My year old hen has developed white spots on her comb. By Lisa Steele on July 19, 2012 Visit Lisa's Website. It may be nothing and it … > White spots on comb - Updated with Photo. Other than the skin problem, affected chickens are usually healthy. Dec 16, 2010. At the same time keep your yard and chicken run free of dangerous insects such as mosquitoes. A comb can go from bright red which is the healthy color, to pink, purple and sometimes black – each color warning of a unique health issue. They also stop laying. Also, be wary of any spots that show up on your chicken’s comb or … She's semi-lethargic, but no other signs and she feels of normal weight. White Wyandottes are a large chicken, reaching up to 8.5 pounds and are often raised as a meat source. This is the most common strain called dry pox. That's probably Favus. Plumage is nearly white with black feathers around the neck and tail, and the bird is a rapid grower. A healthy chicken will have a beautiful bright pink or red comb and wattle. Its purpose is to help with blood flow and allow the chicken to better deal with the heat of summer. WHITE COMB by: Sharon I'm not sure what you mean by a white comb with no photo. The origin comes from a hatchery man crossing Rock-Reds, and occasionally a white colored chick would be in a tray considered to be an “off-color” or “sport." Like most Mediterranean class chicken breeds though they can be a bit flighty. Pets and agriculture. I saw something very similar in birds down at our feed store recently. There are two types of fowlpox: dry and wet. Chickens can get a whitish coating on their combs that could mean dryness. Nov 24, 2009 #2 robin416 Songster. The Ac Chicken is sometimes called the ‘Black 5 toes chicken’. The most common dermatophyte species that infect birds are Microsporum gallinae and Trichophyton megini. This can either be internal worms or a case of gumboro disease, also known as Infectious Bursal Disease. The Bresse is the same color as the French flag – white body, red comb and blue legs. This can be cured from athletes feet creme. My birds combs have some occasional spots. The Mottled Ancona has black feather mottled with white spots on them. The pox usually shows up as warty bumps on the exposed skin of the chicken: wattle, comb, and sometimes the feet. This white chicken breed is declared to be the best tasting chicken in the world. Chickens develop white spots on the combs from a disease called Favus. Their feathers are also tightly knit which makes them able to endure the hotter climates. This chicken foot problem may be controlled by brushing perches once a month with a mixture of one part kerosene to two parts linseed oil (not motor oil, please), or twice a month with an old-time natural poultry product called VetRx veterinary remedy, which has a corn oil base. Our chicken symptom checker tool allows flock owners to easily and quickly select symptoms their chicken might be experiencing, and provide a list of possible conditions. But if you mean that a very red comb has totally lost all it's color, this would be a sign of total loss of blood flow in the comb - but usually they might turn a purple color or maybe pink. Image of agriculture, comb, feather - 135457410 The chicken may lose its feathers, typically starting at the base of the comb and progressing down the back of the neck. The comb and wattle are the extra skin above and below the head. The Ac Chicken is used as a meat line to supply meat that is cooked with some medical herbs at restaurants. If you notice black or brown spots on the comb/wattles, this could be a sign of fowl pox. Their thick feathers and … Sep 18, 2009 5,357 36 271 SF East Bay CA. What not to do. A comb with spots could also mean a few different things. I … They also come in the rose comb and single comb variety. Brown/Black Spots or Crust. Dry pox is rarely deadly. This settled flat … Below: A healthy chicken. It is generally good practice to spend time with your flock on a regular basis (as if you don’t already! Image of ground, domestic, beak - 107354212 On older hens, the color may be a lighter pink but this will still indicate a healthy bird. But it does need dealing with as soon as you find it. Symptoms: Chickens develop white spots on their skin, scabby sores on their combs, white ulcers in their mouth or trachea. White Wyandottes are stunning solid white chickens that sport fluffy white feathers and yellow legs with rose colored combs. Lesions first develop on the comb and then often spread to produce white spots, giving the appearance of sprinkled flour. So, you should look for the right vaccine to save your flock. A case of frostbite has to be pretty bad before a chicken will succumb and not recover. This can be cured from athletes feet creme. FORUMS. Prevention and Treatment: Feed them soft food and give them a warm and dry place to try and recoup. If you have an idea what it is and/or how to treat, please advise. Chickens develop white spots on the combs from a disease called Favus. Morning all, this is mildred, she has white specks on her comb. Black spots (and sometimes white) could mean that they’re getting picked on by the others and it’s a scabby peck mark healing over; Black spots (or patches) that turn white and then back to black might be frostbite ; Brown or black spots could signal fowl pox (like chicken pox for chickens). Ringworm, also referred to as favus, is a fungal skin infection caused by a fungus--or more specifically a group of fungi called dermatophytes. With adequate care, there is a great chance that your birds can survive this illness. Pets and agriculture. The infection is contagious and spreads from bird to bird, and rarely, bird to human. Share with: Link: Copy link. 6 posts White spots on comb … In addition bright red combs and a clean bottom. My rooster is showing the beginnings of white spots or patches on his comb. The raising and selling of this chicken breed is strictly controlled by the French government so the high quality can be maintained. It can't be frostbite as we live in a temperate area in northern California. Called fowl pox for good reason, it causes white, then yellow, and then finally brown spots on the bird's comb, wattles, legs, mouth and anywhere there are no feathers.

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