Me too. thank you Erin! Nutritional data has not been calculated yet. This is definitely a bookmarked page! Bake for 30–35 minutes. Swipe to se,, Substitute blood orange for the Meyer Lemon in our. Looks like I’ll be making 6 kinds of muffins this week with the addition of these! ( Log Out /  Directions. I make muffins all the time, but these are very unique. No one will know your secret ingredient! Real life recipes, everyday crafts and glimpses of our everyday life. I took them to work on a Monday morning and my co-workers seemed to enjoy them! These look and sound absolutely fabulous. Please feel free to tag @candyjarchronicles or use #candyjarchronicles on Instagram, so I can see your post. I made these muffins today and they were delicious…but my batter was blue and the muffins are blue inside too. Candy Jar Chronicles is my way of finding the sweet amidst the sour. Thank you for the beautiful photos, recipe and post. They are delicious, indulgent and a proper treat for chocolate orange fans! There are no two blood oranges that have the same color. 3 cups frozen berries – blueberries, blackberries or raspberries. Good thing muffins are quick and easy to make. Got leftovers? In a seperate bowl, whisk together the sour cream, orange juice, oil, eggs and vanilla. I love how the flavor changes. Pam muffin pan Mix flour, sugar, orange peel, baking powder, baking soda and salt make a well in the center. While those are baking, make the glaze. Find decadent chocolate muffins and chocolate chip muffin recipes, plus how-to videos and baking tips. Delightful! Everybody click to vote for our favorite foodies! Click Here for more More Blood Orange Recipes, There were tons of additional blood orange recipe ideas in the comments of our latest Blood Orange Giveaway (deadline has passed). 1/2 cup (120 ml) freshly squeezed and strained orange juice. That sounds really interesting. Sasa- Lol! unsalted butter 1 cup granulated sugar zest of one orange 1. tsp. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Zest the oranges into a bowl with the sugar and mix well, Add in the rest of the dry ingredients (except the white chocolate chips, you’ll fold these in at the end) and whisk well. So easy. Although I’m not blessed with access to such a lovely bounty, I’m pleased you are since your inspiration leads to recipes like this darlin’. For the muffins 200g Self-raising flour 100g Golden caster sugar 1 Large egg 75ml Sunflower oil 150ml Milk 1 tsp Orange extract\flavouring 1 Orange 7 Chocolate orange segments For the coating Rest of the cholate orange segments; Method Granted, I still need to taste my first blood orange on my next trip to the states…. If you play with the recipe, we’d love to hear how the changes come out! Mix until everything is fully blended. , These muffins look amazing! , These remind me of a mocha I created when I worked as a barrista in a coffee shop – orange, white chocolate and almond with a shot of espresso. Such a long wait! Make muffins!! I’d start at 350 and keep an eye on it. In a snapshot, this is me: I start diets most Mondays, daydream about food, home renovations and watch way too much reality tv. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe. It cam out amazing! I opted for white chocolate chips in these, I think they compliment the orange really well and keep the muffins clean and pretty. Sprinkle the tops with the remaining chocolate chips. Thanks a lot!

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