[12], She pretended to have escaped capture and returned to her father, but he realized that she was lying when she wasn't wearing her bracelet, originally belonging to Chay-Ara and one of the devices that could kill him. Unbeknownst to Savage, Joe and Edith had a son, Aldus, who was hiding in a closet at the time. However, he was attacked by Rip who managed to subdue Savage and used the dagger to cut Vandal's throat as vengeance for Miranda and Jonas, his wife and son, but unintentionally revealed their names to him. RELATED: DC: All Of Batman's Plans To Defeat The Justice League, Explained. He soon became the head of Hallway H, a top secret wing of the facility that Savage would use to focus on highly dangerous experimentation. However, Savage still expressed his love to her in each lifetime and says he always will love her, but viewed them both as tortured souls imprisoned by a circle of death and they could never be together. In contrast, Ra's Al Ghul has lived a mere 700 years – his existence is as insignificant to Savage as mortal existence is to his own. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The details of how would boggle Hath-Set's mind for centuries. [12], Savage was leading a rally of his troops with his daughter, Cassandra, and Scythian. [5], After killing his way through numerous rebels, Savage kept true to his promise to Rip almost 200 years ago. Curtis and Gail greet their new neighbors. In some of DC comics issues, Savage revealed that he was actually Jack the Ripper, not his student. After years of failing, Savage eventually employed Russian physicist Dr. Valentina Vostok who came closer to solving the equation but still lacked the skills to achieve the final step, that Firestorm is made of two people merged into one body.[11]. Savage had set himself up in a rich mansion, where he kept numerous artifacts collected through the ages, including the Ammon Dagger, and commanded a sizable militia of terrorists.[2]. Hath-Set was able to stall Gareeb long enough for the guards to apprehend him, and questioned him, demanding to know his name. Vandal has fathered thousands of children, but the only one he truly considers his heir is his daughter Scandal Savage. Savage's reign was so significant that dictators such as Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler and Per Degaton were considered amateurs in comparison. Several teenagers came across the meteor as well after one couple crashed their car along the side of the road next to the meteor while drag racing. [3], One day, after addressing Ramesses II on the meteors and the dangers they posed, Hath-Set witnessed Chay-Ara and Khufu kissing and became consumed with rage towards them both. Vandal Savage and Ra's Al Ghul are DC's prominent immortals, but which villain is the most dangerous? However, while in the process of attempting to reset the timeline, he was rendered mortal and made vulnerable by the meteorite, and was, with Scythian's help, fatally stabbed by Kendra Saunders before being electrocuted by Rip Hunter in 2021, set on fire by Mick Rory in 1958, and had his neck snapped by Sara Lance in 1975. Follow 1075. Their prayers were both fulfilled as the meteors possessed a special radiation, which affected the three of them, giving them their own forms of immortality. A member of the Secret Six and lover of the Apokoliptian New God Knockout, Scandal is unique among Savage's children – rather than a loyal servant or non-entity in her father's life, Scandal opposes her father and always fights his attempts to make her subservient to him. Much to Savage's joy, this version of Chay-Ara fell in love with him and they lived happily together for years, without her knowing he was the very man who killed her. Soon afterwards, Gareeb was able to escape. RELATED: 5 Reasons Catwoman is Batman’s Love (and 5 That It’s Talia al Ghul). [3] A few years later, Vandal met Houdini and taught him the skills of a magician. 0. Given access to a time ship, Savage took Kendra and Scythian with him, wanting them to see his reign come to pass before killing them. Throughout his years in Hell, he started to calm down, not seeking revenge or power anymore. Before he began, he was interrupted by the arrival of Sara and his archenemy Gareeb, Rip Hunter. However, Cisco called The Flash, who quickly knocked Savage down. At one point, the building they built during the game fell, which made Ray scream. Savage told Rip he'd memorized Miranda and Jonas' faces, and reminded him he would kill them, however, as Rip left he set off an explosion that temporarily killed Savage yet again.[9].

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