Clothing Tips

Clothing Tips for your session:

– To appear slimmer, wear dark clothing that fits and does not pull or tug at the body. Solid colors allow the portraits to keep the focus on you, not the clothing print.

– Opt for pants with a flat front, no drawstrings, pockets, zippers or white wash patterns – such as on jeans.

– Solid colors are always the best. Avoid stripes, plaids, polka dots, busy patterns, and t-shirts with text and/or images.

-If more than one person is going to be in the photo, make sure you color co-ordinate. An easy way to tell if your outfits will look good together is to lay the outfits on the bed and look at them

– Try to avoid sleeveless or short sleeves, as they will make your arms appear wider. Long sleeves have a thinning effect

– Avoid horizontal lines of any sort, like, stripes, belts or anything that draws attention to the waist area, as they will make you look heavier.

Please do not bring your dog(s) in on flexi leads as they tend to tangle and get caught up on things. If you have a special collar, bring that, otherwise, we will take the collars off. Please let them have quick potty break in the grass when you arrive. It will let them be comfortable while we do the photos!