10th Annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser!

10th Annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser! [rev_slider Fundraiser] September 3rd-December 4th Yes, it feels early for Christmas, I know the feeling of it coming earlier every year.  It’s early for a great cause and for your convenience  This special applies to both in studio and on location(Knoxville area) I am asking people to donate $50 directly […]

Still a terrible blogger, but, lots of things going on

I will probably ALWAYS stink at blogging. No excuses, it just is. I am extremely chatty in person, but, writing is not my super talent. If you haven’t seen yet, I am doing a fundraiser for Small Breed Rescue until April 26. Make your appointment now.  Enjoy hearing a little more about it from WATE […]

9th Annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser!

‘Tis the Season (ok, the season isn’t quite here but it will be…) Take Photos, Spread Joy  This is the NINTH annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser!  The community has done such an incredible job with this yearly event, I hope to make this the best ever. The big difference from previous years is I am asking people […]

Every boy needs a dog…..

My very very favorite. Kids and dogs. Even better, kids are who perfect and easy paired with perfect and easy dogs! That combo doesn’t come around too often 😀  

Love those cats!

Misty and Chad brought their 22 year old cat Tanzer(yes, 22!!!!) and their 2 three year old manx babies.  I am always cautiously optimistic with cats,  but, cats do what cats want to do. They are the lion kings of the animal word and if they say no, well, its not like a dog you […]