Also as you point out, I agree the choice to break up with YongShik was the conclusion she, herself, jumped to (by her own reasoning) at the end of the last episode and also she is trying to follow through with that break up decision in this episode, despite her feelings for YongShik still going strong. Hi @brainsandwich! I cried a lot after this episode. Kang Ha-neul has never tackled a lead role in a rom-com before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect but by the end of the drama, I was smitten. Gong Hyo-jin doesn’t disappoint with her choice of dramas, and it’s hard to think of anyone else who could have played the naive but feisty Dong-baek as she has. Yong-shik takes the glasses with him when he leaves. Yum Hye-ran, meanwhile, injected a much-needed dose of badassery into this show with her character. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { The special episodes are expected to consist of the contents that were the main highlights from the drama. Jong-ryeol’s existence also served as a good opening to introduce angst into the relationship, but once again, he was so repetitive that he ceased being interesting. I’ve found her story to be the most affecting and raw, reflecting the frightening, relentless nature of poverty. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Dongbaek decides to pay her respects to Hyang-Mi at the memorial hall and laments her friend for deciding to do the delivery that day. Jung-sook’s story was heartbreaking, as I knew it would be. Clearly more concerned with her sense of propriety than not being a terrible human, she had sent her back. Witnessing the flashbacks to what her mother had to endure was really tough to watch and we see that she sacrificed her entire life for her daughter up until the last minute, where she stopped her from giving her kidney over. I actually did not think this was such a disappointing reveal from the confession that the father is making to be as fact it is actually more scary...that the reason for killing can manifest to someone with the intend to kill in an ordinary way with little regard to life....and also the point the father made that it may be hardest to kill the 1st time, but then it is possible to kill many others after that. Dongbaek deals with another visit from Jong-ryeol. Continuously wowing everyone with their music and charms, worldwide K-Pop boy group BTS... GOT7 has delivered a breathtaking bop with this refreshing music video indeed! In a flashback, we see he made a call to his agency’s president, asking for help getting the photos taken down. MAMA reveals its star host for this year’s ceremony and it is the lovely Song Joong Ki! As she calls Gyu-Tae to pick up his drunk ex-wife, Dongbaek tells him she told her the truth about Hyang-Mi and invites them both over to cook them her best dish. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Every actor gave it their all and made Ongsan a place that I would love to live in myself. EPISODE 37: “7 Years and 3 Months of Motherhood”. There are lots of goodbyes this hour, but our characters try to make the best of difficult situations. @Aidualc, I totally agree with you on “how well planned the story seems and how well rounded and nuanced every character is, they feel like their life goes on outside the drama.”. Dong-baek and Jung-sook go to the mausoleum to visit Hyang-mi. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Tale of the Nine Tailed Review: Episode 5, Tale of the Nine Tailed Review: Episode 4, Highest-Rated Korean dramas (cable) of all time [UPDATED], Complete ranking of Korean dramas in 2016 based on viewer ratings, 7 Korean Dramas on Netflix That Also Deserve Your Time, 9 New Korean Dramas in October 2020: Nam Joo-hyuk, Suzy return with 'Start-Up', SBS’s ‘Penthouse’ gears up for second season, History vs. Hyang-mi continues to blackmail Gyu-tae. When the Camellia Blooms can be watched every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2 TV at 10 PM KST. Portray by Gong Hyo Jin, Dong Baek is a simple woman living a normal life. Just look at how much Pil-gu has given up because he feels responsible for his mother’s happiness. When she went to the orphanage to retrieve Dong-baek, they’d told her she immigrated to the U.S. with her adoptive parents. She recalls happier days when little Dong-baek came running up to excitedly tell her about an aunt’s dog’s newborn puppies. Most of the dialogues in this episode continue to show how much the characters care about each other, especially with the relationship between DongBaek and her mom which has always been the most impactful and moving storyline for me. Back in the interrogation room, Seok-yong goes on about how those he killed couldn’t do anything for themselves yet acted like they were something. But while I started out by enjoying multiple arcs involving their characters, I noticed that these parts sometimes took the focus away from the main arc—which should have been the relationship between Yong-sik, Dong-baek, and Pil-gu. The instances of them ganging up to protect her from the serial killer, and later, the whole town coming together to save Dong-baek’s mom from dying, made even my cold heart thaw. Before leaving the orphanage, Dong-baek had asked if people who can’t ride taxis can ride airplanes. This story was about Dong-baek, and I liked that her romance with Yong-sik did not overshadow her growth process.

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