It is currently in a plastic pot and we’re not sure of drainage. Give it time. Something is not right with the plant. there is one plant that has about 12 buds some small some a litter larger but they are all doing the same thing. Its been like this for the past year. Use an insecticide soap product – do nto use oil/neem based on adeniums. Will my plant die? Are zone is more humid and hotter than you area but as long as the soil is very airy more water will not hurt. We are using 100% soiless. Please let me know my best coarse of action, thanks. repeat the spray two more times in 5 day intervals. I bought a desert rose about 3 months ago. Am I giving too much / too little water? The stem is not soft, and the laves look healthy and flowers are blooming, but I don’t like that this has happened so suddenly and I’m afraid of losing it. yes, you can propagate with limbs but limbs plants form very poor caudexes and take forever! What can I do about this? The problem is no matter what you do the you need to disturb the plant which will cause the blooms to drop. My Desert Rose plant has never bloomed, What am I doing wrong. Also, there are many different types of fertilizer and each type of plant has different requirements. Thanks todd. Yes here are several articles on soil mixes on this blog. I don’t see any signs of pests, but I have recently noticed spider mites on a couple of my other plants, so I started to treat my adeniums as well, since I am at a loss. Does it dry out between watering? They are now producing the first set of true leaves (after the seedling leaves). Gwen Wark is a freelance writer working from London, Dublin, and New York. Not flowering ever means your soil if poor in nutrients. Soil us pretty dry by the time I water it. was all over the bottom. We live in Clermont, Florida. could it be root rot? I have not had any problems with it unitl now. Grew this adenium from a seed. to prevent rot. All of the branches above the root ball appear normal, and new leaves are sprouting all over What should I do? Control is the same as for Japanese beetles, but milky spore is not … Eventually the leaves turn brown and fall off. We do not use lights to grow our adeniums however, Epic Grower uses LED on other tropical. Again I can observe same problem on the caudex and stem, though I have not pulled it out. If I may have your email, I can send a photo for you to illustrate it. The brown spots will not harm the adenium plant. I have brown fuzzy places on the stems of my adenium rose near the root ball. Its not a deciduous tree but it does go dormant during the winter. Is there somthing I need to to do? I have dearest rose that has been very healthy .. Maybe you are not watering enough but I would give some fertilizer. I water the plant mostly when I stick my finger in the soil and feel no moisture in the tops layers. I have kept it near a sw facing window and it was doing well for years. You need to keep them above 75 degrees so you may need a seed bead warming mat. Anyway back to you questions. It flowered while he had it too. If you notice the black stuff on the branches of the desert rose plant you will need to trim them back too. It sounds like spider mites or ??. Once they are healed I would use Dyna-grow K-L N, Hey, I believe my 5 year old desert rose may have root rot, I am very worried that it may be dying. You will need to REMOVE all parts of the adenium plant that has discoloration (every LITTLE BIT!!) I live in south Florida and grew two desert roses from seeds. I live in Norway (Oslo), so I am keeping them inside in front of the window and they get morning sun there. I’ve sprayed it with insecticidal soap. Here is an attachment of the plant. I have desert rose for a number of years. My desert rose has some white stuff on it... Re: My desert rose has some white stuff on it... Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.5. If I find rot should I remove/cut it out and dust with sulfer? Thanks so much for your advice! I live in Sydney Australia, now autumn here and temps about 23C max, 16C min. Every year but this year it bloomed. I cut it off and there is not much left now apart from the large bulb. Gets natural watering from the rain. InFact I got about 10 bites on my thumb. its normal. the plant type/flower type below the graft is different than the one above the desert rose graft. My question is should I fertilise now and what kind of fertiliser. Advice welcome. I always bring them in for the winter. What do you reccomend? It may be in shock and take some time to recover. 90% of ours have not bloomed yet. My desert rose plant is bending and drooping. The best time to graph is early spring before the major growing season. If mushy then it needs to be removed. Our desert rose is beginning to lose some leaves. I have sprayed with a spray containing Imidacloprid which seems to have some effect, but I don’t think I am dealing with an insect, it looks more like a fungus of some type. CONDITIONS: Plants are in clay pots within screened in lanai pool area in Sarasota Florida. Mushy root balls are either not enough water so the adenium plant roots caudex has reduced in side (soft do to not enough water inside the plant) or too much water which means root rot. Use something like 20-30 -20 or 10-20-20. Now another big branch is dying. The plant used to grow in Singapore too before I bought it but the previous owner did not have such a problem. She has been a published writer since 1998 with works appearing in both university and local publications. The main problem with moisture is soil mineral deletion. I have an adenium which has gotten quite soft on the tips of the stem but the base of the trunk is still hard in touch. Nice leaves has grown on the branches, and flowered as well. Your plants need micro-nutrients that they are not getting. I would check the roots to make sure they are not having problems. Do not put SAND your your mix. I’d really prefer to keep the pot in one piece. Yes it’s a she . Your climate is not to different than ours. Required fields are marked *, +  I stay in India(Kolkata). I checked for bugs but didn’t find any. Some buy store bought cactus soil and then add more perlite. I have been looking for the Desert Rose for a long time and finally found one. once every two weeks. All of the leaves fell off so I thought it was going dormant. If there are any rot on roots remove all rot! I live in the Caribbean.

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