Using the developed regressed formulae, the predicted friction values follow the trend of measured values at all of the operating conditions. The comparison with the Sarapar-based SLWCF reveals that the viscosity of Sarapar-based SLWCF is more affected by temperature than the Saraline-based SLWCF; pressure seems to have negligible effect on Saraline-based SLWCF viscosity; the modified Mehrotra and Svrcek's and Ghaderi's models are able to give more reliable viscosity predictions for Saraline-based SLWCF than for Sarapar-based SLWCF. A multivariable linear regression analysis was used to derive the regressed formulae. The measurement of the output flow of constant pump is realized easily by measuring the speed of the motor. Grundlagen und Anwendung der Elastohydrodynamik', Atrtriebstechnik, 24, I 1, Oster, P., 'Grundlagen und Anwendung der Elastohydrodynamik', Atrtriebstechnik, 24, I 1, Druck-und temperaturabhangigc Eigenschaften von Schmierstoffen und Hydraulikfliissigkeiten. Allgemein ist anerkannt, daß potentiell mehr als 90% aller Schmierstoffe auf Basis nachwachsender Rohstoffe dargestellt werden können. These are characterised by having very localised and thus very high pressure contact, of order 1 to 3 GPa, between the elements.Two important practical properties of EHL contacts are the lubricant film thickness and the friction, and lubricant and machine designers and users need to be able to predict both of these. The viscosity index (VI), which is calculated with the aid of kinematic viscosity measured at 40°C and 100°C, is used to describe an oil’s viscosity-temperature behaviour. The results show that, the modified Mehrotra and Svrcek's and Ghaderi's models are able to satisfactorily predict the viscosity value and measured value and describe the viscosity property at high pressure and temperature. Die numerische Losung hochbelasteter, nicht-isothcrmer EHD-Linicnkon-takte', dissertation, RWTH Aachen. The transition speed at which the film thickness increases with decreasing speed is dependent on the thickener content and operating temperature. The centre film thickness with inlet shear heating correction can also be expressed as represented in Equation (A.10), where the exponent of piezoviscosity coefficient and the exponent of viscosity are clear. The analytical technique explored in this study is premised on theoretical analysis of the resulting ordinary differential equations. The traction coefficient in this meshing zone is very high because of high sliding velocities of the tooth flanks. The excellent gear-rattle noise damping capabilities of a water soluble polyalkylenglycol are investigated and compared to a mineral oil. The data tabulated in the AGMA 925-A03 13 have been fitted to a viscosity-pressure relationship presented by Gold et al. The viscosity behaviour at high pressure was measured in the temperature range (303.15 – 353.15) K up to 150 MPa using a falling body viscometer. The results showed that load may have some influence on the wear coefficient. To meet with the latest environmental regulation, as environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) in marine field, biodegradable oils based on synthetic ester oils, have been applied to stern tube bearings of many new building vessels since the end of 2013, when the US EPA∗ effectuated the 2013 VGP∗∗ regulation. (4) An immediate influence of the difference of viscosity between each base oil on the α o4-obs BR relation of mixture oils was not accepted. The tested greases were formulated with base oils of different grades and/or nature but also different thickener types.t The friction torque was measured under constant load, while varying the rotational speed, at different operating temperatures. Figure 4 – Mineral vs. Direct comparisons in terms of friction torque between axle gear oils when they are lubricating different rolling bearing types are presented and discussed. This study provides quantitative insight into the use of ester-based lubricants for low friction through the entire lubrication regime (boundary to full film) by utilization of suitable type and size of the ester base stocks. Only by using helical gear pairs the noise damping capabilities of water soluble polyalkylenglycol can be found, in contrast to mineral oil. In the end, a wear test was performed and wear scars were measured. The research approach and model analysis results can be applied to the predictions of working properties and product designs for other deep-sea hydraulic pump. by minimizing the traction coefficient of the gear oil or high lubrication film thickness at the gear mesh. An understanding of mechanisms which are responsible for elastohydrodynamic lubricant film formation under high sliding conditions is necessary to increase durability of machine parts. The enhancement factor of the thermal conductivity of nanofluids as compared to the solution without nanoparticles is found to be 3.6% for the graphite nanopowder nanofluid with the addition of a particle volume fraction of ϕ=0.1 vol % and 7.6% for the multiwalled carbon nanotube nanofluid with ϕ=0.02 vol %. Three different lubricating greases and their bleed-oils and base oils were compared in terms of film thickness in a ball-on-disc test rig through optical interferometry. significant viscosity reduction at low temperature and fairly slow viscosity reduction at high temperature; the viscosity of Saraline-based SLWCF is less affected by the changes of pressure. This paper draws together and presents the essential features of numerical solutions to the elastohydrodynamic problem derived by several investigators in the University of Leeds since 1959. The proposed dielectric nanofluids with low viscosity are expected to serve as a promising coolant for electronic devices. The lubricant tribological behaviour in different rolling bearings was analyzed. Caused by downsizing and downspeeding of internal combustion engines, the torque fluctuation at the crankshaft induces torsional vibrations in the powertrain that it is connected to. Self-contained Systems 1997, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere.

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