ex. Because it contained the truth? Please correct me ppl, if we have arabs, turks Bear is famous in ancient Sanskrit literatures for being a honey lover, and the term for honey in Sanskrit is Madhu. You’re the master race! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. That way everyone will learn the Hindu way of life of living and learning in harmony with nature fellow human beings. Does anyone know if the word “Krishna” from the Sanskrit “krshnah” can be connected to the word “Christ” via the Latin “christus” and earlier Greek “khristos”? There are many other language families completely unrelated to Proto-Indo-European, including language isolates such as Basque which have so far not been found to fit into any linguistic family tree. somehow being sanskirt but the root getting lost and only the I personally don’t hate any language. But as the populace dispersed,evolving through millennia into different nations, so their languages also drew farther apart. learned them. KoftaIn Middle Eastern and Indian cookery: a savoury ball of minced meat, paneer, or vegetables.– ORIGIN from Pers. This page was last edited on 22 July 2017, at 19:40. Automatically we can see that there are two different words and NOT ONE as this text here shows us! :). IF I FIND IT I WILL SURE SHARE WITH YOU. Hi Diogenis ! Heah……you can’t exactly expect us to accept them over night just because you like it so…do ‘ya?! It was the Germans who first took interest in the Aryan languages and admitted that Europeans derive their language and culture from a higher source. With the grand mixtures that took place between our two countries, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! The spread their ancient doric dialect and their civilization and everything that we know begins. Does it hurt you?? ( Log Out /  Is that Sanskrit? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We had 5 Pakistani classmates, and we got along with them very well. They are not in writtern form .. they are in “Nada/Shruti” form. In Latin /English stone is petrus/ petra/ petrified/, The FOUR VEDAS, the origin of all TRUE knowledge, in other words I would say the USER MANUAL of HUMAN RACE. ANEF comes from sanskrit “An” which is used to negate anything in Sanskrit. !……The only thing we agree in here is that we….disagree! Still if you are arguing i can’t help. you are not even arguing, just putting some meaningless comments. Sir William Jones was an the English Philologist who for the first time in 1786 suggested that Greek and Latin were related to Sanskrit and perhaps even Gothic, Celtic and Persian languages were related to Sanskrit. Additionally….linguists and anthropologists already proved that words such as these, come DIRECTLY from ancient GREEK language AND NOT derive from foreign influences! zananah, from zan ‘woman’. Nemesis please dont try to learn SANSKRIT because even your ancestors coulnt learn sanskrit before 4000 years, then how come you could able to learn sanskrit no way possible for you. Off-course India was the richest (in all spheres of human endeavour) before the start of the Common Era as well, Dear Gurudev, You inspire me just the way my Yoga guru at yogashree inspires me. But, do you know what the irony is?? in their schools. I’m sorry, but you ‘ve just lost the meaning of the article, saying only paranoiac bunkums!! It was invented to side-step the fact that Shastra, the Vedas and Sanskrit are original sources of wisdom and language. Your average Indian wouldn't have spoken it, All the other languages you mentioned did indeed exist, except for PIE. ), duty-dayiti dayitv settle-santul news-navaj-navajuni romance -romanch municipality -manush-palti, accept -akshipt succint-sankshipt expected-apexit tree -taru adore-aadar preacher-pracharak commodore-samunder boat -poat(yudhh poat) cottage-utaj magic-maayik,maayavi music -mousique -mahasukh,mahasukhi rope-rajju ,rassi courage -sourge -shaurya creat/creator/creation -kriya,karya,karta urgent -urja night-naktam court-cot lady -laad,laadka,ladki,ladi canto-kaand gentel-santul ,gentelmen-santulman profet -prapat (aakash se gira) news-nyuj nemesis -naamsesh ass- ashva damn-daman please -prasid cide-chhid commune,communist,community -samuh,samuhnisth,samuhnit path-path character-charitra, kennel-swanal myth -mithya super -shu.param long-lamb decimal-dasamlav thirst-trushna foot-paad ,podium,tripod,pedestrian letter-patra eat-ati be-bhav town,station-sthan pleasant-prashant BEHAVIOUR-VYAVHAR BUY-VYAY BUSY-VYAST (BUYST) thirst-trushna anger -angar divide- dvi-vidh ceramic -karabh h,kichad bathe- baad,baadh name -naam understand-antarsthayin janyuari -gan-rai-ish , tragedy -trasdi stress -trast, Sanskrit English Charitra Character Vyevahar Behaviour. In that process of mixing society got devided to cast/varna.If you see lower cast people look more black than upper cast. If the humans were still at Neanderthal stage in Europe, it certainly says a lot about the age and advancement of the culture. India is the place where Hindu dharma and Vedas are “Avicchinna” – can not be destroyed… Correct any mistakes above. I see the same word root here, kala and cala. You go even further and quickly try to , even to date, usurp our cultural herigate eg yoga (multi billion dollar industry in the US) but at the same time try to show that the culture that produced it doesn’t have anything to give other than caste cow and curry ! recently adapted in Hindi and for the most part go back to the Mughal Shikar. 2.Vedas are accepted as most ancient literature in the world created by mankind,which are doubtlessly Indian in origin.Vedas  do not  mention any place outside India as origin of Creaters Writers of  Vedas. If you think so, you are hallucinating. If v abuse someone, v r abusing ourselves. Neeeeext! I have lots of work. Thats really interesting info Prakashji, and thank you very much for that. In sanskrit u see most of the words will be having ‘A’ as the vovel for example ekAm, dwA, thrAyA, chAtr, pAnchA, AshtA, sApthA, nAvA, dAshA- the numericals. yes we INDIANS are the aryans. . You will be the loser in your life! In fact the very word Cow in English is derived from the Sanskrit word Gau for […]. THATS WHY THEY CALLED INDO-EUROPEAN. For example Mycenaean Greek (ma-te-re), doric greek dialect μάτηρ (mátēr), ionic greek dialect μήτηρ (mitir), Greek: μητέρα (mitéra), , Latin mater, Phrygian matar, Sanskrit mā́tṛ. The correct meaning is derived thus. I agree with this. Surely their language would have been way more powerful and important or GOD would not have given them this privilege. If you ask many greeks (especially those silly old geezers and wrinklies who don’t know any English word) they will answer you ”What Europe?? More interesting part was that if Pakistanis and Indians wrote in their own language script (Urdu and Devnagari, respectively), however if both used Roman script for writing, we could read and understand! kamkab, alt. Masturbating all the information on comment is not symbol of healthy brain! NanIn Indian cookery: a type of leavened bread, typically of a flattened teardrop shape.– ORIGIN from Pers. With all these foible, do you believe that takes a long time to tell them sluggards?? What an absolute nonsense, you people read half, understand quarter and discourse double…, classic sanskrit is a new indo european language but vedic sanskrit is of unknown antiquity, some people argue that may be the vedic sanskrit of rigveda may have the oldest word of mankind recorded… even in rigveda there is a clear development of vedic sanskrit.

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