Ignoring color (or anything else about another person) has done little to help me build meaningful relationships with those who look or hear or see differently than I do. I have read several versions of what Ruby said to Coles when he finally asked what faith had to do with her determined walk. Learn more about how to get your item appraised. The illustration appeared in the January 14, 1964 issue of “Look” magazine, and earned Rockwell letters of both praise and criticism from readers unused to such direct social commentary from the illustrator. Unlike the title of the painting, young Ruby Bridge’s problem was not abstract or generalized. With no hope of civil rights or protections in their home country, Romanian Jews began to flee on foot. By Jacob S. Rugh (BS ’01), Assistant Professor of Sociology. And I wondered how she held up under the problem she was living with. It remains a “problem we all live with.”. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Du Bois, a founder of sociology, presciently observed in 1903, “The problem of the twentieth century will be the problem of the color line.” In my own research I have shown how racial segregation perpetuates racial inequality in home ownership, neighborhood quality, life expectancy, and wealth. Stockbridge, MA, July 5– Norman Rockwell Museum announces the loan of Norman Rockwell’s iconic painting “The Problem We All Live With,” part of its permanent collection, to The White House, where it will be exhibited through October 31. People line the streets in protest. I can take a stand in front and in back of the powerless and stride forward into those who hate on behalf of those without voice, confident it is the right thing. Rockwell had produced many works with a social or political theme. My Latter-day Saints walked 900 miles across America. By Matthew E. Mason, Associate Professor of History. Although the painting depicts an event that took place in 1960—when Ruby Bridges first attended a previously all-white New Orleans public school—it first appeared in January 1964, when it was published in Look magazine. In his early career, editorial policies governed the placement of minorities in his illustrations (restricting them to service industry positions only), however in 1963 Rockwell confronted the issue of prejudice head-on with one of his most powerful paintings–“The Problem We All Live With.” Inspired by the story of Ruby Bridges and school integration, the image featured a young African-American girl being escorted to school amidst signs of protest and fearful ignorance. One summer my dad drove me beyond the city limits to visit a place like I had never lived before. My Jews walked 1,000 miles across Europe to escape bigotry. The Problem We All Live With is an oil on canvas painting by the American artist Norman Rockwell, produced in 1964. Past policies of racially exclusionary housing cemented the color line. I claim the legacy of both. Due to such practices and current patterns of segregation, today the average white family owns 13 times the wealth of the average black family. Year after year, Romanian fusgeyers would set out for the West after winter broke. To be sure, civil rights leaders had long made the case that it was of national, not just regional, concern, and many Americans were deeply embarrassed when images of the violent suppression of the civil rights movement traversed the globe. However, there is some hope. My family history sensitizes me to my forefathers’ travail. With two award-winning books, English professor Chris Crowe refuses to let memory of the murder of Emmett Till fade. Black. But those images emanated from indisputably Southern places. As before and after, the Jews were scapegoated. . Perhaps at the doctor’s office, four years later I saw the January 1964 Norman Rockwell image The Problem We All Live With. An April 1963 Gallup poll found that only 4 percent of Americans put race relations at the top of the most vital issues facing their nation. Segregation may still be a problem we all live with, but integration may be an answer—one that my life and work have shown is worthwhile. Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies, Norman Rockwell Museum e-newsletter sign-up, Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With” To Be Exhibited at The White House. Their reflections—academic, personal, poignant—underscore the painting’s continued relevance. By Terrance D. Olson (BS ’67, MS ’69), Emeritus Professor of Family Life. If the girl being escorted by the marshals into her newly desegregated school arrived suddenly in a space where people told her that she was the same as everyone else, how would she feel? The main thought she expresses in each is, “Please, God, try to forgive those people. Your email address will not be published. The White House loan was made possible through the support of the Henry Luce Foundation. Although my family had purchased a small black-and-white TV in 1957, I have no recollection of seeing racial tensions before my encounter with Rockwell’s depiction. The ruling of the Supreme Court and the protection offered by the marshals flanking Ruby became core to my patriotism: in the United States the strength of government is used to protect the small and the powerless. The air is heavy with anger, disgust, and confusion—each side asking, “Does it matter who I am and what my experiences are?”. . As I was writing this essay, for instance, news broke that BYU’s anticipated football game against the University of Missouri was in jeopardy due to protests over racial issues on the Tigers’ campus. I am a Latter-day Saint, and I am from the tribe of Judah. I am here to learn to become like my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ—to love others while honoring individual differences. In the 19th century, Eastern European governments were openly anti-Semitic. Philanthropic transmigration funds allowed them to board a converted troop carrier in Liverpool, bound for Canada. Today that pride, however, is mingled with personal disappointment. . He is an American icon.

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