Stay tuned for the latest news and tips each week. Our trained experts can help you choose what plan is best for you, at no extra cost. You’ll also want to keep the temperature in mind. Card expires at month-end 6 months after issuance. May or may not be available based on service address. You could have an unpaid balance that has caused the company to suspend your account, or there may simply be an outage in your area. Windstream-compatible modems and routers. Speeds: 100 MbpsAntennas: 5Wi-Fi bands: 2. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): (Authentication is required.) For instance, Windstream internet customers must rent a Gateway modem-router combo for up to $11.99/mo.*. It’s a breeze actually — especially if you play your cards right. If you feel that your router is positioned somewhere ideal and that overheating isn’t the problem, there are a few other things that could be happening. Try this: Turn off the offending device and turn it back on. And, today, we’ve set out to help you do just that, so you’ll no longer be wondering how you can speed up your Internet connection. Get the help you need for all of your High-Speed Internet maintenance, Wi-Fi, router, setup and installation questions on our Windstream Support page. May not be stackable w/other offers, credits or discounts. For one, your network may have reset itself due to an update. Just remember that using WiFi will always slow things down a little bit! Residential customers only. Call to see if you qualify. Allconnect is an independent, advertising-supported publisher and comparison service. Setting up internet service isn’t always as straightforward (or cheap) as selecting a plan and turning it on. We know you trust us to be accurate and unbiased. to change and may be discontinued at any time. Check your inbox and stay tuned for deals, news and more. As such, renting a Windstream modem and router will cost you a monthly fee, plus a one-time internet activation fee. AT&T and the Globe logo are registered trademarks and service marks of AT&T Intellectual Property. It can also alert you to any connection diagnostics, and you can switch to troubleshooting mode. Observe the channel your network is operating on, as well as the channels recommended by the program. $35/mo + taxes & $10/mo equip. All rights reserved. May or may not be available based on service address. And, if the issue is still not resolved, keep our other home networking tips in mind, such as limiting any other online activities. Use of HBO Max is subject to its own terms and conditions, see for details. To learn more, visit If they are both slow, the issue is likely with your service provider, and not your equipment. Not all walls are created equal either — older ones are typically thicker and can weaken signal strength. For more information on Windstream modems and routers, call our internet experts today… and for all your broadband news, stay connected to our Resource Center. Our editorial team does not receive gifts or direct compensation from our partners. Channels vary by package & billing region. © 2014 - 2020 BroadbandNow | BroadbandNow is a registered trademark of Centerfield BBN LLC. Additionally, we occasionally use Amazon affiliate links when recommending a product in our articles. While there are modems and routers that are compatible with Windstream internet service, the company doesn’t maintain a list of approved internet equipment you can purchase on your own. It’s a breeze actually — especially if you play your cards right. While there are modems and routers that are compatible with Windstream internet service, the company doesn’t maintain a list of approved internet equipment you can purchase on your own.Instead, lists of Windstream-compatible modems and routers are usually generated based on user input on Amazon, forums and review sites. No cash access. Routers are computers, and computers unfortunately do tend to fail after a few years. Offers may not be combined with certain other promotional offers on the same services and may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. $49.99/mo. Compare plans, use tools and set up service all in one place, at no extra cost. Your privacy is important to us. Try this: Plug an ethernet cable into your router and see if you’re able to get a signal on a desktop or laptop. While our site doesn’t feature every provider or product on the market, our article recommendations are based on independent research and honest opinions from our editorial team. Next, plug in your modem, and wait another minute. The Bancorp Bank does not endorse no sponsor and is not affiliated in any way with any product or service offered by AT&T. Important point: in order to be clear on what your specific device is communicating to you, be sure to refer to the user manual for a more detailed explanation. They can help troubleshoot the problem and, if you’re a renter, let you know if you need an equipment upgrade. Professional installation, however, does require a one-time fee. New approved residential customers only. Regional Sports & Local Channels: Not available in select areas. Terms and conditions and restrictions apply. Use these five tips to get the fastest speeds and most reliable connections out of your. Then, plug in your router and wait a little longer to ensure it’s fully functional. “Windstream can advise you of the connection type and the basic settings your device will need,” their website states. But, how easy is it really to achieve the same speedy and reliable connection wirelessly? 1. WiFi icon: solid when WiFi is being broadcast with no issues. Though these can vary from brand to brand, most manufacturer’s include at least three primary status indicators: When everything is working properly, you can expect the icons to be solid or blinking green or blue light. Try this: Check to see where your router is positioned. All rights reserved. See your Order Confirmation email and for more details. The Actiontec gateway device is not only a modem and router but a four-port switch as well. Limits: Access to one HBO Max account per AT&T account holder. to Internet Terms of Service at Enter your name and address. Remember earlier when we said that your devices are competing for bandwidth? will give you a clearer idea of the download and upload speeds you normally get, especially during different times of the day, during different days, wired and wirelessly, and more. If restarting the router didn’t fix the issue, you may need to set it up again completely. Maybe it even drops when you pop something into the microwave? Price higher in 2nd year). In addition, the program will show you the best channels for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands based on network congestion. If you choose self-installation, Windstream will ship you your modem, installation instructions and information on technical assistance available via phone. Reward Card: Will be sent email or letter with redemption requirements. Above and beyond being able to view detailed information about your network, NetSpot also allows you to visualize its footprint in your home, showing you any dead zones and weak points that need to be patched up. If you go through these steps and something still isn’t working, you may need to contact your internet service provider for assistance. Pricing varies by location and availability. These tend to be less congested, and therefore better performing than their 2.4GHz counterparts. Before you purchase your own equipment, find out what to expect when it comes to technical support, installation and top brands to consider.

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