Most of Tkinter Pyton transparent background with (not transparent ) visible shape? In this video I’m going to show you a hack that will make any individual widget transparent with Tkinter and Python. To create a transparent window, we will use the attributes() method. In this video we’ll use a different method to make individual widgets transparent using wm_attributes. Chords, pieslices, ovals, polygons, and rectangles consist of both an outline and an interior area, either of which can be made transparent (and if you insist, you can make both transparent). How to make background image transparent using python. 1 ; Tkinter Screen (Maze) 4 ; deleting a label widget in Tkinter 2 ; Help debug please. Daidalos January 14, 2019 Edit An example of how to make background image transparent using python (image used … In the last video I showed you how to make an entire app transparent. The canvas shows the image as background, and the button on top, functional. It is a standard Python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit shipped with Python. The colour you are seeing is the bg colour of the label holding the image. (1 reply) Hi, Is it possible to create say, a checkbutton widget with a transparent background? However, the button's normal border is there in white (see img below).Would be good to have a button with a transaprent background, but buttons in Mac Tkinter are the … Read Edit How to make background image transparent using python. As per other references question tk.Canvas is the best option but is there any other way to make the background of text transparent using tk.Label, I use root.wm_attributes option but is making the Text transparent but not the Background Right now My … The default background color of a GUI with Tkinter is grey. Set Tkinter Window Background Color. Tkinter expanded event handler 1 ; newbie custom Dialog Window in Tkinter 3 ; Timestamp event in c# .net 6 ; TKInter and Python 3.2 6 ; Transparent Image (Python,Tkinter) 4 ; How would you create a sub-menu for python code? I'll be using the canvas widget and placing the checkbuttons on the canvas, but when I do they have the horrid background. You can change that to any color based on your application’s requirement. [UNANSWERED] If I put the image in a widget, the background turns opaque, and if I use canvas.create_image, the image displays with the buttons over it. Python offers multiple options for developing GUI (Graphical User Interface). Hi @The-Sleepy-Penguin - so, the image does have a transparent background, unfortunately the image is in a label, and labels can't be transparent. But i want the entry box to be places on the middle of the photo area. Out of all the GUI methods, tkinter is the most commonly used method. Viewed 8 times 0. Compare the 2 images below (I've also set sticky to "" … >> semi-transparent background .. well, this would be a BIG plus .. > > Could be near to impossible for some platforms, where native widgets are > used, but i may be wrong. Ask Question Asked today. I would like to create a non-visible, transparent background with visible dragable shapes inside that window. Active today. In tkinter, how can I have an image with transparent background display over some buttons? With the code above; a window appears with an image background; but the entry box will be places out of that background, under the image. Window items are used to place other Tkinter widgets on top of the canvas; for these items, the Canvas widget simply acts like a geometry manager. There are two ways through which you can change the background color of window in Tkinter. In this tutorial, we will learn how to change the background color of Tkinter window. I'm trying to take an image and put some checkbuttons on it so I can mark certain locations (like on a map). Tk, for better or for worse, associates each widget on both X11 and Win with a heavyweight window allocated from the underlying system.

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