Thanks so much in advance! It’s still the beginning of recovery but we’re reassured it was the right thing for our son. The reason we had this surgery done was because my son had sleep apnea. I had to stop him from running and jumping around so much but he seemed like surgery never happened. Thank you very much on this info. The next day, as long as he was on his meds which we stayed on top of, he was normal. I have to reinsert the NG tube if it comes out bc without the feedings every three hours she is losing weight. Hopefully this helps someone else prepare a little bit more than I was able to for this. Emotionally I am bruised and shaken. Some tissue remains for lymph support and doesn’t expose the blood vessels, less bleeding, quicker recovery. He was so disoriented. it was the best thing to happen because of what i need not swallow any pain meds day 1 post op which otherwise seemed like an impossible time. I am hopeful I will regain his trust soon. We had to stay over night for observation since he is 3. We’ve always worked really hard on helping her to find other ways of expressing the frustration, so it was really challenging this week to find that she’s gone backwards several years. whilst your palms and thumb touch, approximately 2 minutes, slowly decrease your head to this point as you are able to, launch the rigidity yet carry your neck decreased for yet another 30 seconds. The first few days went pretty well. Might try and push it until 4am to give him another 30min. He did not want to eat or drink anything. Still have questions? Hello all. So rattling when you can’t fix your babies pain. He hasn’t had toast yet. The rest of the week, he was administered the pain meds through his juice. Dr and nurses were least helpful. I for sure would have waited at least another year had I known how hard this is. So that evening after surgery he slept so soundly that I had to get up and make sure he was even breathing! The surgery lasted only 30 minutes and seemed to go smoothly. I have never smelled anything as bad as his breathe. Rushed him to the ER where they performed emergency surgery/re-cauterization. Wheezing. Today a lot of stomach pain which no one understands. I’m 79 now, and just wonder if he just might go first? On the night of day 5 my son cried for about 40 minutes and was inconsolable. Hope to see an improvement in the week following because for now we feel she is not ready for daycare. Do’s: Next we resorted to suppositories. The rest trickling into his belly. He doesn’t want to agree on anything. doctor- our son will be 3 in July & I didnt think there was anything that could help prepare me for what’s coming! I do have a few questions for you if your still following this blog thanks Kristie. He’s had 4 bowel movements since 4/9 I am tired and I still feel like a servant. Thanks for this post. Her surgery has been rescheduled 3 different times for numerous reasons including the doctors were not optimistic that she would survive. I'm sure by now he's doing wonderful. Our doctor said he can eat as normal and he must eat rough food like toast etc because it will help with the scabs etc. I took my son to see an ear nose and throat doctor and sure enough his adenoids were very swollen, along with his tonsils. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He has never had these before so I can think of only one thing to be bothering him- possibly memories of surgery or hospital stay. ... Everything says they will have a bit of pain but nobody tells you just how rough it is for the child in recovery and afterwards. I had read a lot about the recovery and felt like I was prepared for this but I had no idea!! He laid on the couch snuggled up watching movies, in and out of sleep. I am 35 and I am on day 2 of my tonsillectomy I also had tonsil stones the disgusting smelly ... that you would use for first aid on children. I just spent the last 7 days with my 2 year old son who had his tonsils and adenoids removed on 12.27.16. I personally set my alarm half hour before the 4 hour mark to ensure my son would stay properly medicated and pain free. My son is 3 in a half & is scheduled to have his tonsils & adenoids removed in 2 weeks! We are on day 8 of receovery from T&A on our 2y9m old and she has had a rough day 2, 4, 6 and 8. Fighting my husband to take him to ER for pain management now. He has lost at least 6 pounds. Change ). They said they needed to give him his dose of pain meds and began forcing some sort of liquid down his throat. Most likely your child will not wake up sweetly and take the dose and go back to sleep. The only thing she has well is porridge for breakfast and rest of the time some watermelon juice or apple juice (not even apple sauce or ). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! What helped me was vicks chlorosepctic spray. It numbs the throat. The medication causes constipation. He was all over the place just crying! We kept him off milk for about 3-4 days. I give him his pain meds which says I must only give him 3 times a day. Last night was the first night he slept good. Hoping day 9 will bring us a better day. I also sleep with a small blanket around my head and ears while the air and fan is on at night to keep the air from my ears and keep it over my mouth a little so it doesn’t dry it out too bad. Sorry…should say as long as he consumes 60mi per hour he would avoid dehydration. it’s day 14 post operation and i must say it has been hell of a ride but finally i am at the stage where i do not need pain meds. I was told that as long as my son consumed 60 ml an hour he would dehydration. Originally they planned on us staying the night since he is under the typically weight for the surgery. We’re still in the hospital trying to manage pain now but he’s doing pretty good this morning. day 1-3 : i was on super cold liquids, ice cream and yogurt. Be prepared to get frustrated and sad and feel mean. My advice to all parents is before you go into this procedure, know as much as you can about the recovery. The first day wasn’t so bad, but day 2-5 were horrifying. My 4 year old grandaughter had her tonsils and adenoids out nov 23 today the 26th…no food at all, won’t even try…has not spoken a single word…drinking only enough to wet her mouth but every once in a while she drinks 1/4 cup. What I've realized are, the times that he snores a lot are mainly due to congestion. Every 10min he was up with a barking cough. Otter pops (or a similar Popsicle), ice cream, juice (v8 splash), soda, yogourt, and ramen noodles were the foods my son ate. We are day 3 post surgery and my 18 month old is in pretty bad form. Usually it happens 4 to 8 days after surgery, but it can occur any time up until about 3 weeks after your surgery. Now we’re back to day 1. I just came across your post. I wait as long as I can but if he refuses his medicine I have to hold him down just to get it into him. Anytime he came into the same room. Also her breath is exceptionally foul! He sleeps better, and breathes better! 9. I don’t know what I should do. Helps him get back to sleep. Hi! Hi Kristie, I rotate Tylenol and Motrin to keep him pain free. this leads to sleep deprivation and the necessity of an alarm is crucial. He finally had a bowel movement on day 5. So my 3 year old son just had his tonsils out (Adenoids were already removed). thankfully i had no reaction to anaesthesia. Kids under 2 or under a certain weight typically are required to stay the night As far as pain, 24 hrs following the surgery we were instructed by our ent to alternate between Tylenol and Motrin. We are on day 4 post T&A for my 3yr old son. Alison, do you still follow this post. Shaking in pain at night. Take naps when your little does if possible. His pain came every three hours. I told her she was probably the 4th nurse to make some sort of comment in regards to the difficult recovery and could she explain this. this time was very different. My daughter is 13 months and weighs 16 lbs. He will take the tablets willingly if I tell him it is candy. This is where things got very hard for both my son and I. My sweet and happy son who loved baths, Mickey mouse clubhouse, milk, and ME refuses to drink milk, does not want to take baths, is very indecisive about if he wants mickey, dinosaurs, or night night circus on the TV, and is suspicious of my motives.

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