10th Annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser!

10th Annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser! [rev_slider Fundraiser] September 3rd-December 4th Yes, it feels early for Christmas, I know the feeling of it coming earlier every year.  It’s early for a great cause and for your convenience  This special applies to both in studio and on location(Knoxville area) I am asking people to donate $50 directly […]

Still a terrible blogger, but, lots of things going on

I will probably ALWAYS stink at blogging. No excuses, it just is. I am extremely chatty in person, but, writing is not my super talent. If you haven’t seen yet, I am doing a fundraiser for Small Breed Rescue until April 26. Make your appointment now.  Enjoy hearing a little more about it from WATE […]

9th Annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser!

‘Tis the Season (ok, the season isn’t quite here but it will be…) Take Photos, Spread Joy  This is the NINTH annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser!  The community has done such an incredible job with this yearly event, I hope to make this the best ever. The big difference from previous years is I am asking people […]


Brussel Griffons are the neatest dogs. This one truly takes the cake. I loved Kona. Perfect perfect dog!! Look at the adorableness!    

The Hardins

This is the most fun, close knit family!  They were a blast to photograph.   

Susan, Brittany and Bizmark

I have had the pleasure to photograph Susan both by herself and also with her dogs multiple times. Its always so nice to have such great clients!  

The Stouts…

What a wonderful couple. Some people you meet and you  just instantly like. They love their dogs and it shows!    


This is the most wonderful family. I have photographed all their dogs at one time or another. Donald brought in his special dog Melanie. Isn’t she awesome?    


Mosby is a wonderful senior citizen. Probably one of the most loved dogs that has been brought in to see me. Well, he is at least up in the top 5% 🙂  

Aye Chee-wawaaaaaa

Are these not the cutest little chi’s in the universe??  I would say yes!!!  

General the blue tick coonhound!

This was a great dog. There is nothing in the world like a coonhound!! General knows he is something special 😀      


Its been a few weeks of very sad situations with my clients. The very well loved Ollie crossed over the rainbow bridge a couple weeks after these photos.      

Turkey, Izzy and Sophie

I always enjoy when Crissy brings her dogs and cats to see me. Always something fun to find to do!  This time Sophie got to come along, who, is a cat that got dumped by her house and had to have a leg amputated. She was such a superstar for photos. Turkey and Izzy know […]


CoCo was another one of those dogs that just loved the camera. I finally had to say that we needed to stop as her photos were going to be so beautiful, and they are! Meet Coco the long haired dachshund!  

Penny and Tru…..

Christine and David brought in the wonderful Penny Greyhound and Tru Whippet 🙂  They were so good and so funny through the whole session! Just take a look and see! This one is just so fun and silly!

8th Annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser!

Its back! The *8th* annual Christmas Pet Portrait Fundraiser!!!! The community has done such an incredible job with this yearly event, I hope to make this the best ever. The big difference from previous years is I am asking people to donate directly to their charity online when making their appointment. If that is not […]

MacKenzie and Blue….

Sometimes, dogs are easy. Mackenzie and Blue truly were easy easy subjects. Thank you guys for making me look good!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful goldens!!!

Abby and Angus are English cream golden retrievers. I cannot express how sweet and beautiful they are!  That being that, I will let the photos speak for themselves!