We start with the initial contact and scheduling your appointment. Getting to know you and your needs is *very* important. Your decor and style plays a huge part in the process. Your personality and your animal’s personality to be reflected in all the portraits.

When dealing with pets, it may be chaotic. Please do not stress or worry that your pet is being naughty. The majority are excited to be there, interested in the smells, the looks etc; and *most* do not sit like a perfect angel. They are not expected to

We will have fun, and laugh at the insanity. You may even feel like we did not get any wonderful photos. I will guarantee this will not be the case. What I see in my mind and my camera is very different than what it feels like. So, come with a relaxed and playful attitude! Its gonna be an adventure!

After we are done with your photography session, we will schedule a time for a week or two later, to view your portraits. This is the BEST part! This is to be a relaxed and fun hour or two. Tissues are supplied as the photos can be very moving 🙂 This is the time you will place your order!

It takes between 2-4 weeks for most orders to arrive. When they do, you will be contacted and you can pick them up to hang in your home!

If you desire a home consultation, please ask! That can be part of your experience. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask