Why does density change with temperature. However, it is difficult, and the solids' capacity to be compressed is limited as their particles are already close together and have relatively little room to move. Live transformations from small to big or vice versa won't work. Therefore, solid height is simply the state of a spring when the coils touch each other and as a result the spring can no longer be deflected. Here are a couple of articles that explain atoms and nuclei. When Gases are compressed, most of their state variables change such as Temperature, Volume, Density, Pressure, etc. Aeronautical engineer, dev, science fiction author, gamer, and an explorer. In 2011, Tom’s Hardware did a benchmark and found that enabling NTFS compression for a Windows system drive shrunk the drive from an original size of 70.9 GB to a compressed size of 58.4 GB, for a 17.6% space savings. The How do you determine the density of a gas? If you compress a weapon like you described there will be a lot of heat that has to be transported away. {\displaystyle x} The best your mutants can have are weapons made of very dense meta-stable metal causing heavy violence to the victims and breaking weapons made of low density metals. But still, we will have the same ‘hot ice’ desperately existing as plasma (degenerate matter). This is because the molecules are now tightly packed under the pressure and an obvious transition would be to the solid ice, but with a different temperature (room temperature in our case, with the coolant system removing the heat) and crystalline structure, unlike the regular ice. around the world. Solid. Yep, a block of metal is practically a small nuke. This steam being compressed as the stroke is completed, a cushion is formed against which the piston does work while its velocity is being rapidly reduced, and thus the stresses in the mechanism due to the inertia of the reciprocating parts are lessened. …. Can you compress metal and what would be the consequences? Baubles massing several tons are extraordinarily scary things. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami's NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. The compressive forces may also be applied in multiple directions; for example inwards along the edges of a plate or all over the side surface of a cylinder, so as to reduce its area (biaxial compression), or inwards over the entire surface of a body, so as to reduce its volume. @Nyakouai As for quenching, 1m³ cube compressed to 1cm³ would have the same mass, but with 1/10000 of the surface. The metal bender is Hephaïstos. The compressive strength of materials and structures is an important engineering consideration. What would lead an entire country to systematically ignore home invasion, theft and vandalism from 1 particular person? The water at the bottom of the ocean is compressed by the weight of the water above it all the way to the surface, and is more dense than the water at the surface. First science fiction movie or tv show that had a complete language created for it? force. Inversely, the compression itself may be used to crush things with irresistible force, possibly up to nuclear fusion level. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Nothing less than the heat from a star, or the very forges of Asgard will provide sufficient heat to shape and mold the metal. Your email address will not be published. You must push as hard to move a bauble as if it were its normal size & every movement continues in its direction & rotation until you put in the same energy as you did to get it started. Arclind Mindspace – A crash course platform for self-learners. Every ordinary material will contract in volume when put under isotropic compression, contract in cross-section area when put under uniform biaxial compression, and contract in length when put into uniaxial compression. It depends on the types of files you’ll be compressing. Ferdinand Pierre Beer, Elwood Russell Johnston, John T. DeWolf (1992), "Mechanics of Materials". What was the most critical supporting software for COBOL on IBM mainframes? What happens in the directions where there is no compression depends on the material. Liquids and gases cannot bear steady uniaxial or biaxial compression, they will deform promptly and permanently and will not offer any permanent reaction force. WhatsApp Self-Destructing Messages: How to Set Them Up, Trello Labels Not Showing: How to Fix This Issue, ProtonMail: How to Change Your Login and Mailbox Password. maybe :). The latter in turn is connected to the light speed; higher speed of light would decrease the permittivity which in turn would increase forces between charges, if I understand correctly. This research even claims that there are two more crystal structures besides the existing phases. The compression would heat the metal to immense temperatures, so I will assume that the extra heat is temporarily stored by the power itself, and put back when it stops acting. Iron keeps being iron, and does not become uranium). Easy ;-). When you need to send a file, but it’s too big, the first thing that crosses your mind is to compress it. But you may want to compress only those files instead of an entire drive. (First question I hadn't even put a single bit of context, but people flagged it as "not worldbuilding"). Fluids refer to Gases, Liquids and their mixtures. But three is a really cool bit to go with the Hephaïstos theme, thanks for the information. In a solid, the amount of compression generally depends on the direction The reason metals have such low strengths is because of imperfect atomic structures in the crystal lattices which make them up. Point 1: part of the hand-wave, I'm ok with that. @L.Dutch Last questions with the story bit got sidetracked with people focusing on the setting rather than the question. Extra bit of info - restoration of weapons to original condition would require some handwavium. RELATED: How to Stress Test the Hard Drives in Your PC or Server. (Needless to say, Hephaïstos is buffed). I love writing about physics and astronomy. Plutonium is a metal famous for having many modifications and a more dense modification created under high pressure is one ingredient of a nuclear bomb. Each solid material has its own varying elastic properties, but solids generally break or deform when enough pressure is … Which means as soon as you release the pressure, the atoms would push each other away and the weapon becomes bigger again, maybe not as big as originally but definitely quite close to that, Heat is an important factor. If you want to avoid this, the compression or expansion effect may be resisted externally due to how the power itself works - if expansion is limited, an object could be kept indefinitely in its compressed state if, for example, encased in something hard. Iron will stay iron even for a very high compression. These are just my musings, I might be wrong in some things because i'm not a scientist, but these are items I would incorporate/account for. :). PLAY SOUND. On the other hand, if you compress a drive full of text files (.txt files), you’ll likely see huge space savings. A “normal” compression spring has one dead coil on each end. E.g. There is a nuclear force which is (mostly) attractive and acts between There are still several possibilities like the formation of hydronium, but let us focus on some highly possible hypothetical scenarios. NTFS compression works similarly to other types of compression, like zipping a file. {\displaystyle x} What is an ARF File and How Do I Open It? Another cool property you could give these metals is superconductivity. While there are other image formats out there that take advantage of compression (TIFF, PCX, TGA, etc. x An atom is about 10e-10 meters in size. any atom. Your CPU can keep up with the compression. The nucleus is composed of protons (positive) and neutrons (zero). Worldbuilding Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for writers/artists using science, geography and culture to construct imaginary worlds and settings. Presumably the force that holds the weapon shrunk is the same one as Ant-Man uses, minus the weight reduction bit, To sprinkle in some physics: There is acutally ton of space between nuclei even in "densely packed" materials.

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