An internship may even be required, depending on the school or program. As an NCAA Division II school, we welcome students from all over the world to compete at top levels and contribute to The Felician Way of campus life. degree options and guide you through every step of the college selection and enrollment process. CollegeNET Here you will find everything needed to prepare your students for a successful admissions process. Try refreshing the page, or contact customer support.

Students can choose from schools offering master's degrees in school counseling or in education. For example, if you are interested in Physics and you have completed all of the classes your high school offers, you may qualify to continue to study Physics at the college level. (979) 458-4900 Continuing education can also help a high school guidance counselor stay current on industry trends and advances in counseling methods. Texas A&M Foundation See the job description, find out what degree you need to become a guidance counselor, learn about licensing requirements, and find out how to start a career in school counseling. As a high school guidance counselor, you will typically have to help students develop academically and socially, while also encouraging them to prepare for life after high school. Request info sessions (virtual or on-ground) for academic programs or financial aid/FAFSA help and virtual IDD (group/school or individual). There isn't one particular high school guidance counselor major required at the undergraduate level, though one might choose from top schools with degrees in psychology, counseling, or education. This option may permit students to enroll in additional courses while in high school or to enroll in college early.

Classes will be held on the Texas A&M campus, and students and their parents/guardians will be responsible for any financial, lodging, scheduling or transportation considerations. PREFERRED> Most documents may be uploaded via the Applicant Information System (AIS) which you can access after you have submitted your application for admission and have received your Universal Identification Number (UIN). 1st Floor Rudder Tower Welcome to Felician University’s High School Counselor Portal. What Every Student Should Know. Admissions Counselors and Financial Aid Advisors answer questions, organize events and help students with every step of the application process.

State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy At Felician University, we prepare students for lifelong success through a unique combination of experiential learning, advanced resources, and close student-faculty relationships.

Many states require high school guidance counselors to obtain a school counseling credential, which may be referred to as a license, certification, or endorsement.

Credit earned by examination does not contribute to a student's grade point ratio. Founded by the Felician Sisters of Lodi, New Jersey, it began as Immaculate Conception Normal School with the first summer session commencing on July 5, 1923.

The high school counselor's job is many and sundry when dealing with high school students. Foundational courses in these high school guidance counselor degree programs cover topics in child and adolescent development, cognitive psychology, and personality theory. In addition, joining a professional organization such as the American School Counselors Association can provide guidance counselors with access to a number of continuing education resources. In an effort to assist you with advising students about admission requirements, entrance exams, financial aid, scholarships and college majors, we've structured our Admissions web pages in such a way as to provide you with the information you need. An error occurred trying to load this video.

MON - FRI | 8AM - 5PM CST All rights reserved. The American School Counselor Association provides counselors with professional development resources, including a list of state-specific licensure requirements. For any questions, contact the Early Readiness High School Graduation Option office at 1 TEC 28.0253 (b)(1) Teachers. (B) the specific competencies that demonstrate a student’s mastery of a language other than English; and

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